Paris & Prince Jackson: Class Act

Michael Jackson‘s gorgeous kids Paris, 13, and Prince, 14, were spotted while on their way to acting class in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (May 31).

The once-sheltered brother and sister seem to take all the attention with ease, making faces and sticking their tongues out at the paparazzi.

The siblings and their younger brother Blanket, 9, recently visited Will Smith on an L.A. film set last week in order to hang out with Will’s kids Willow, 10, and Jaden, 12. Maybe the kids were getting some show biz tips from their contemporaries – Prince told Good Morning America earlier this year that he was “looking at a couple of opportunities in show business… mostly producing,” and Paris has said that she would like to pursue a career in acting.

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  1. Cute, theire all in sync lol i can see them making waves in hollywood in the future and Paris was just born to be on the cover of magazines. Bless them and their family.

  2. I think if it were another celebrity child Paris’ age sticking their tongue out like that they would not be seen in such a positive light, but since these are Michael’s kids, I think they will get a pass.

  3. Hopefully you were using sarcasm in your title. What’s classy about sticking your tongue out at the paparazzi??

    • I’m pretty sure the title was more a reference to them being on their way to acting class than anything else.

      But, goodness, they are children. Is it really the worst thing in the world for them to be playful? Especially considering who they are and that they are obviously aware that they live very high profiles lives.

  4. this is the disappointing and uncivil result of katherine’s way to raise Michael’s children. with Michael this did NOT happen because he raised his loved children to be well-mannered, but obviously to katherine this does not matter, she just things to make money. i know that Michael did not want to remove his children form their family of origin but he made a big mistake to leave them with katherine even if he couldn’t know a thing like this ’cause she is showing her true colors only now. too sad (and unfair) 🙁

    • You seem to think you know more about their lives and their grandmother than you know. also you seem oddly emotionally connected to them all. Loosen up.

    • Wow you need to chill, they are just children and I know you don’t know Katherine please ease off with the attack! God bless them and their Grandma Katherine :))

  5. I’d stick my tongue out at the paparazzi too. Then give them the finger and tell them to find a better career that doesn’t include stalking 😀

    yep just call me classy!

  6. Get over it! Just because she’s sticking her tongue out at the paparazzi doesn’t mean she doesn’t have manners. Aren’t kids allowed to act silly and have fun. She doesn’t look like she is trying to be mean. She was just playing around. Give these kids a break.

  7. LOL. All this judgment and fuss over a stuck-out tongue? SMH, I think people just like to see themselves talk… or type, rather…

    Cute pics (ugh, but Prince REALLY needs a different haircut… yeesh…)

  8. we dont know if she is sticking her tongue for the press just happen to be photographed with her tongue out, papparazzi always time their shots during strange moments

  9. How unfortunate for these kids that the Jackson family values acting and performing and show business over college educations and training for careers that aren’t dependent on movie star connections and that might actually benefit the children as they become adults. These kids are doomed just like the rest of the family. There’s not much chance for children intentionally reared w/out their mother’s love or influence or guidance. The last thing anyone needs is another Jackson in show business.

  10. To Ondine – I raised two kids as a single dad and I beg to differ with you. They are fine, normal, well adjusted young adults who contribute to their community and are happy. Michael’s kids seem well adjusted and well mannered too, and that’s thanks to MJ, not his mother. Also, you have no idea what will benefit the kids as they get older, actually they probably won’t even have to work if they don’t want to; because of that nasty show business stuff their father did.

  11. Wow, what’s with all the negativity? God forbid the kids have a little fun, right? Why are people so harsh toward these kids? It’s not as bad on here as it is on other websites, but gosh! These kids lost the only parent that they ever really knew, it’s coming up on the 2nd anniversary of his death, people are constantly speculating over them and saying horrible things about their heritage, their skin, their hair, their genes, their father, etc.

    I see nothing rude about these pictures. Paris pulls silly faces a lot…nothing wrong with it. It’s refreshing to see a 13 year old acting like a 13 year old and not a grown woman.

    When you listen to the kids speak, like on Oprah or Good Morning America, they seem like level headed, good kids, and I think that is a testament to their dad, who tried to give them normal childhoods and shield them from the limelight at the same time. Some people may not have agreed with how he went about it, but it wasn’t like the kids were living in cages. They went out veiled when they were with him, but it’s not like they were forced to wear the masks at home. There are plenty of personal pix that have been released in the last couple of years with the kids and their dad at home and at friends’ birthday parties. There are also paparazzi pictures of the kids out and about without (and sometimes with) their dad and not wearing face masks.

    Michael did a great job with his kids. Everybody makes mistakes from time to time…that’s what makes us human. And I wish people would stop analyzing every little thing these kids do, like was done with Michael. So, please don’t go around calling Paris a rude child for one picture of her with her tongue sticking out. Geez.

  12. What wrong with some of you guys since when sticking your tongue out makes u a bad person? for god sake she’s only a child who done nothing wrong to anybody stop judging Katherine so much this lady raise nine human beings she knows exactly what’s she’s doing and mike did a wonderful job running his household as well . Why don’t some of guys go trash Casey Anthony who chosen not to be a mother anymore so she kills her own flesh and blood ,now that’s a horrible parent not Katherine and Michael no matter how weird you thought he was ,well a least they are alive and not thrown in the woods to be left eaten by bugs . Jeez people act like Katherine and Michael is the most worse persons in the world when you got some people that doesn’t gives a rat ass about their kids god luck to them and Katherine who has my deepest sympathy losing her son and what he had to go through in life RIP MJ. One thing I don’t understand and not trying to b/c this doesn’t make sense to me how come every time this issues comes up when their names are mention? you cant HATE mike that bad to the point where you hate his kids rather you think they are his or not why so much hate being aim at these innocent kids? all kids are innocent rich or poor .

  13. I think the children are awesome! Ofcourse they are normal children. I don’t understand why everyone has expectations of them just because they’re Michael Jackson’s children. The negativity is exactly why Michael kept them covered up. He choose to let the the judgment fall on him so it wouldn’t fall on his children.

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