Sheryl Crow: Her Sons Are Teaching Her What Life Is All About

Sheryl Crow is thinking green and loving her life with her two sons Wyatt, 3, and Levi, 1, in Nashville, Tenn. The Grammy-winning artist told Parade in their May issue, that being eco-friendly is a big part of her life – whether she’s at home on her farm, or out on the road. It is also a value that she wants to pass on to her children.

On keeping her two sons away from the limelight: “It doesn’t really exist in Nashville, so that makes it really easy. With regard to L.A., I can kind of count on when I’m going to be sought after by paparazzi. So for the most part, I don’t take my kids where I know they’re going to be, with the exception of airports. I can’t seem to protect them from paparazzi at the airport. They didn’t ask to get into this line of work, so I feel like it’s not really fair for them to be subjected to it. I just try to keep it as real as possible for them.”

On staying green: “We recycle at my farm and we grow an organic garden. We also have certain rules around the house about running water, the air conditioner, and not leaving the lights on. We are all about conservation. I am also solar-powered now. Unfortunately, solar power is not inexpensive enough for everybody to afford. I’m hoping in my lifetime we see it be made affordable.”

On having her sons out on tour with her: “It’s great! It’s just fun for me to have them around all the time. They are the people I love most and they’re teaching me everyday what life really is all about.”

In addition to keeping active with her eco-friendly pursuits, the busy mama is scheduled to have a jam-packed summer ahead of her. The songstress is wrapping up her “100 Miles from Memphis” tour while simultaneously getting ready to hit the road with Kid Rock for a string of summer shows.

A fantastic family, a great job, community minded eco-thinking. Seems that she has it all. It’s enough to make most folks ‘green’ with envy.

Continue reading the interview with Sheryl at: Parade

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