Kelsey Grammer Seeks Sole Custody Of Children

Radar Online reports that Fraiser alum Kelsey Grammer has filed for sole custody of his two children with ex-wife Camille Donatacci.

According to court documents, Grammer is asking the judge to grant him joint legal, and sole physical custody of daughter Mason, 9, and son Jude, 6; a move that Donatacci, calls “insensitive.”

Since the couple’s very public divorce, which was finalized on February 10 – sixteen days before Grammer’s marriage to Kayte Walsh – Camille alleges that her ex has been uncooperative in trying to work out a custody agreement. As the primary caregiver of the children throughout their 13-year marriage, sources say that the “real housewife” was willing to commit to a partial custody arrangement…until now.

“Camille is an excellent mother, and Kelsey truly doesn’t have a leg to stand on,” says Donatacci’s BFF Alison DuBois (yes, that Alison DuBois, who was a party to the most awkward RHBH scene ever). “Good luck with that battle, Kelsey — you are going to need it,” she adds.

Kelsey’s plans for the children’s living arrangements have not been made public. The actor is currently living in Chicago, but Mason and Jude attend school in Los Angeles where they live with their mother.

When contacted by the press, Grammer’s rep declined to comment on the matter, except to say that “any statement would be inappropriate. The filing speaks for itself.”


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  1. I guess in Kelsey’s world, you get a new wife but keep the old kids. I don’t care for either of them but he is a selfish, disgusting pig. I will never watch anything with him in it again.

  2. Camille probably is unbalanced but she managed to still appear to be a good mom. I admit I like him BUT this is a total slime maneuver. First destroy her life as your wife and then take away the thing that matters most to her. I doubt despite his fame and money that the judge will uproot the kids anymore then already has been.

    • You must be privvy to some inside information, because I’ve never publicly seen any evidence that she’s a good mom. How much mothering is there to do once the four nannies get done? By her own admission, she doesn’t wake them, feed them, bathe them, help them with their homework, or put them to bed. Maybe she shops for them? That would count, I guess.

      With that said, they do seem to always *live* with her while Kelsey is off on location, or in a play, or finding a replacement for their mother in his spare time… so for that reason alone I think he should leave them alone and let them stay with their mom.

  3. He is a creep who cant keep his pants zipped and he wants custody? Its time to start making cheating spouses not get custody. You don’t want to be married, GET A DIVORCE FIRST!!!!

  4. Janna
    You come off extremely arrogant with not much too back it up most of the time.

    Anything is better than Kelsey.

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