Jessica Alba Gets Moms Hip To Hypnobirthing

After surviving her first pregnancy and labor with daughter, Honor Marie, 2, actress Jessica Alba is feeling a lot more confident about delivering baby number two; in part because of a little something called “hypnobirthing.”

“I highly recommend it,” Alba tells Us Weekly of the increasingly popular birthing method that combines natural childbirth education and self-hypnosis techniques. “It just makes you chill.”

According to Jessica, “chill” would be the exact opposite of how she felt before Honor was born.

“I was freaked out going into it my first time going into labor,” she tells the magazine. “Like what if I panic? What if I just freak out and I don’t know what to do?”

Though experience is always a great teacher, the hypnobirthing classes helped the expectant mom to further ease her fears ahead of her second delivery.

One thing she wasn’t prepared for with this pregnancy, however, was a little tot who always wants to be picked up.

“Ever since my belly popped, she really is on me!” says Alba.

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