Milla Jovovich & Daughter Depart

Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich arrived at LAX in Los Angeles, California today with her darling daughter Ever Gabo, 3, in tow (May 10).

The model-turned-actress cuddled her cutie pie as they waited in the airport line-ups before catching a flight out of LA.

Milla sent a celebratory Tweet out to her friends and fans this past weekend, writing, “Happy mama’s day every1! I want 2 give a shout out 2 all the awesome mumas doing the best they can! Xo”

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  1. Ever’s haircut is just God awful. Did she get gum stuck in it and Milla cut it out herself, or something?

    • Ever probably found a scissor and did the job herself. LOL
      My little cousin did that, she had pretty long curly hair and her mother found her with her hair exactly like Ever’s and all the curls gone, a job done with her school’s scissors.
      My aunt cried so much. The curls never came back.

    • Lol I was thinking the same thing. Maybe Ever gave herself a haircut and in the end this hairstyle was preferable to just cutting it all off?

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