CNN Anchor Kyra Phillips: The Twins Are “Incredible”

This just in…The Phillips-Roberts twins are adorable!

FOX News Senior National Correspondent John Roberts, 54, and his fiancée CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, 42, welcomed fraternal twins – daughter Sage and son Kellan – on March 15. Kyra opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their busy household, staying up-to-date on current events and her 2-week extended maternity leave.

CBS: Congrats to you and John on the twins! How are they doing?

KP: “They are incredible! They have already developed their own sweet characters and mannerisms. Kellan wrinkles his forehead like Benjamin Button, he is such an old soul. Sage coos when she is happy and it melts your heart. She also has this adorable little mouth that she puckers – I can’t wait for her to be able to kiss me!”

CBS: How are you coping with 2 newborns?

KP: “It is definitely a challenge, but my mom, dad and John have been my saving grace! All day and all night it’s 3 hours up to feed and then right back down. I cherish the moments they stay awake to look into my eyes, play with lights and sounds and just observe the world around them. They are so curious already.”

CBS: Why did you wait to have kids in your 40’s? Are you glad you waited?

KP: “I was waiting to be with the right partner and that didn’t happen until I was 42! I am so glad I waited. I am calmer, wiser and ready for this.”

CBS: How did you come up with the names Sage and Kellan?

KP: “Sage means “wise,” and “prophet.” I have always loved the spiritual meaning of Sage and it fits her personality perfectly. Kellan is Irish for “mighty warrior,” and boy, does that fit him perfectly! He was feisty in the womb and he has been feisty since he was born.”

CBS: You are both news correspondents. Are you able to keep up with the news these days amidst the sleep deprivation?

KP: “It’s easy, we put one baby in front of FOX one morning, and the other in front of CNN. Then in between every feeding we switch the channels [laughs]. You bet we stay up on the news – we even recorded the big news stories in their baby books!”

CBS: Do you have any special plans for Father’s Day?

KP: “Oh yes! But it’s a big surprise. Don’t want John to read about it, but Sage and Kellan have it all planned out.”

CBS: Do you have any special plans for Mother’s Day?

KP: “John always plans special surprises. He is incredible with that. I have no doubt he’ll bless me with a memorable and loving first Mother’s Day.”

CBS: Are you taking an extended maternity leave?

KP: “I am taking an extra two weeks. I’ll be back at work June 7th. I really want to have balance. I love my job and I love my children. I am looking forward to being a working mom. It’s just one example I want to set for my children.”

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  1. these babies are too cute… look at the boy with his arm around his sister. put a big smile on my face…

  2. another unmarried….ridiculous. I feel sorry for the kids explaining how mommy and daddy didn’t care enough about them to get married…and she can’t wait to teach them how mommy goes off to work and leaves them with someone else to raise all day. Just another BMW accessory for these types who have checked “have babies” off their bucket list..

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