January Jones Is Pregnant!

Congratulations to Mad Men star January Jones!

The 33-year-old actress is going to be a mom! “January Jones is happy to announce that she is expecting her first child this fall,” People reports.

While Jones is remaining mum on all other details, a source close to her says, “She’s really looking forward to this new chapter in her life as a single mom.”

January will next be seen in X-Men: First Class.

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  1. Congrats, being a mom is the best thing in the world. But how can you truly and honestly be looking forward to being a “single mom”. Take it from me ( I am divorced) despite being financially ok, it’s hard work and for the life of me have no idea how woman actively choose to do this alone. It’s NOT a judgement on anyone that does but it’s not easy. I don’t think you need to be married per se, but it would be nice if that was at least the initial consideration before getting
    pregnant. She just said in an interview that she was not seeing anyone and had broken up with her boyfriend a few months ago.

    • I just love how you say “I’m divorced, but it’s better to be married before being pregnant – so you can divorce after?” I don’t want to be rude but you are a proof that being married doesn’t mean stability.

      • Yes but at least it shows more commitment then these slags who think it’s their right to have a child. Sad that you think that’s more appropriate than someone who acted morally.

        And how the hell do you know what caused the divorce. You are a rude woman, who better be careful because kharma is a b*tch.

        • You are so jealous and it is so obvious and pathetic. Your miserable life and choices do not dictate a model for others.

      • Think what you want but you are rude. No where was I judgmental I was pointing out that merely having financial means does not alleviate raising a child aone. The disillusion of my marriage had nothing to do with MY commitment and intent. I would never have purposely gotten pregnant outside of marriage. It is selfish if one does this ON purpose, which many indeed do.

        And at least my child won’t grow up with the stigma ( sadly it’s becoming more acceptable) that I wantonly went through it alone. Too much of a lack of accountability these days.

        • It’s not selfish at all. There are many things that would be wonderful as a single mom. One of the best is that the child will never ever be the child of divorced parents, going back and forth between homes, never having a stable feeling and situation where they truly feel at home, with parents who fight and try to manipulate the situation and the child to get back at their ex. The child of a single mom would have much less drama in that way. And they will know their mother wanted them very much. One parent who wants them very much is better than seeing both parents bicker all the time, which is what I see happening in most divorced cases and sadly, divorce seems to be pretty common these days.

      • What does it tell your son if you have/had one? At the very least divorced mothers can tell our boys we valued a male presence and position on ours and their lives. A woman that has a child alone is discounting his value immensely.

      • While I agree that divorce is rampant in our lives, you have no idea what caused the end of their marriage. I for one as a product of divorced parents am glad they started out as a union. Single motherhood as a CHOICE is wrong. Yes I think we should be able to do what we want but to go about it on purpose is irresponsible.

      • She used the “I am divorced” disclaimer to explain why she knows it’s not easy raising a child alone. She clearly states she did not think marriage was a prerequisite but it would be nice if that was considered. Don’t be so quick to jump.

      • Anonymous@7:17?

        Are you married, do you have kids. If not please shut up you sound ignorant. If you are, you still sound ignorant and I fear for your children.

    • She has no financial problems, lots of help and no divorce or baby daddy trauma. To top it off she is hot! This is why .That is just the reality. Sorry!

  2. Agree, I am getting sick of all these single women making this rather selfish decision. It seems like it’s more for them than what they think benefits the child.
    Cases like yours divorce or widowhood is entirely different.

    • I’m sorry but that is a rather offensive statement. They’re selfish because they want to be parents? Let me guess you think a child will only turn out well if it has a mom and dad. Wrong, that has not been the case for some time. Children can thrive with two moms, two dads, single parents. If they love them enough and are dedicated enough to them, they can still be great parents.

      And do we honestly know enough about her situation to judge?

      • Actually I do think if you actively got pregnant as a single woman it is selfish. If she has a son, what message does that send him? Men are disposable. As I said in cases of divorce or widowhood it’s different. I was raised by my mom alone as my dad divorced her and subsequently abandoned us. Despite this I grew up with the knowledge that at least my mom had values and commitment. To arbitrarily decide that you will go it alone is a self serving motivation. Now as others have said if this was accidental and she opted for this over the other “choice” I too commend her.

        • You are correct. We have become such a throwaway society in many ways. I agree with you and Tara. The role of men is viewed as insignificant when a women decides to willfully be a single parent. I would personally be concerned with what my son thought was moral if I simply chose to do this without a constant male presence. Nothing is ever guaranteed but like was said if the initial idea and actions were of a partnership or marriage you are off to a better start.

          • Men often make themselves insignificant! It is quite difficult to find a man that wants a child. If a woman decides to become a single parent, perhaps it’s because she hasn’t met the right man or any man for that matter that will stand by her and willingly support a child.

          • I hate this generalization that it’s the man’s fault. Yes there are losers who leave their wives and children. But the majority of them are decent individuals and like others have said to willingly negate their role tells our sons as well as our daughters that they do not NEED to be a part of what is BIOLOGICALLY a two gender activity. Not to mention the importance of a male role model.

          • Right, it’s most certainly not always the man’s fault, but to act like all single mothers are selfish and are negating the male role rests on another equally incorrect generalization – that all women have the choice to have a child with a man.

          • Then don’t have one. Seriously it is not rocket science. If a woman feels the need to nurture why not adopt? There are plenty of kids and babies that need good homes. It is inherently selfish to singularly decide “I want a baby”.
            Sorry but ever since this attitude of I can do what I Wang became the feminist mantra, our society has sunken into a wasteland of accountability.

    • Wow I take offense to this too! Not everyone’s life goes how they had always invisioned it to go!!

      Frankly I’m in my late 20’s currently single and haven’t found Mr. Right. Financially I’m stable although I still am trying to find the right career. But in a few years if I can’t find that someone guess what I will choose to do it myself. I have a great family support. I know I can do it. I’m not about to be denied the RIGHT to be a mother all because I couldn’t find a man. And guess what much rather do it alone then just to find someone to only not be with them in the end! My child will grow up with a lot of love and not want for anything!
      How about saying it’s selfish to have a baby to “make a marriage work” or having a baby when your 16 bc you didn’t want to take birth control or use a condom. That’s being selfish!
      Of course I do hope in the next few years I can find someone bc quite frankly I don’t want to do it alone but guess what if I want a child then maybe I just might have to!!
      Good for January for doing what she wants. She’s def. not some mother who isn’t equipped to take care of a baby! Ugh sorry for the rant some people just bug me!!

      • Agreed. You seem like the most emotionally healthy person on this site. The rest are divorced and regretful. They throw down Jones because the idea of a woman not making the same mistakes and finding happiness this way angers them.

    • This statemement if proof that you are without a doubt an ignorant human being. Being single doesnt mean you are less qualified to care for a child than a woman who is married. Buy yourself a clue and get a life.

      • What you make no sense! I didn’t say being a single parent makes you less qualifed. In fact I think single women can do anything they want including raising children. I grew up with a single parent who did a damn good job of raising two kids! I’m proof you don’t need 2 parents to raise a good family! And anyone who wants a child should be able to have a child if they are within the right means to take care of one. I know people who are single parents both men and women who do sometimes a better job then 2 parents!

        • Question, was your mother divorced, widowed or single by choice?

          If she chose to go it alone without marriage then she was selfish. Deal with it.

          • Hmm how is she selfish because she chose to have children??
            I guess she’s selfish that she also didn’t know her husband was going to turn into an alcoholic a-hole who was gonna end up beating her! Guess that goes under the category of “atleast she had good intentions”. Frankly I would of loved it if she went to sperm bank and had my brother and I all by herself vs. us growing up with a pathetic loser for a father that we barely knew!!
            So this whole 2 parents is better or easier is a bunch of BS!! Not everyone is better off having 2 parents!
            I don’t have to deal with anything. People like yourselves are so close minded and worrying too much about other peoples lives that you all probably have your own demons your living with from your own life. So get some therapy and deal with those issues since you have such a huge problem with it. So sad for you and so sad for others like you.

  3. It’s quite possible (dare I say likely?) that this may not have been planned. Just because she’s excited now and looking forward to her new life as a mother doesn’t mean she “selfishly” got pregnant while single.

  4. I agree with Tara if in fact she set out to be a “single mother” , but if this was unintentional and she subsequently made the choice to proceed with the pregnancy, then I applaud her decision.

    • I agree with you if it was unintentional and she CHOSE to go through the pregnancy, it’s unselfish in that manner.

  5. Maybe this wasn’t a planned situation. She was still with Jason Sudekis early this year. If the baby is born early Fall, the timing would be very suspicious. Maybe she wanted to keep it and he didn’t… Or maybe she found out after they broke up and doesn’t want him to be involved. There is obviously a lot going on behind the scenes.

  6. Whatever will be, will be. Babies are born to married and single women the world over, everyday, regardless of whether the baby was planned, or not. All the best, January!

    • “babies are born to married and single women the world over”. Wow what an insightfule statement.

      Fact is women who choose to go this route alone are sending a message that men are useful for one thing only.

      I agree with Tina, anonymous- you are indeed a sad example of what is considered acceptable in our society. To use divorce ( tara) as an example of why one should stay single is a cowardly and immoral excuse. At least Tara showed commitment. Come on I know you can do better.

  7. JennyG @ I doubt its Jason Sudekis baby they broke up December/January so that would make her 4 or going on 5 months pregnant and there have been photos of her recently in fitted top and their no bump, so my guess it’s by someone she just meet or a one night stand but like you said there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

  8. Okay first of all – Stop judging. We don’t even know how she’s pregnant. She may have used a sperm donor! Who knows?

    Congratulations to January!

    • Here is a wild thought. Why not be responsible and use protection. She is not a 16 year old kid. She knows better. And I am sorry as an obgyn nurse, the statistics show that the pill works 99.7% effective, iud 98%, condoms 99%. So the excuse does not fit.

      • Here’s a wild thought – sometimes birth control fails. Guess what – adults have sex and there’s nothing wrong with it. And sometimes they get pregnant. There’s also nothing wrong with that.

        And I am sorry but your alleged status as an obgyn nurse does not give you some special privilege whereby you can have any idea about what has happened in the life of someone you don’t know. No. You don’t. You don’t know her live and you never will.

        Here’s a wild thought – it’s none of your business. She doesn’t owe you or anyone else an explanation for how she lives her life. She has no obligation to provide anyone an “excuse”.

    • I wouldn’t have cared if she had an abortion, it’s her choice. But I’m also not jumping on her for having the child even though she’s single like the narrow-minded people. Who knew this site attracted such garbage? I thought people who came here just liked babies. She’s financially well off, we don’t know her personally so we can’t say how she’d be as a mother, and she seems close with her family so she’ll have emotional support. People need to get off her back, and just be happy for her as a fan(if they are even fans). If you only want to be negative, don’t bother posting.

      • I was the one who made the original comment you’re responding to, and I wouldn’t care if she’d had an abortion either. I don’t think there’s anything “morally” wrong with being a single mother (by choice or by accident) or with having an abortion.

        I just got the distinct feeling that the obnoxious people judging her now would judge her even more harshly if she’d gotten pregnant and then had an abortion instead of keeping it. These are people who have no concept of how real life works for many people, and all they know how to do is sit there and judge.

        Having sex outside of marriage is normal and not immoral. And unplanned pregnancies happen, even to people who think they are being careful. So what should she have done? You’d think all the shrews here would be praising her for keeping the baby and giving it life instead of getting rid of it. But then, obviously I don’t understand how such people think (if you can call it “thinking”).

        (And if she actually planned this, to be a single mother? I seriously doubt that. But who knows. Maybe she did. And so what if she did? She has ample resources to take care of it. It’s no one else’s business.)

        • and I wouldn’t care if she’d had an abortion either. I don’t think there’s anything “morally” wrong with being a single mother (by choice or by accident) or with having an abortion.”

          I half agree with youabout the whole single mother thing and take the position of Tara. But to say there is nothing wrong with abortion shocks me and I am pro choice. We cannot bury our heads under the sand and pretend that abortion is no big deal. It actually does stop a process. Be it a baby, zygote, a bunch of cells. To me it is certainly something that is worth “caring about” and it frightens me that people who are on the same side as I am trivialize it to being just a matter of choice.

        • No, the people judging would judge her on everything except getting married, having her child experience a divorce or adopting. When in reality these two scenarios result in kids worse off.

    • What a baseless counter argument. One has nothing to do with the other. They are both choices motivated by one’s own needs, but throwing out the abortion word only showcases how limited you feel in defending your single mother position. I am pro choice in most cases but do not try to cloud the point being debated here. Use another forum.

  9. God some of you people are so rude for jumping on Tara and others. Her post was simply that’s it’s tough raising kids alone so she cannot believe anyone willingly does it. Crazy!!

  10. Another trashy single mom by choice scenario… no morals at all anymore sending the message that do what you want with no consequences to the kid is ok. I don’t care how many single trashy moms reply.

  11. Using a sperm donor is not a crime. People are pathetic worry about your own children & your own lives!!

    • I guess you are one of those who has trouble finding a man, so need to purchase the product. It is immoral to to use a sperm donor. I do not have to worry about my kids because they are happy, well adjusted and products of a (insert shock) mother and father who are married.

      • Actually, I’m young and not ready for children yet. However, I see no reason that if I couldn’t find a man that thankfully I have that as an option if I want to become a mother! What’s it to you?!
        If were going to get on January Jones then maybe we should pick on Sheryl Crow too. She chose to be a single mother. How dare she have 2 little boys and raise them on her own! There are tons of people who choose to go it alone and there is nothing wron with that at all. For those that say it is well that’s on you don’t think for one second anyone cares about your opinion on that.
        If were going to be hypocritcal then we better start picking on every man and women who choose an unconventional way of having/raising children!!

        This world is just filled with so many stupid people it’s sad. A single parent is the least of my concerns!

        • Sheryl crow adopted two boys who would have been homeless- she did not go and CREATE another life out of selfish means. Stop trying to use the women have the right to do anything they want. They do not and the people that should be ashamed are the one’s who find no fault in being a single mom purposely. It’s not a matter of finances it’s a matter of morality.

          • okay how about Ricky Martin then?? How about Michelle Stafford from the Young and the Restless. She chose to have a baby on her own too. I’m sure I can find a list more of celebs who have gone the route of single parenthood without adopting. So if this is what January did then she’s not alone. And lets face it she’s not some selfish women on welfare looking to get knocked up again so she can stay on welfare. Or a women who “accidentally” gets pregnant because she just felt like a condom wasn’t a good choice that night. She’s rich and can afford a baby and find plenty of people to surround the baby with love.
            I give women more respect who have chosen to have a baby on their own bc they’re ready for it over women who just have one night stands or don’t care about protecting themselves from preventing pregnancy which happens every day! It also doesn’t mean that the [men] will even be there in the end. Many walk out on women before the kids are even born. But I guess the “good intention” was there on the night of conception.
            To me this is more about your morality and your picture of what life should be and how every child should be raised. But guess what your not the one who gets to decide that. Yes a child doesn’t get to choose either. But it doesn’t mean that child will be raised in a bad situation. I know so many people who grow up with terrible parents and I much rather see a stable single individual have a child then for two crackheads to bring one into the world.
            It just saddens me to think that people find this situation to be far more harming to a child. Single parenthood (by sperm donation) or surrogate isn’t something people do all the time. It’s not something people just wake up one day and go, “I think I want a baby today” it’s usually a long thought out process. I mean look at the pregnant “man” that situation is okay because there are two parents who love each other but the fact they have to tell their 3 kids one day that mommy is daddy but still mommy?? I mean we can go on and on and on about “morality” and everyone is going to choose to have thier own version of what it means.
            I pray that I find someone who loves me and will want to be with me and have a child with me. But my biological clock is ticking and in 7-10 years if it hasn’t worked out yes I will go be a single parent. Sorry if that falls under being selfish to you and the others on here. But thankfully my family is already 100% supportive. They all know my personal story and they all know that life for me hasn’t been easy and that in the end I deserve happiness. I am not about to let anyone get in the way of me finding my happiness. Sorry if my choices “offend” you but at the end of the day they’re not really for you to worry about. God Bless u and yours.

          • Someone needs therapy from being the product of a single parent.
            You obviously have issues to resolve from within. Hope you get the help you so obviously desperately need.

            I would be ashamed to admit my mom was not wise enough to know she married an alcoholic too.

          • Yes I’m such a mess. Can you pleeeease find a therapist to give me the help I desperately need from growing up in a single parent household! I just don’t know if I can go through another day! I’m so glad you figured me all out from a few paragraphs! How do you do it??

  12. I can’t believe this whole thread is about the fact that January’s single. There are all different kinds of families, and single-parent families happen to be one of them. It doesn’t mean her and her child are less of a family, or that she’s going to be a worse parent than if she had a man by her side. It certainly doesn’t make her a “slag” or “trashy”. Just because it’s a different set of circumstances to what you might be living in or to what you see as the social ideal, doesn’t make it wrong or bad. Broaden your minds.

    • Single parent by choice is the issue not the different types of families. Come on enough of this two mommies and two daddies and a sperm/egg donor make a family crap. Fact is a mother and a father make a family. Sometimes the marriage does not work- at least they started out with moral intentions. Where are peoples standards. The ones defending themselves here are the most vicious. That girl tara made a simple post and people jumped on the fact that she said “it’s tough being a parent, who would choose to do it alone”.

      I think it’s a repercussion of guilt here.

      • The last I checked a family was what you make it.

        I’m really concerned at the fact that people think it’s mom+dad+kid=family.

        Yes being a single parent is hard. I don’t think anyone denies that. But some people feel they can do it and who are we to judge?

        I really having a hard time understanding what peoples concerns are. Everyone keeps saying that atleast if she was married or heading towards marriage she had good intentions which to me really in the end makes no sense at all. *shrugs*

      • Are you serious!? So you’re saying a single woman and her adopted children (for example Sheryl Crow and her boys) are not a family? You’re saying a lesbian couple who’ve each given birth (for example Cat Cora’s family) aren’t a real family? Wow.

        • Yes I am. It’s my right to be against it, just as it’s your right to support it. That’s why America is a great place to live. (As long as Obama is not in office)

  13. What the big deal about being a single parent? I bet she, as a single parent with a sucessful career will take better care of her child then some people out there who are married. Marriage doesnt necessarily mean you are better equipped to take care of a baby than a woman who isnt.

  14. Anytime someone has the audacity to question a woman bucking tradition people get up in arms about it being “their right”. How the heck is that a sound answer. Where in the constitution does it say we can do as we please and let the consequences be damned. I don’t agree with the derogatory names being used here. However I also do not think it’s simply a matter of choice. Do you have the right to be the mind and voice of an unborn child? No. But you certainly have the right to choose whether or not you become a single mother. Therefore that is self motivated.

    Personally I do not think you need to be married to properly raise a child, I think ideally it would be the best. However I do think intentionally having a child alone because ” you can” is a weak foundation. I was married, it did not work out. Not due to anything on my part. I am well educated, financially well off ( self made), I stay at home with my son, have a great support system, but I admit it is incredibly difficult and not something I would ever have gone into without marriage. People are fooling themselves if they think no one suffers by their choice.

    • So what are the consequences of having a child on your own??
      Enlighten us with your great knowledge of ALL the children in the world who have been a product of a parent making a choice to be parent on their own?
      Then enlighten us on how that personally effects you as a parent? thanks.

      • Awww someone got their feelings hurt. Grow the hell up. She was making a valid point to you vapid group of people. Is it too intellectual to debate? Idiots.

      • Consequences of having a child on your own;

        I refer to Harvard Universiry study by Dr. C. Knoll whereupon his findings were as follows , over a ten year period. Subjects were a mixed group of all races, religions, middle income, single parents by choice, divorced couples, married couples, widow/widower.
        – children who were products from a single mother by choice ( no divorce, no widows) ended up being 23% less intelligent, 35% less independent, 54% less trusting, 20% less socialized, THAN ALL THE OTHER CHILDREN in the study. The consensus was that a single mom most likely had to work to survive, and had much less of a support system- so less time on helping the child study, taking them to entertainment events, interacting with
        them as a whole had an affect on their upbringing..

        It’s not my words go to HARVARD.edu. ( look up Dr knoll) study was conducted on 100 children and followed them from the age of 1 to the age of 10. (1999-2009),

        Harvard funded this study along with the Clinton foundation so not exactly a group with a conservative agenda. Even they could not dispute the findings.

    • Tara you are one of the few posters on this site who actually is articulate and respectful to dissenting views. Keep going. I may not agree with you all the time but you bring some intelligence to this otherwise lacking board.

  15. I bet you the women who are so angry on this site ate the same ones that likes to follow custom and their biological clock ran out on them, and now are childless. Which they rightly deserve. They are hoping that all the other women out there that cares what society thinks of them do the same so that their eggs can rot and have no kids either. Bunch of idiots. If God thought marriage was a prereq of having kids, then I guess sperm and egg could never meet unless a paper says it’s okay to do so or to wait on a prick that might end up divorcing you and leaving you with all that morrally kids you made under the umbrella of

    • “all that morally kids…”. Great use of language there.

      It seems to me the angry one’s are those who are feeling they are being judged for being single moms. Some of the post do that but the majority such as Chloe, Tara and two anonymous are articulating their point maturely without any specific twist. Lighten up here. Yes I am one of the anonymous

    • Wrong again dear. I am 34 with 4 children and happily married. No bitterness on my part. You seem to be the one with the attitude. No one mentioned God here. I am an atheist but still think on a sociological level it’s wrong to have a child for the hell of it.

      Also please learn English- you come across as a tad illiterate.

  16. Congratulations January Jones!
    Don’t listen to these idiots. I hope you have a healthy beautiful baby.

  17. My goodness, all you judgemental people on here. So what if she’s not married and choosing to have a baby-this is a free country, she IS allowed to choose. There is no need for insults towards people who choose to have their children outside of the “bonds of marriage”. Lots of unmarried people have sex and get pregnant unexpectedly and choose to keep it, lots of married people have sex, get pregnant unintentionally and decide not to have it. Their marriage status has nothing to do with it, it is their choice personally to become a mother or not.

    What say all you stone-throwers towards women who do adopt and are single? How does that fit into the theory that children raised without another parent are at risk? Or does that not count because the single woman is adopting? What about women like me, who gave up the chance to be a mother before marriage due to health reasons? Should I have tried to get pregnant without a spouse just so I could have a biological child? Because there are quite a few folks out there who pushed me to do just that, and I found it ridiculous. Maybe January has decided that she no longer wants to wait for a solid relationship with a man to become a mother, which is something even a few doctors thought I should do, just so I didn’t lose the chance.
    I see nothing wrong with her choice, it is her body and her child, and if the father wants to be involved than he just might be. That is none of our business. And for all those of you who want to rag on her for being single, how perfect are you in your own life? Does everything happen in your life in the exact way you want it to? I think not, and in that case judgement should be saved for those times when it is highly merited, which is not the situation here.

    Congratulations to January on this happy news!

  18. I plan to have a bunch of kids on my own!! Can’t wait to bring them up to be unintelligent insecure little rugrats!!
    This thread is so laughable!! Best wishes to you Januaray Jones. I don’t even know who you are but do whatever you wish because it’s your life and nobody elses and they really have no say in that. Personally some sound very unhappy in their own lives that they feel the need to spend their time on a blog telling everyone else what they believe is right and wrong!

    • You come across as very bitter. There are some very mature responses on both sides here, but all of your posts are riddled with anger. You indeed will raise insecure children if they follow your example. I for one am a single mom by choice and am doing fine, but there are a lot of good counter arguments here. You would do well to relax and not take everything as an attack. How can you be insulted by things that Anonymous@RichmondVA writes since it’s facts from a study, or Tara who clearly says she does not believe marriage is a must or Chloe who is a product of single mothers. I read this entire thread and was only offended by a few who obviously want to provoke, yours included. Very sad indeed.

  19. I think it’s so obnoxious to judge someone when you don’t know the particulars. She is an actress, so she becomes known to the public as a side effect of that career. It doesn’t follow that those who see her from afar should allow themselves to judge her or to think that personal details of her life are their business. In her press statement, when she says it’s her “first child”, she indicates that she looks forward to raising a family and wants children. In saying, “single mom”, she indicates that she isn’t with the father. There are any number of circumstances that fit this. To me, if people have any class and morals, they should take the statement and realize that to ask for additional details is intrusive and possibly hurtful.

    I don’t understand how people can be so insensitive.

  20. Congratulations to January! It’s a brave choice that I am sure she has put a lot of thought into, regardless of the way she conceived. I know because I am a 43 yr old single mother by choice. I am proud of my decision and really happy to see my two children flourish into young adults. I’m rather saddened by the shear volume of ignorance I’ve seen on this thread, but I have faced it many of times. I think most of it comes from not being educated on the matter and the way that this concept seems to threaten.

    First, I did not come to this decision because I think a man’s role should be diminished in the family structure. My parents have been married for 45 years and have been great role models. I have dated many great guys in my life time as well as a few duds, but the fact of the matter is, just because I made this choice doesn’t mean I have put an expiration date on my desire to get married in the future, I just have an expiration date on my fertility. My family and friends are very involved with my children, afterall those who have children know it takes a village to properly raise a child. Also on that note, anyone who has a child, again regardless of how they come about (adoption, sperm donation or conception via marriage) , should know that having a child is the most selfless thing you can do. I’m happy to give up long afternoons at the spa to take my kids to the museum, go on a hike or play board games with them.

    Secondly, it took me 8 years of thinking about every positive and negative aspect of my decision. This also includes three years of some serious life planning to ensure that I was financially, emotionally and physically to handle the challenges that I knew that I would most likely face. I maxed out my 401k contributions, set up a 529 plan, increased my supplemental insurance, created my will, paid off all my debt, went for counseling etc. I think I went WAY over the top to make sure I would give my children a loving and stable home. It was a RESPONSIBLE decision. I know for a fact, my married friends did not prepare the way I did but that’s their decision.

    Over the years I’ve learned that I know more married woman who are, in terms of parenting, experiencing the same difficulties that I have faced. However society has created this illusion that once your married, both wife and husband will participate equally in parenting. In reality, even in a perfect marriage it’s not a 50/50 split in parenting duties. Have you ever seen a man try to breastfeed? Many of my married friends admit that they feel like single parents because there husbands are gone 40 – 60+ hours a week for work and when they come back they aren’t really interested in being Mr. Mom in a way that the wives hoped for. What I’m trying to say is, single parents and married parents are not as different as some would like to think.

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