Vera Farmiga & Family Go For A Cozy SoHo Stroll

I Just Want To Fly meets Up In The Air! Now that’s a sky-high combo.

Vera Farmiga, her husband Renn Hawkey and their children – son Fynn, 2, and daughter Gytta, 7 months – went for a cheery stroll through SoHo in New York City on Monday (May 23). The family-of-four ran into musician Mark McGrath and his fiancé Carin Kingsland.

The kiddies were bundled up cozily in their double stroller while mom and dad chatted with their friends. The couple and their son Fynn even donned matching hats!

The Academy award winning actress who recently starred in Source Code is currently in production for The Safe House, with hotties Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, set to be released in 2012.

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