‘Real Housewife’ Kim Zolciak Confirms Sex Of Baby No. 3: It’s A Boy!

For fans of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s no big surprise that Kim Zolciak and her beau, Kroy Biermann, are expecting a baby boy. Her psychic did predict the sex of the new addition on season 3 of the show – before Kim and Kroy had even met! But after celebrating the new addition with family & friends, including her daughters Brielle, 13, and Ariana, 9, Kim isn’t thinking about blue. Instead, she’s seeing red!

“Wow I invite a ‘friend’ to the shower and she releases pics to the press!! Unreal!” Zolciak, 32, tweeted.

And that’s not all!

In addition to the leaked photos, after her shower, Kim found out that some of her guests had sticky fingers; and it wasn’t from the cake!

“Umm since when is it ok for my guest to take thousands of dollars in flower arrangements home w/ them after my shower!!” tweeted Zolciak.

Lesson learned. Next time (and according to Kim, there will be a next time), invite different guests.

Aside from all the drama, which can only be expected at a Real Housewives event, Kim and Kroy had a wonderful time, and both took to their Twitter pages to thank everyone for being a part of their special day.

Biermann also sent a loving shout-out to his sweetie (not Sweetie, but…you know!): “Huge thank you to my love @Kimzolciak for such a special and wonderful baby shower for our son!!”


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  1. Kim needs to shut her mouth and realize most of the peole she thinks are her firends are actually hangers on and she’s not a real celebrity anyway. Emma Walton is more of a celeb than Ms Zolciak will ever be granted Emma’s mom is an oscar winning film icon Julie Andrews

  2. Isn’t it customary for people to take home centerpieces…how tacky to put a price to them, and to be bothered. What’s SHE going to do with them?

    • Yes it is a tradition for people to take the centerpieces home from a baby shower. Kim is so fake. She is a gold digger, but not sure what she is digging for with babydaddy #3 Kroy.. NFL is still in a lockout… And plus he is a country boy she knows nothing about family values. He is a good old church going kinda guy! Someone should have warned him he was sleeping with the devil. She will push out this baby start traveling again and find some guy who is married. She has done it twice now! She will get hers in the end for how she treats people… Karma! And PS KIM noone is your friend. Your not worthy of real ones!!!

  3. Good for Kim…..why hate on Kim when the she-man NeNe is still on the loose??!! At least Kim still looks great for having 2 kids and being pregnant…whats NeNe’s excuse…NeNe had work done and she still looks like a bulldozer hit her!!

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