January Jones Has Entered A “Nesting Phase”

Talk about great timing! January Jones‘ pregnancy may have come as a surprise to the actress, but so far, it looks as though things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly in respect to her work schedule.

Now that she’s done filming her new movie X-Men: First Class, Jones has a bit of time to get ready for the baby and take it easy before she heads back to work for season 5 of Mad Men.

“I’ve been enjoying a nice break,” Jones, 33, tells Pop Sugar, adding, “I’ve been in a nesting phase just preparing my house and stuff. I’ve had the luxury of a couple months off.”

Due this fall, January is looking forward to being a mommy, and her X-Men co-star thinks that she’ll be a great mom. “She’s a fantastic person,” Michael Fassbender said of Jones during the movie’s premiere. “She’s very sweet. Just in the experience of working with her, she sort of gets up and gets on with it, and I think she’ll probably do the same in motherhood.”

Despite rumors that January’s ex-beau, Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live is the father of her child, a source close to the comedian tells Us Weekly, “If Jason were the dad, he’d step it up,” adding that it was Jones’ desire to have kids that “turned him off,” and led to their break-up.

Other names have been mentioned in the press as well, but the actress continues to keep the identity of her baby’s father private.

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  1. Um it’s not uncommon for a woman 5-6 months pregnant to enter the nesting phase getting the nursery ready and that kind of thing. stop covering Ms Jones everyday she’s not some huge star and never will be.

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