Candace Cameron Bure On The Joys Of Motherhood

Actress and author Candace Cameron Bure – aka DJ Tanner – has a very full house of her own these days. The Make It or Break It star recently chatted to Parade magazine about the happy home life she shares with her husband Valeri Bure and their three kids Natasha, 12, Lev, 11, and Maksim, 9.

On the most gratifying part of motherhood: “It’s the love that my kids will pour out on me. You don’t realize until you have your own child how much you can love someone. You really don’t have any idea and then it is the most unbelievable feeling when your children on their own will come up to you and say ‘Mommy, I love you’ or give you a kiss or a hug and want to spend time with you. It’s just unbelievable.”

On a typical Sunday for the Bure family: “Our Sundays are pretty consistent. We get up and go to the Farmer’s Market for breakfast. After that we’ll go to church. Then we’ll have hockey games in the afternoon. While we’re at the Farmer’s Market, we’ll grab food for that evening and we’ll have an early dinner and oftentimes my family and friends will come over for a really easy dinner.

On overcoming her food addiction: “Hollywood didn’t push me into food addiction. Ten or fifteen years ago, I turned to food for comfort to deal with my emotions and the things I was going through. It had nothing to do with losing weight or trying to get thin. Like so many people, when we’re upset, lonely, or having a hard time, or whatever it is at the moment, we turn to food to fill that void. That’s what it was for me and that’s where my faith came into play. I realized that I needed to turn to God for that comfort instead of food. So that’s predominately what’s in my book [Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physically and Spiritual Fitness]. Also, working in the industry today, I’m very conscious of how I look and my weight and I make sure that I stay in shape and physically fit because that is an important aspect of the industry. However, I don’t let it consume my thoughts. I eat well and stay healthy because it makes me feel good and I want to live a long life so I can be there for my family. I do it for health reasons and because it makes me feel good, not because of the pressures of the industry that I’m in.”

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