Victoria Beckham: 4th C-Section On 4th Of July?

Born in the USA! They might be one of Britain’s most famous couples but David and Victoria Beckham will be having their fourth child Stateside. And Vicki – who is famously known to be ‘too Posh to push‘ – has reportedly booked the date of her fourth Caesarean section for the Fourth of July, the MailOnline reports.

Sources say the decision was made to acknowledge Posh and Becks’ four years in America. A spokesperson for the Beckhams confirmed, “It is no secret that Victoria will be having her baby in the U.S. – we will not be confirming the date although early July is correct.”

The rep also addressed rumors that the couple will name their daughter Atlanta: “David and Victoria have a shortlist of names and once they have met their daughter then they will decide – Atlanta is not on that shortlist!”

A source added: “Vic and David love America, its culture and her people, who have welcomed them with open arms. The most important thing is the health of mother and baby and things can always change last minute. But if it’s possible for the baby to be born on Independence Day, Vic and David will be thrilled.”

David and Victoria are already parents to sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6.

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  1. I think maybe Angel, for LA.

    Btw the title of the article is tacky. Who cares how she delivers, it’s her business.

  2. I’m 10000000% sure the baby’s name will be related to the U.S. or the 4th of July. Cruz got that name cause David was playing in Madrid at that time, and it’s a Spanish name. So count on it.

    • LOL right? It feels like Pink has been pregnant forever. I’m starting to think that she has the gestational period of an elephant.

  3. I also think the baby’s name will have to do with US. I’m thinking Angel, America or Callie…I’m curious to the name. Maybe her middle name will be London

  4. I don’t think they will name the baby Angel as Mel B has a daughter with that name and they won’t want to be seen as copying.

  5. I doubt they will call their daughter Angel as Mel B has a daughter with that name and they wont want people thinking they copied.

  6. If you click on the “too posh to push” link in the article, it sends you to another article from 2010 where Victoria says that if she ever has a daughter she will name her LUNA!

    It fits well with her boys’ names, so I can put a bet on Luna.

  7. those heels, zero pregnancy weight gain, the much-longed for girl…

    I just keep thinking its a pillow and there is a surrogate carrying her baby somewhere.

  8. I can’t even imagine her being big enough to be carrying a healthy-sized baby by early July, even at her shower recently she was tiny! I guess she’s “all baby”, as they say. Can’t wait to hear what they name her! Didn’t Victoria say she wanted a little girl named Luna?

  9. I am on the “she isn’t pregnant” boat as well. She doesn’t look pregnant at all. She of course got the girl they had been waiting for. Plus there has never actually been a good photo of her pregnancy belly.

    • Totally agree with you and Cameron! I’m 5’8″ and my pre-pregnancy weight was 125 (I’m sure Victoria weighs much less but still…) and you could still clearly tell I was pregnant both times.

  10. I doesn’t look pregnant until I was 8 months and even than I didn’t look like I was that far along same thing with my mom, I nor my mom fake our pregnancies and X17online has good photo of her pregnancy belly.

    • but victoria DOES look pregnant when she is pregnant. OR at least she HAS the last three times… am i the only one that remembers the endless poncho parade that was cruz’s pregnancy? and she was swollen in the face and generally, you know, PREGNANT.

      this pregnancy is a complete aberration or… there is a surrogate 🙂 love your work guys!

      • She did not wear those ponchos through out her pregnancies, only in the later months. And only because there were fewer choices in clothing back then. Yes even in the early 2000’s maternity wear was crap. And yes Victoria’s face got a bit fuller during Romeo & Cruz’s but not during Brooklyn’s and her stomach was never humongous. Everyone’s body is different and so is their pregnancies.

  11. C-sections are way worse and harder to go through than natural…whoever started this idea has no idea what they’re talking about. If you’re too posh, you get an epidural! Who would choose a c-section…

  12. It won’t be Luna, Ellen Rives and Frank Lampard (David’s England team mate) choose that name a few years back, back t the drawing board!

  13. Brooklyn was names Brooklyn because she found out that she was pregnant when she was in New York I believe. Cruz is a Spanish name correct, and they also lived for about 5 or so years in Madrid while David Beckham played for Real Madrid. I’m not sure why the 3rd boy is names Romeo though. I’m expecting another creative name and something to do with the West Coast perhaps.

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