Carrie Prejean Welcomes First Child: Grace Christina

Former beauty queen Carrie Prejean and husband Kyle Boller have welcomed a daughter, San Diego Union Tribune reports.

The couple’s first child arrived on May 11, two days shy of Carrie’s 24th birthday. Contrary to reports last fall that they were expecting a boy, the bundle of joy is a girl named Grace Christina.

Prejean and Oakland Raiders quarterback Boller, 29, were wed last July.

Prejean shot to fame last year in the Miss USA pageant when judge Perez Hilton asked her if she supported gay marriage. “In my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman,” she said. “No offense to anybody there, but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it should be, between a man and a woman.”

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  1. I … completely forgot about her, let alone that she was pregnant.

    Pretty name for the baby. And that’s all I can say.

  2. Imagine when little Grace Christina is about 11-12 and shos zero interest in pink frilly things and starts wearing flannel shirts to school and her hair high and tight on the sides?

  3. Imagine when Grace Christina starts high school, starts wearing the flannel and Doc Martens, and insisting that everyone call her “Cris” … and announces to Carrie that she’s taking another girl to the prom!

    • Tragic for whom? I hope you don’t mean for the child, because there is nothing wrong with being gay. If it’s tragic for the parents, they have no one to blame but themselves for being so hateful.

      • I should have clarified. I meant tragic for the child because they will not have a parent who support them and their right to be happy (or married).

      • and how exactly is not agreeing with a popular (and wrong) lifestyle hateful again?

        you all calling HER hateful and intolerant need to get a dictionary (where you will then see your own photos).

  4. Usually I wouldn’t waste the time, but with her I will make an exception because she literally disgusts me… who cares!! Please stop posting about her, she is not a celebrity and everyone else has already forgotten about her long ago.

  5. Let´s just hope the baby turn out to be HEALTHY and HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Opinions aside, congrats to Carrie and her family!

  6. I can’t believe some of the moronic statements I am reading! You don’t wish another person well because of their beliefs? It seems as though those who are “disgusted” by her need to do some inner soul searching. Hateful much?

    • It’s no surprise that when someone (Carrie Prejean) says hurtful things, that others will respond back in kind.

      She believes that “a marriage” can only occur between a man and a woman. I believe that only open-minded people who won’t impose their narrow-minded thoughts onto society should be mothers.

      Interesting that someone who is so Godly would stuff silicone sacks in her breasts to make herself more “attractive” (in other words: sexual). I wonder what God would say about that?

    • Obviously your post is aimed towards my comment as you practically quoted it, and to answer you I don’t need to do any inner soul searching, I find any one who would discriminate against someone simply because of who they love and deny them what should be basic human rights because of it completely ignorant. Since she tired to make a name for herself in the media with her ignorant beliefs I find her to be disgusting. She is not a celebrity, she is a washed up beauty queen that has no business being featured on this site. She was famous for 15 minutes and now she is completely washed up, I wish her and her new daughter no harm whatsoever, I hope they are both healthy and happy, I just do not wish to see features of non – celebs and their babies on a CELEBRITY baby site, that is all. Especially one whose message breeds hate, intolerance and unacceptance.

    • Amen, could not have said it better myself!! At least someone remembers the hate that this twit was ‘preaching’!

    • You need to get a grip. As a Jew whose grandmother survived the Polish raids in 39, and am also a lesbian I find your statement unconscionable. Comparing a girl who merely stated ” Personally I believe a marriage is between a man and a woman” to be judged along the same lines of Hitler and the KKK is beyond ignorant.

      This post is filled with the same type of extremist rhetoric that truly sets us back. Do I find fault with her beliefs? Personally yes, but that is my right, just as she has a right to have hers. Please think before you try to be provocative, it only makes you come across as pathetically seeking support.

    • So Carrie’s sin is that she held the same beliefs as our President, VP, Sec of State, Former President (Clinton) at the time she made them?

      Just curious what it is about being a lefty that makes one so hate-filled and ugly?

  7. I kinda remember her statement but it’s kind of also blank.

    Didn’t she basically just say that she believes that marriage should be between a man and a women? I mean there are millions of people who have those beliefs. It mostly comes from the environment your raised in. That being said it’s her opinion. Did people want her to lie for the sake of winning??

    I have a gay cousin. I love him all the same. I believe people should be happy. And I believe nobody should tell others how to live their lives. That being said I’m not naive in knowing that many others don’t feel that way. But I much rather have someone be honest about their feelings then lie for the sake of a crown. JMO though.

    • Now this is a mature response. She has a right to her opinions and beliefs regardless of what anyone else says.
      You are right at least she was honest and gave an answer true to heart not something that was going to get her the crown.

      Personally I am against gay marriage but I know it does not change the fact that I am a good decent human being and am raising a child in kind. The world is full of differing opinions and simply because you do not agree with something – in NO WAY makes you a bigot, a racist or a homophobe.

      • Agree. You can have differing beliefs based on both religious and political grounds without being considered narrow minded. It’s called democracy and does not personify the decency of one’s core self.
        Very disturbing that one cannot voice personal belief, which our men in uniform have died giving us the right to do, without automatically being labelled the things you described. I have heard truly heinous things come from gays towards conservatives, black extremist towards whites, Jews towards Christians and Muslims. Yet it is never vilified when it’s the other way around.

      • I am in favor of the right for same sex marriage. However I do agree with the point of your post. To judge a person negatively entirely based on their beliefs is precisely what I try to fight against. I have friends who are much more conservative with their thoughts and actions and I know they are as loving, decent and generous as those of mine who are liberal. People need to stop using the terms ” narrow minded” so freely.

        To the posters who wish her unwell, be careful kharma is a b*tch.

        • I’m in favor of it too. My cousin married his partner but had to go to another state to do so. They are very happy and loving people. Honestly you wouldn’t even know they were gay. I have NEVER seen them display any kind of public affection. I would never tell them how to live their life because like my mother alway said “If it’s not personally effecting you & your life, then mind your damn business!” 🙂

      • I do not agree with you about gay marriage but I really appreciate your honest posts. You never once write what you think people want to hear simply to get positive support. I also agree that just because your views may be more traditional does not mean you are an awful person. As another one said some of the kindest people I know are conservatives. That generalization is pure stupidity.

        • Perez Hilton asked a question fully knowing it would be controversial. When he didn’t get the response “HE” wanted that’s when he flipped out like a little girl and continuously and openly on his website bash her over and over again all for the sake of having an opinion. It’s not like she was bashing gays she simply said, marriage should be between a man and women. People need to get over it.

    • SMH, I have a heterosexual cousin, and I love her all the same as well. Hopefully one day she’ll see the light and turn lesbian, and I’ll keep praying for her until she does.
      (I hope that people who read this post will understand the irony that I use while i’m writing it…)
      I hope that Prejean’s child has a happy life and that she turns out to be a better person that her mother is.

  8. i think the name is cute! 🙂 but yeah… theres nothing wrong with gay marriage! as long as they really love eachother! anyone should be able to get married! 🙂

  9. wow, you all STILL hating on her for her unbelievably polite and respect (AND TRUE) answer to that biased, intolerant bigot scumbag Perez Hilton? After ALL THIS TIME? Cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it. She’s a brave woman, if nothing else (ignoring her wonderful personality), and it’s rather embarrassing on all your parts to be attacking her even now and her baby just because you all are too intolerant to let a difference of opinions go.

    anyway, I’m glad for her- she deserves a little baby to love. I only hope the poor child won’t get attacked so mercilessly in school for being Carrie’s kid as Carrie did for standing up for her beliefs and what’s right by all the hypocritical hatemongers in the world.

  10. Interesting how much hate people come with… It’s not okay for Carrie Prejean to speak out what she believes, but people have attacked her with their free speak on this very website. and are hoping that her child… is gay, don’t like her name blah, blah, blah… The baby didn’t do anything. And Carrie expressed her belief, same as everyone else, but she’s bad… She didn’t say anything about a GTLB person, she simply embraced the values she believes much like Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual person does every day… But that’s not allowed… So Sad…

    God made us both male and female, and he loves us through our struggles, failure, joy, victories etc. But he has a standard. But, people need to make their peace with what they believe to be true. If God is going to judge disobedience, then find out for you, know for you what it really says… Eternity is too long to be wrong… Don’t just be mad, make sure you know what God wants for your live… live with your world view, but be able to die with it??? Our souls live on after the body dies… Where will your soul be??? somewhere for sure… I can’t tell you heaven or hell cause I don’t know… but I know it will be somewhere. I’m sorry so many people are being hurt, murdered, etc. but I believe the Bible is true, and its going to get worse… God Bless everyone and be safe, and kind…

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