Suzanne Somers’ Solution For Sleep-Deprived Moms

We first loved her as Chrissy Snow on the classic ’70s sitcom, Three’s Company. Suzanne Somers has gone on to star in various shows and pen several best-selling books. While she’s enjoyed a diverse career, the 64-year-old actress is most proud of her family that has expanded over the years. “We have six grandchildren, three girls and three boys aged 8 to 16,” she shares with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Knowing a thing or two about being a sleep-deprived mom, Suzanne has taken on a new project to help those in need of some R&R! Available for download on a convenient app, NAP26 is the power nap program that gives you the rest and rejuvenation of a 3-hour nap in just 26 minutes – without feeling groggy!

I was intrigued by NASA research on test pilots, which revealed 26 minutes as the optimal amount of napping time to boost productivity, increase focus and encourage a positive mood,” Suzanne tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “Using this information, I co-created NAP26 to give those of us who are constantly on-the-move a way to feel rejuvenated in a short amount of time.”

Sounds like the perfect solution for most sleep-deprived mamas! But won’t such a short nap make us feel groggy?

“Using binaural pulses and beats that allow the listener to drift into a restful sleep without falling into ‘deep sleep,’ NAP26 prevents the user from waking up groggy,” Suzanne says. “The Suzanne Somers NAP26 App guides listeners through the first two stages of sleep, where drowsiness and light sleep occur, and wakes them prior to the deep sleep stage with the gentle sound of birds.”

Looking for ways to feel refreshed and alert? Read on!

“The slight difference in sound vibration between the right and left ears matches natural sleeping patterns and helps signal the brain to enter a more relaxed state or a higher level of alertness,” Suzanne says, and adds, “At the end of the program, listeners feel refreshed and alert.”

But who has time to take a nap?

A lot of moms, especially those who work outside the home, probably have few spare moments. But for those who do, NAP26 is the new lifesaver.”

In addition to getting lots of rest time, Suzanne adds that maintaining a strong sense of self is essential amidst the critics in Tinseltown. “Knowing the critics source of information and the financial incentives they receive, I never read or listen to them,” she says.

What’s up next for the best-selling author and weight loss guru? “A 500 recipe compilation publishing at Christmas,” she shares.

Sounds great! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to take a nap!

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  1. oh, please. the woman had one child and was at the height of her celebrity during his childhood, meaning she had lots of help. she wouldn’t know sleep deprivation if she tripped over it. just another lame attempt on her part to regain some sort of relevancy.

  2. I used this app and it actually works – a friend of mine told me about it as they travel quite a bit and are always tired when they get off the planes. I know she is very health concious, so I think that is why she is behind this type of app as it is natural, not energy drinks or sugar to keep you awake.

  3. She makes her money selling you her info-crap…If you buy it you only make the untalented 64 year old even more wealthy! Gives her reason to breathe, I guess..being in snake oil sales…..barf!

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