Owen Wilson: “I Jumped Right Into” Diaper Duty

Four months after the birth of his baby boy Robert Ford, actor Owen Wilson says that so far fatherhood isn’t as tough as he thought it would be.

Take diaper duty, for instance: “Changing a flat tire is much harder. I thought changing diapers was going to be challenging, but from the first day, I jumped right into it,” Owen tells Parents magazine. “I have my whole system down and I’m able to just knock it out. I sort of surprised myself by being a fairly adept dad.”

The 42-year-old Cars star admits, though, that it’s sort of “surreal” being a parent, saying, “It seems surreal that this tiny human being is now here — and I’m thinking about all the great adventures he has ahead of him.”

There’s one adventure that Owen is already looking forward to sharing with his son: Disneyland! The actor voices the new Cars attraction at the theme park.

“I was thinking about how that’s the place you want to go to the most as a child, and the idea that my voice will be in this park is sort of incredible,” Owen says. ”One day I’ll take my kid there and to be a part of that ride will make me feel kind of proud.”

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