Pink & Carey Hart: First Photo With Willow Sage

Beach baby!

New parents Pink, 31, and Carey Hart, 35, brought their newborn daughter Willow Sage for a beachside hike on Tuesday afternoon (June 7). In the first public photo of the sweet tot, proud papa wore his 5-day-old baby girl in a brown baby carrier as the Perfect singer led the way.

Pink announced Willow’s birth via Twitter, calling her daughter a “beautiful, healthy, happy baby girl” who is “gorgeous, just like her daddy.”

Baby Willow is the first child for the couple, who wed in Costa Rica on January 7, 2006 after five years of dating.


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  1. I’ve seen this photos on another website and people were saying horrible things about Pink because she still looks pregnant. I hope CBS’s readers are a little less naive…

    I think she looks great for having just had a baby (especially when it has been reported that she had a cesarean-section) 5 days ago. And obviously every woman has a different healing time after giving birth.

  2. I was going to say the same thing. I’m waiting for the negative comments. And those will be from people who have never had a child. She will lose that weight in no time.

  3. she looks wonderful, i had my daughter almost 7 yrs ago and havent been able to take off all the 80 pounds i put on, then again i did have a 10 pound baby lol…she will lose it in time, let her do it her way, As for the Negative ppl, they obviously never had a baby before 😉

  4. She is a role model for all all new mothers.
    It’s good that she has gone out , where all those other celebs would have been housebound until they had lost every ounce of thw baby weight..

  5. Melanie S@ (Finally a real woman’s body), we don’t see most celebrities 5 days after giving birth so we don’t know what they look like and the once we do see are mostly Modals who go on crash diets to loose the weight for their jobs.

  6. Why are people talking about her being able to lose the weight when she just had her baby 5 days ago, not 5 weeks and not 5 months but 5 days? My body bounce right back after giving birth to my children but not 5 days after people need to leave her alone.

  7. the problem with the negative people is that they are used to seeing celebrities getting a tummy tuck along with a c-section (why do you thing posh has them?) so the idea of nature taking it’s course to heal is a foreign thing for them.

    Good on you P!nk! And I agree, she will be smoking one day, but for now she is doing what a good mother does, putting the health of her baby and herself first, not her skinny jeans like lots of superficial celebs.

    Love ya girl!

  8. She looks exactly how I looked five days after giving birth and I lost all of my baby weight. she’s real and I love her for it. I couldn’t happy for her and Carey.

      • Suzan- actually she looks better than I did 5 days after c-section cause I was still in hospital in bed (Doctors orders). I was not up and taking walks until baby was about 10-14 days old. She is definitely a strong woman. GO PINK….

        • What happened, NYCMommy (if you don’t mind my asking)? I’m just curious only because my experience was quite different. I was practically pulled out of my bed (with the catheter and IV still in) and told to start walking the halls the day after surgery. Not fun, but I got used to it. They said the sooner you do it the better, but I didn’t have any complications from the surgery as you probably did.

          • Anonymous 246 pm. Unfortunately for 1st c-section I was given double epidural because of blockage (meaning I could feel labor pain but not my legs) when in active labor and when I had to have a c-section I got more meds so for next couple of days I had alot of trouble with numbness. I was walking around a bit late on 2nd day after labor but did not get released until 5+ days later. Yes, they do try to get you to get up and walk very quickly and it does help you heal (if you dont rip your incision trying to roll out of hospital bed. ) FYI, my oldest is 18 so if you had yours more recently I am sure with insurance and all they wanted you out as soon as possible. I think I was only in hospital 4 days including day of c-section for last child (7)

          • What an awful experience!!!! I hope you had plenty of help when you got home. It’s funny isn’t it, how experiences like this are indelibly etched in our brains.

  9. Sad that there are so many naive people out there who have had their views twisted thanks to all the secret tummy tucks and what not that some celeb moms have after having babies. I probably know three women who have gone back to their post baby weight so quickly after having babies.

    Pink looks like most women I’ve seen after having a baby. I’m so happy for her and her husband. I think they’re gonna be great parents.

  10. Is Pink giving the “subliminal” middle finger to all those that would have ssomething negative to say about her? LOL!!! (love her)

  11. wow wow wait!
    I think Pink looks perfectly fine and healthy, but no tummy tuck will take care of a “streched” uterus, so people saying that many celebs don´t have anything after going to labor due to a tummy tuck, are completely wrong!
    It takes a while for the uterus to go back to it´s normal size… having said that I totally looked different 5 days after , but maybe because I had it natural? Her belly still is pretty high, my went completely down and there was absolutely nothing that would hold my belly up like that !!!

  12. Obvs. you would still look slightly preggo only 5 days after giving birth. Your uterus hasn’t gone back to it’s regular size! Sheesh! It takes 9 months to get that big, it’s going to take more than 9 minutes to go back.

    That having been said, I’m surprised no one has mentioned the fact that taking a 5 day old newborn out of the house isn’t the best for the babe.

    • Experts seems to think it is okay (if baby is healthy): see below excerpt from article- link to article
      Many parents worry about taking a very young baby outside the house. In fact, in some cultures moms and babies are sequestered inside for a month or longer. But there’s no medical reason not to take a healthy baby out of the house.
      Fresh air and a change of pace can be good for people of any age, including babies. It’s exposure to other people that can cause a baby to become sick.
      To avoid exposing your baby to unwanted germs, limit the time you spend in close quarters with crowds. Make sure anyone who wants to hold or touch your baby washes his hands. Finally, stay away from anyone who’s sick.
      So I guess she did the right thing by going for a quiet walk rather than taking kid to Brentwood Market.

  13. Seriously big kudos to Pink for doing what no celebrity would do. I’m tired of all those post-baby knock out bodies on magazine covers like they’re super human.

  14. Isnt it funny how people criticize celebs for not going straight back to “pre pregnancy” looks, YET when they DO, many are jealous because they did go back to pre pregancy body!(I admittingly do get jealous lol Yea so she may still look pregnant….does she really need the world telling her? She prob feels awful but she just had her baby!I would hate for people to be talking about me after I had my kids….I put on weight and it was hard to take it off. Maybe instead of working out for 8 hrs a day like some celebs, shes spending it with hubby and baby! Way to go Pink!

    • I’ve never read a single article criticizing a celebrity for not going straight back to “pre-pregnancy” looks. Not one. Anywhere. Ever.

    • I’m sure that Pink has enough confidence to not be feeling awful about the way she looks. She should be PROUD!

  15. I didn’t like the name “Willow” once I learned Will Smith’s daughter’s name, Willow Camille Reign Smith, but P!nk and Carey’s daughter’s names, Willow Sage Hart, put togther is cute, unique and beautiful.

    • Willow Smith is named for her father (Will) just like her brother Jaden is named for their mother (Jada) 🙂 I like the name on both kids! Congrats to Pink & Carey and kudos to him for babywearing!!

  16. It’s just about genetics. Pink is not naturally thin and the post-birth period shows it. There is no way that Marion Cotillard went on a diet to be that slim 2 weeks after giving birth. Genetics. I had lost 20 pounds 10 days after giving birth to my baby, without doing anything specific… well the baby was crying so much that i had hardly any time to.. eat, maybe it helped ..
    She will eventually lose the weight but that’s going to be a nightmare for her.

  17. She is absloutley stunning and a proub mum. I think it is beautiful she is not concerned about foul mouthed iditots or paps and is happy being with her family, she is a great mum, wife and woman!! What real woman ? who has just given birth is going to spend the first months worreid about their weight and post baby figure ? PiNK shows the real side of a real woman, not those hulled up Hollywood fakes who should be considered for child negelect as they spend more time loving themselves and getting their figure back a day after they have had the baby then time with their newborn. Absloute star!! PiNK is a well grounded individual and has a great supportive wonderful husband and a happy healthy baby who is with mum and dad. Beautiful!!

  18. People can be so rude. I have heard a lot of negative comments about Pink still looking pregnant. If the reports are correct, this was when the baby was only a few days old. I wish I could have been hiking 5 days after my C-Section. My daughter is four months old and I’m still trying to get some of the weight off. Give her a break. She just had a baby. No one has their flat stomach right after giving birth, you’re still going to look like you’re 6-7 months pregnant.

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