Shania Twain: I’m So Private My Son “Doesn’t Know What I’m About”

Mom-of-one Shania Twain graces REDBOOK‘s June cover. In her revealing new memoir, From This Moment On, the 45-year-old pop star opens up about the impact of her mother and stepfather’s abusive marriage and the betrayal she faced in her 14-year marriage to rock producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange. In the interview with REDBOOK, Shania talks about being open with her 9-year-old son Eja and the shock of betrayal.

On whether or not she will let her son read her memoir: “I wanted to be honest. But now I feel like there needs to be a warning sign on the book that nobody under 16 should read it. My life is just loaded with extremes, and I think what I’ll do with Eja is slowly, over time, start explaining my life to him and preparing him. I’ll just judge it as the time comes. I’ve led such a private life that even he doesn’t know what I’m about — my own child. The first time he ever saw me cry was when I found out about the affair. I’m not a crier, but I thought, Gee, that’s not right. That was a wake-up call.”

On regaining her voice: “When my marriage broke down, I got so physically constricted that I couldn’t get any volume out at all. . . . I realized I couldn’t live without singing and had to do something about it. This is why I was like, ‘Just get it all out right now. Clean the pipes.’”

On betrayal: “Being betrayed is one of the most valuable lessons life can teach. Now that you are wise to the game, you have the tools to choose your friends more carefully and protect your inner circle from these predators. Wear your scars like a badge. Someone hurt you, you lived through it, and now you can talk about it without rage and revenge in your heart.”

Continue reading the interview with Shania at REDBOOK

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  1. “I’ve led such a private life that even he doesn’t know what I’m about ”

    Hey, Shania? People who are private don’t write memoirs. It really is just that simple.

    • I love Shania and her music but as a person she seems a bit of a mess. It seems that if you want to be private why is it that we know of your business. I believe this heartbreak from the divorce stems from many other tragic things that have happened to Shania. At least you have enough money to afford every shrink and doctor money can buy. Time heals all wounds but let’s face it Mutt was a scum. Why drop tears for that idiot.

  2. Shania said writing the book helped her start to heal.

    I wonder if she and Frederic will have a baby together.

  3. I somewhat agree but to be honest she does seem to have managed to maintain a private lifestyle. You never saw her go on talk shows discussing her pain. Besides the benefit of what she will make from the sale of the memoir, I would guess maybe she feels she can help woman in a similar situation.

    She is a pretty decent lady by all accounts. I could not imagine the stress of having to raise 5 siblings after her parents were killed in an auto accident. Takes a strong person.

  4. So, she is so private that she uses her personal problems in a carefully orchestrated effort to re-launch her career? It’s so obvious she is using this as a marketing tool with Oprah, Ellen, The Talk, morning talk shows.

    I wonder if Shania’s affair with the guy doing remodeling on her and Mutt’s Swiss house had anything to do with his leaving the marriage?

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