Jessica Alba & Family Park It!

An expectant Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren took their adorable daughter Honor, 3 next month, to Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills on Sunday (May 15). The family-of-three enjoyed the California sun at the popular playground to the stars.

It was a Hollywood playdate! Honor and Billie Beatrice Dane were spotted side-by-side on the swings.

Jess and Honor recently returned home after relaxing girls’ getaway in Mexico where we spotted the actress baring her bump in a bikini.

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    • Inapproriate because? Parks are not a pants only place. Wasn’t that many years ago girls would have worn nothing but dresses anywhere including the park. I think she is dressed cute, and seems to be doing well in her outfit.

    • I doubt it. If they were there, the paps would have taken additional pictures of them on their own, and you’d likely see them posted here in their own post. Notice Eric Dane and his daughter are in the background of one of the photos, and they also were photographed separately. The paps would never ignore Seal and Heidi if they were also there.

  1. I have noticed that the celebrity children I see o this site always seem so far behind normal retgular kids where I live in terms of physical development. I remember being suprised how old Kingston was and still riding with trainers, and here is Honor on a trike…my daughter who is her age rides a balance bike around the local BMX track no problems. I wonder if they live a very controlled manicured , “go play on perfectly flat grass and don’t get your clothes dirty” life. Mind you maybe its just a big city thing as I have noticed that kids in cities seem to do a lot of these things later too….fewer trees to climb and creeks to get muddy in?

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