Sarah Jessica Parker & Family Enjoy Mother’s Day Weekend

Adorable! Sarah Jessica Parker was seen out and about with hubby Matthew Broderick and their three kids – son James Wilkie, 8 1/2, and twin daughters Loretta (pink outfit) and Tabitha, 2 next month – in New York City on Saturday (May 7). The happy family-of-five enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend in Washington Square park.

SJP once said nothing beats time with her family.

I love just being with my family — going to the grocery store, cooking dinner, putting my twins to bed, changing their diapers, getting my older son ready for school and packing his lunch. Staying home with my family and my husband is the thing I love most in the world. Is it sexy? I don’t know about that, but it sure is fun and it’s definitely unpredictable.”

The Sex and the City star was clearly enjoying her family day out as she took a break from filming her upcoming flick New Year’s Eve.


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  1. Hahahah!!! James is picking his nose in the fifth pic. 😛
    I think all of the children do favour one or both of their parents in a way, but I think they look so different from each other. Genetics are amazing… 🙂

  2. Now SJP has one that looks just like her, and Matt has one that looks just like him. And handsome James is an even split. Those girls are just darling.

  3. Tabitha is the most adorable child. Loretta is cute too, but I always thought Tabitha is just too cute for words.

  4. Good lord…WHY does there always have to a cute one? Implicit the other is not so much. You are not selecting a new handbag…they are clearly both gorgeous. On or other may appeal to you more, but they are both objectively adorable. As a twin I alwayts hated this whole dichotomy one will be smart/pretty/athletic etc. They can, you know, both just be whoever the hell they are without the whole world comparing them to one other person.

  5. SO CUTE!!! and I agree one looks like SJP and the other (Tabitha) looks just like Matthew!! I have a cousin who is half african american/half caucasian and her husband is pretty fair/dark skinned and their daughter came out blonde with blue eyes. So uh yes, genetics can work pretty strange lol.

  6. The important part of these pics are that they are a normal family spending time together and not celebrity lunatics. All the rumors over the years of this couple breaking up were always made up to try and show a dark side of their relationship. All the while they were trying all different ways to add to their family. That says love more than hanging all over each other for a photo op. So happy they finally have the family they’ve always wanted.

  7. Beautiful children! Sarah and Matthew look as if they enjoy parenthood a lot, and have maintained a good, tight-nit family it seems.

    I like the fact that they dress Tabitha and Loretta completely different (gives them a separate identity), instead of doing the dress-your-twins-the-same routine that a lot of parents tend to do frequently (ex., the Gosselin children).

    • No her first name is Marion but they call her by her middle name Loretta. The twins names are Loretta and Tabitha

    • No her first name is Marion but they call her by her middle name Loretta. The twins names are Loretta and Tabitha

    • SJP has already stated several times that James only calls her Marion the rest call her by her middle name Loretta.

  8. Great to see these gorgeous little girls and their mother dressed normally and not all dolled up like some – ahem – celebrity children we could name.

  9. Why name a child a name when you say the middle name- why not just name her Loretta Marion rather than Marion loretta???????

  10. Cute girls…I don’t think either one looks just like a parent, though. I see similarities. I think it’s time to move up to a bigger size of clothes!

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