Naomi Watts & Sasha Scoot Around NYC

Naomi Watts and her 3-year-old son Sasha enjoyed the sunny day in New York City on Tuesday (May 10).

After taking Sasha to the store Ibiza Kidz, the actress treated him to a pretzel. His younger brother Kai, 2, wasn’t with them.

Watts has just signed on with Eva Mendes to endorse hair product giant Pantene. The women will be “celebrity ambassadors” and will launch their campaign in July.

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  1. Wow! First, wearing a helmet while riding a three-wheeled scooter is really dumb, but even more so when said helmet is not properly adjusted!

    • What’s your problem. Leave them alone and get a live. And her sons are the cutest.
      I think they are one of the most normal celebrity family I’ve ever seen. I mean not dying their hair or dressing them up in strange clothes.

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