Jennifer Garner’s Gardening Girls

Hands-on mama Jennifer Garner and her gorgeous girls Violet, 5, and Seraphina, 2, got back to nature today, taking a trip to a community farm in Thousand Oaks, California (April 21).

The Arthur star got right in on the fun with her daughters, picking out the perfect veggies and loading them onto a wagon. Adorable Violet was dressed for the occasion, pairing her summer shorts with yellow rubber boots. Too cute!

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of Jen and her husband Ben Affleck and their girls lately. Earlier this week the happy family was spotted out for a dinner date in Santa Monica.

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    • From what I understand, the paps know where Garner lives and stalk her from point A to point B, taking photos for willing and interested buyers. It’s not like they hang out at the farm, mall, school, etc. waiting to see if a celeb comes by. Disturbing, pathetic, call it what you want, but it’s obviously worth their while.

      • They hang out outside her house and follow her, it’s a known fact, all this nonsense about her tipping them is ridiculous, she was in Atlanta for two months and there was not one pap photo during that time, if she tips them we would have seen photos. Her lifestyle is very predictable, one thing that paps do not do anymore is take pictures at Violets school. Otherwise when Jen is out and about either alone or with her kids, the paps follow her, her pics may be cheap but they are in demand.

    • That’s gotta feel creepy if you are the celeb being followed – not to mention unsafe if you are driving. It amazes me that someone like Garner still manages to get out and about instead of living in seclusion or simply moving away from Hollyweird

  1. Hard to understand why in the world pics of this very AVERAGE family would be interesting to anyone? I notice there are a lot of them and have no idea why.

    • Where is it written that all celebrities have to be over the top glamourous? I find it very interesting to see some variety in famous people. How boring if all the stars were alike and all did the same things when it comes to spending time with their kids and others. I love seeing Jennifer with her kids and all the fun things they do together as a family, despite being rich and famous. The whole family is just so stinking cute.

    • You really wonder why? Do you not notice how many comments the posts about them generate? They get more comments than any other celeb featured here. That means more attention and more pageviews, which means more money. That is why there are always so many pictures of them.

  2. *Average is what makes them interesting, that and the fact that are so damn cute. I smile just looking at them. What a cute threesome.

  3. Does Sera ever grow up… please tell me y she is the same size as she was
    when she was a year old.. and as for the paps being called no they don’t
    get called nor are the celebrities into have photos of them being at a
    vegetable farm picking food.. They are a awesome family and she is a great
    mom.. The children are so cute and love seeing them so thanks so much for
    it..If you do not like it how many do we get of Kate Holmes walking up a sidewalk with Suri..

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