Sheryl Crow: “I’ve Always Had Maternal Instincts”

She has survived breast cancer and a public break up. Grammy award-winning singer Sheryl Crow talks to Ladies’ Home Journal about redefining what matters most in her life, from her kids – Wyatt, 4, and Levi, 1 – to her relationships.

On deciding to adopt: “I’ve always had maternal instincts. And there are so many different ways you can go about that. My sons didn’t have to be from me. They didn’t have to look like me. I just wanted children to love.”

On her expectations for her kids: “I expect my kids to toe the line in terms of manners, but with other things—maybe it’s because of what I’ve been through—I’m not so flappable anymore.”

On relationships (Crow is currently dating a local musician, who she declines to name): “You should be everything you are in a relationship: have desires and needs and weaknesses, as well as be strong and accomplished. It’s nice to be able to share your vulnerability and not scare off the other person. It’s just important that my boys grow up in a healthy situation. If I get married, I want to marry a man who wants to be a father to my kids.”

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  1. she did not BUY her children, she ADOPTED them. and while adoption CAN be expensive, if you save and work towards a goal – there are A LOT of ways to get help to adopt a child. children need love from selfless people – and you insisting that anyone who has adopted has BOUGHT their children, proves you shouldn’t be a mother – and i hope you are not.

  2. It’s interesting that there are millions of childless families out there who have been on waiting lists for numerous years and yet, celebrites walk away with newborns every couple of years, and not married celebrities, but single celebrities. Are you aware how difficult it is for the average citizen to adopt a newborn let alone a single parent to adopt a newborn.

    I’ve researched this and trust me, there is no working towars a goal and saving, it’s out and out purchasing.

  3. I remember an interview with Sheryl from a few weeks ago where she said a lot of adoptions fell through.

    And what is with the “buying” comment?

  4. She’s not that young so she likely did wait years to get the first one. I looked online and she’s right in the ballbark with the waiting list for her younger child. So it sounds like she got her kids fair and square regardless of comments to the contrary.

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