Melanie Brown’s Husband Will Be A “Horrendous” Birthing Partner

Expectant mom Melanie Brown says she doesn’t think her husband Stephen Belafonte will be able to provide much support when it comes time to deliver the baby.

“Will he be my birthing partner? Oh God no, he’s going to be horrendous,” the former Spice Girl tells new! Magazine. “I mentioned to him that at some point we’re going to pack our overnight bag and he literally went white. So I instantly had a flash forward that he’s going to be all over the place and I’m just going to be sitting there breathing and doing what I need to do and laughing at him pacing.”

Having been through childbirth twice before – she’s already mom to daughters Phoenix Chi, 12, and Angel Iris, 4 – Mel adds that she won’t be attempting a natural birth this time around.

“It’s all about the drugs. I’ve experienced not having pain medication – not by choice but because my pain medication wore off – so I’ve experienced the hard corners of it.”

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