Teri Hatcher & Emerson Rose: Pretty Pair

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher and her gorgeous 13-year-old daughter Emerson Rose were all smiles in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (June 3). The pretty pair took a stroll in a nearby park after lunching together.

The 46-year-old single mom recently opened up to Prevention magazine about the next stage of her life. “You open up into a period that you sense is becoming more about “me.” As my daughter needs her independence, it gives me some independence. So it’s sort of like me beginning to explore some things that I haven’t thought about in a long time.”

Teri added that she’d like to share her life with a partner.

I don’t want to be alone my whole life. It is much more fun to share what you have than to have it to yourself. And it isn’t like I don’t have love in my life. I have a lot of friends who love me and who I love.”

Emerson’s father is Teri’s ex-husband, actor Jon Tenney.


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  1. I cannot believe Emerson is only 13! She is a beautiful girl though and is actually dressed age appropriately. Maybe not the makeup though.
    I like that Teri hatcher waited to get involved in a relationship until Emerson grew up. I am sure I will be slammed for this but I find it inappropriate for women to “casually” date when they have young children particularly if they allow interaction with someone they are not serious about. It sends a very bad message. I am not saying you need to become a nun but kids need stability and for whatever reason you find yourself single ( divorce, widowhood), I do not believe your needs should ever override those of your children. Personally I have made a choice not to date again, if ever;), until my son is at least thirteen. He will see that I have a life independent of him by going back to work and social outings, but a romantic relationship will be put on hold until he is a teenager.
    What’s right for me may not be for others though.

    • Could not agree more. I think that allowing transient people into a Childs life is extremely damaging. I wish women and men realized what it does to your kids.
      Kate Hudson could learn a few things. Before Matthew she had everyone in ryders life….trashy.

    • Agree with you Tara and you shouldn’t get jumped on. You said what works for you. I waited ten years to date again and remarried fifteen years after my divorce. It was best for me to dedicate my life to my kids while they were young. I am now 45 my kids are grown and in my heart I know it was the best choice.

      Emerson is a beauty….

    • I agree as well, to some extent. I dated while my girls were young, but they never met anyone I was dating unless we were together more than 6 months (which means they met one man until they were adults themselves).

    • You are being too diplomatic here. I agree in principle with everything you say but will take it a step further. Women today are really screwing up their priorities in life. What is wrong with telling mothers that once you bring a new life into the world- your needs MUST take a backseat to those of your children until they are at least teenagers. I too do not think it means making your life entirely devoted to them because that adds undue pressure on the kids. But this obsessive, “me, me, me” culture amongst women is disgusting. They want to work so they do it when the kid is 6 weeks old.EXCLUDING those that have to work, it’s selfish to say I do it to teach my kids there are options, BS, YOU DO IT FOR YOU. Dating when you have kids opens yourself and more importantly your children up to all types of risks. How many times do you hear about the mothers boyfriend molesting or killing her kids.
      Ladies you had your children, do your job and raise them, then go and have your fun. It’s really upsetting to me anymore.

    • I can see how you’d feel that way. I was in a similar situation as a child where my mom began dating left and right and I couldn’t stand it. I was 13 though and a hormonal teen as it was. But I just hated someone else taking my t the same time my mom was going through an emotional stage too and didn’t want to be alone bc she was young when she married and didn’t really know what it was like to be single.

      However, I have seen many successful parents move on to other relationships and have very close blended families. I think it’s about balance and knowing your child. Personally I feel like you shouldn’t introduce your child to anyone until you’ve been in a relationship for atleast 6 months. If you want to date make it so the child doesn’t even know half the time that your dating (going out after child is asleep for example). Then slowly introduce the idea of someone new to them. Divorced, widowed, seperated parents deserve to move on and be happy and really shouldn’t have to put their life on hold for so many years. But it’s all about doing it in the most appropriate way possible.

  2. Mostly agree. I definitely think it’s important not to confuse kids by bringing random people into their lives. Nothing worse than these women who date anything that walks. It tells their sons and daughters they are afraid of being alone. However you shouldn’t cut yourself off either. In time you may find the right person and that could benefit the child as well. Every situation is different. But the one constant is putting your family first!

  3. It’s nice you mentioned Jon Tenney, he seems to get the short side of things.

    A lovely daughter takes two loving parents..

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