Johnny Depp Feeling “Broody” Thanks To Penelope Cruz’s New Baby

He’s already got two kids of his own, but actor Johnny Depp admits that he was left feeling “broody” after seeing his Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem with their new baby boy.

“It’s great to watch the three of them in action,” the handsome star tells The Mirror. “It’s just adorable and it makes you incredibly broody and clucky. They came to the house and I’d go to their place – to see new parents with their little angel definitely brings back memories. You start thinking, ‘Oh wow, I’d like to have another one of those’. But I don’t know…two’s pretty good.”

Though many of his past films wouldn’t fall into the “family-friendly” category, these days Johnny is drawn to movies his kids Lily-Rose, 11, and Jack, 9, can see.

“The kids are a big influence on my career. I’ve made a number of films that I won’t allow them to see, so with Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango – I got a chance to do a Spongebob Squarepants once – I’m doing things that the kids can see…. And it means I won’t have to compete with Robert Downey Jr. My kids adore him and that’s a bit worrying.”

When talk turns to his longtime love Vanessa Paradis, Johnny is quick to gush: “She’s really amazing because she delivered those two beautiful children and she has the most difficult job out of both of us. First of all she puts up with me, which I can imagine is not easy because I’m a little scattered now and again, but mostly she’s inspiring. She’s been a real leveller to me.”

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  1. Johnny Depp must get “broody” very easily because he said the something when he was talking about being around Brad and Angelina twins knox and vivienne but he always seems to remember that though cute babies and toddlers grow up.

  2. Ugh! What happened to that dangerous, mysterious bad boy?! He mutated into an 8th grade girl in the throes of adolescence.

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