Bella Cruise Joins The Family Business

No, she’s not about to step in front of the cameras like dad, Tom Cruise, or her Oscar-winning mother, Nicole Kidman. Bella Cruise, 18, has chosen a different career path. She’s just taken a job with stepmom Katie Holmes‘ fashion label, Holmes & Yang.

“Kate’s designing and [Bella] is just working her way up,” Tom tells People. “She’s an artist, Bella, so it’s really great that she gets to work with it. She’s loving it.”

So what exactly is Bella doing at Holmes & Yang?

“This is my wife’s company, so you talk about movie sets with me, I can tell you [about] that,” Cruise joked, as he tried his best to describe his daughter’s role with the label. “You’ve got to go to all these different factories and verify and make sure you get the correct clothes.”

He may not know too much about it, but the proud papa is still thrilled for his oldest child.

“It’s wonderful,” Cruise gushed.


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  1. I was really hoping that Bella would go to University and get some independence and get away from her father’s influence. I mean they weren’t even allowed to go to regular school or anything.

  2. Nothing against Bella I think Bella should go to design school, learn the trade and join the business. She needs to learn some foundation/basics if she wants to be really serious. Katie may have a clothing line but she can’t even dress herself she looks a mess most of the time and has a stylist her money like most celebrities pay for that line or should I say Tom money.

  3. This is a joke, right?? Poor Katie doesn’t have any class in dressing or acting or singing. These two will do anything to try and make Nicole look bad. That’s my opinion. If Bella had any sense she would flee to her Mother, who has class and fashion sense and doesn’t belong to a cult.

  4. “”Kate designs”,,,he he he he ,,i got my laugh for the day. Wish I had rich parents (or was adobted by rich ppl) so I didn’t have to worry about a thousand damn things everyday,,,one of them, “What is I loose my job tomorrow”!!!!!!

  5. Bella has really bad skin that probably comes from all the sweets the Cruises eat. Nicole feeds Sunday Rose healthy organic meals. I also thought Bella would go away to college and get away from that controlling Cruise life style. They’re probably all brain washed and afraid to leave the compound.

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