Russell Crowe: “Circumcision Is Barbaric & Stupid”

Father of two young sons Russell Crowe took to Twitter on Thursday night, conquering the controversial topic of male circumcision. The Gladiator star held nothing back, making clear his feelings on removing foreskin from a newborn baby.

Circumcision is barbaric and stupid. Who are you to correct nature? Is it real that GOD requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect,” the actor wrote.

After a number of retweets of supportive fans and responses to those critical of his position, the Academy Award-winning actor reached out to his Jewish friends, asking them to reject their long tradition.

“many jewish friends, I love my Jewish friends, I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies @eliroth” he wrote.

Dad to sons Charlie, 7, and Tennyson, 4, went on to tweet:

I will always stand for the perfection of babies, i will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires,” he wrote, and added, “last of it, if u feel it is yr right 2 cut things off yr babies please unfollow and f**k off,I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism.”

After a hailstorm of media attention, Russell tweeted Friday morning: “wasn’t intending offense, certainly wasn’t intending to provide fodder for lazy journalists. I can’t appologize for my heartfelt belief”

What are your thoughts on circumcision? Do you agree with Russell?


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  1. What prompted him to opine on such a volatile subject? I’d understand if it was in the context of an interview, but who asked him? I find him to be boorish and offensive at the best of times and he’s probably going to p*ss off a lot of people.

    P.S. Don’t care about his opinion one way or the other and it certainly doesn’t influence mine.

  2. Totally agree anonymous 9:08. It’s such a random rant on his part. He is just trying to stay relevant and I used to love him. It is a choice that should not be taken away. I chose to have my son circumcised for hygiene purposes and also that studies have shown it reduces the risk of male related cancers. Also when I lived in europe it was not as common as it is here, a French man told me he grew up in America, his parents did not have him circumcised and odd as it sounded, he was bullied in the locker room for being different. I did not believe him until I heard my friends husbands say similar things. Crazy isn’t it?

    • Hygiene purposes?? Bull. It just takes a few extra seconds to pull back the foreskin (when it retracts by itself obviously) and wash underneath just like it takes a few extra seconds for a woman to clean inside all the little crevices in their vulva. Circumcising a female would make it easier to keep clean down there because there wouldn’t be as many nooks and crannies to try to clean but you wouldn’t advocate mothers to circumcise their baby girls for that reason, would you? As far as “male related cancers”…BULL. Do you know how rare that is? Any part of your body can get cancer……, breast, brain, liver, lung, etc. All these I just mentioned are much more common than penile cancer but you wouldn’t advocate removing those parts on a little baby on the fore chance that they will catch cancer later in life, would you?

  3. He was responding to a follower asking him his opinion on the matter. I happen to agree with him – it’s something we should talk about a lot more openly. It’s the elephant in the pants of America! We have to stop chopping our boys for no good reason (yes I know what the excuses are, IMHO none of them are good reasons because I would like my kids to have full sexual function like men in all other developed countries).

    • Agree with all your points. It is a choice but to call it barbaric is offensive and insulting. Moms mind your own damn business

    • Totally agree Tara. The choice is a mother’s to make. The argument that it is barbaric is nothing more than a provocative statement in a weak knee debate.

      • In that case it’s probably also a mothers choice to cut off other parts of their children for religious or asthaetic reasons? Guess what: It isn’t. The issue would be different if there was a medical indication, but in the overwhelming cases this act of mutilation is inflicted upon the children for no good reason all. And to please a god or ones own warped sense about how the human body has too look aren’t good reasons at all – in all other cases (digits, earlobes, noses) this would be a case for CPS.

        • Jesus Christ idiots. Not one person has ever had less of a quality of life because foreskin was removed in a safe medical environment. We are not talking about chopping off a limb for aesthetic reasons or religious purposes. Where do you get this? Actually NOT one person stated that they do it for appearance. The suggestion was that some men have talked about being ridiculed for being different. You are all nuts. I know many of you against this are for abortion so stop being such hypocrital fools.

          • Oh really? No one person. Is that a fact?……..You need to educate yourself sweety because there are countless of men and little boys whose quality of life is less because of the fact that their parents decided to mutilate them as infants. A very extreme case was David Reimer but even without that extreme there are men whose mutilation has affected their lives negatively whether emotionally or physically.

          • David Reimer was indeed extreme for many reasons. The parents reassigning his gender afterwards being the biggest mistake. But it is also well documented that both twins were born with paranoid schizophrenia. Using this case as a basis for your argument is inherently flawed. To go even further by using this yardstick as a measure for your logical reasoning- anyone takes risks in EVERY aspect of their lives. Do you think 9/11 halted flights or people working in high rises. And the chances of deaths happening in either of those scenarios is even higher than the minuscule possibility of damage during circumcision,

          • What does the fact that his parents reassigning his gender or that the boys were born with schizophrenia have to do with the fact that he was maimed due to being circumcised? Nothing. Countless men are harmed by circumcision whether physically or mentally. As far as comparing circumcision with 9/11 is utterly ridiculous? Circumcision is NOT a necessary risk to take. It’s an unnecessary cosmetic procedure. Nice try.

      • “The choice is a mother’s to make”?? REALLY? Tell that to the countles of men who are angry with their parents for letting some doctor mutilate them as helpless infant. Believe me, it will take all the restraining for them not to punch you in the mouth for spouting off that garbage.

      • Then a mother should also the right to circumcise her daughter (for hygienic or religious reasons, of course) . If we’re going to cut foreskin, we should cut labia too, right?

    • Lol maybe she just has not been lucky in that department. I know you did not mean that to be funny but it was.

    • As a Jewish girl who had all her sons circumcised I am glad I did. And to those idiots who ask have you ever seen one, it’s called a Bris so about 35% of the population witness them quite frequently.

      I agree with you on the sexual aspect as well. I have 4 sons and 1 daughter from a circumcised man, never had any problem in that aspect. Furthermore 2 of my sons are now married and I have 3 grandchildren. Not really sure where this supposed dysfunction comes from. If that were so than about 85% of the men in the United states are leaving some very frustrated women behind them.

    • ” You have a right to do it or not it’s your choice. Those that cry so much for women’s right to choose, I wonder what your position is on a women’s right to choose what is appropriate for their own child. I guess they have no issue with the banning of it as is proposed in San Francisco. I am catholic but if I were Jewish or Muslim I would be completely offended. I hope the ACLU gets involved in THIS instance like they do with other issues they feel is an infringement.”


    • Tara I agree it is a choice and anyone who tries to take that point away is a socialist. I mean it’s horrendous if a woman loses her right to kill a child but God forbid, we bottle feed, circumcise, or a plethora of politically incorrect things-. We end up being called barbaric abusers. I contend it is those who want to take the option away as the true problem.

    • Way to go Tara. Another well thought out RESPECTFUL in tone posts. People can take a lesson.

      I have no qualms about having my sons circumcised. And if at the age of 19 they come to me and say that it “upset them” well then I have done a pretty great job at parenting if that is the only problem they can come up with in their life.

      • Going by your logic then, you feel a child has all the faculties necessary to make an informed choice for themselves in all aspects of their life. Furthermore That a parent has no right to make a determination for them. Good luck with that.

        • Why preempt a decision that a person could make later on? There is no need to circumcise a child unless there is a sound medical indication (if the foreskin is malformed, for example). The grownup can still decide if they want to have parts of their genitalia removed. You wouldn’t give a baby a piercing through the nose either. That’s something grownups decide unless it was absolutely necessary to prevent futher bodily harm when they were underage.

          • Ask the majority of adult men that have had the procedure done, I doubt they would get it done at this stage in their life. BUT then ask them if they wish their parents had done it. I think you would be surprised by their answers. In fact ESQUIRE magazine did a poll about this very topic in 2009 I think it was the December issue. An overwhelming majority said they were glad that the circumcision was done at birth. Not one person interviewed had any issue or negative attitude that their parents made that choice.

      • You are a fool or living in a fantasyland if you truly believe that decisions should be left to the child. By being pro choice you are a walking contradiction. A woman has a right to kill a fetus/child ( fetus is a living organism no matter how you spin it) but not a right to make an informed, legal, medically safe decision about her son. Wake up people you are hypocrites

        Totally agree tara.

      • The “only problem”. First why are you assuming that would be the only problem your son would have at the age of 19. Second, for many men it is a very big problem that leaves them emotionally distraught. Your mindset is sickening.

      • This is the typical mindset of the American women, ladies and gentlemen. This ignorant mindset is why you have all these women on here advocating for the routine mutilation of baby boys. Sickening.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! My husband isn’t though…so I guess it made the decision easy for us. It never bothered my husband that he wasn’t….so not going to do that to my kid…unnecessary.

  5. typical hollywood know it all most of the time Circumcision is done on advice of a doctor for hygenic reasons. Russell obviously doesn’t know when to back away from a question asked in an interview because it will comeback to haunt him later.

  6. Good for him! He was asked a question about it and he was honest. He is 100% right. There isn’t a single good reason for any of us to do this to our babies.

  7. Well, he was asked about it, and he gave his opinion. Im not really familiar with the subject so i won’t get into that. But i don’t see anything wrong about him saying what he believes after being asked.

  8. A single good reason? For hygenic purposes should be enough reason. I know a few men that are NOT circumcised and they all said they wish they were. JJ said – “I would like my kids to have full sexual function like men in all other developed countries”. All the men that I know that are circumcised DO have “full sexual function”. What are you trying to say – that they can’t perform if they are? That’s ridiculous. Shows how much you know.

  9. If he wasn’t intending to offend then why did he use the words barbaric and stupid? I am glad that he is so convinced of his opinion but that is exactly what it is, his opinion. I am tired of people trying to tell everyone how they should and shouldn’t do certain things. Nature intended mammalian babies to drink milk from the breast of the mother, not chemically manufactured “formula” and yet if people say that feeding babies formula is wrong, they are told that they are unsympathetic and not being compassionate to the feelings of the mother. How is this any different?

    By the way, people pierce their children’s ears when they are infants? Is this barbaric?

    • Earlobes can heal and you don’t “use” them. And drinking from a bottle never prevented a child to develop.
      But circumcision is pure mutilation. You loose an organ you will never retrieve, it hurts like hell, and your tip becomes desensibilized over time.
      One question…why??? I live in Europe where everyone is intact unless you have a medical reason. I still can’t understand why it’s so widespread in America.

      • I could take you more seriously if you realized the word is “desensitized”
        Bu then again you are European, enough said.

          • so you get back to me when circumcision means removing all your skin, moron. being circumcised is not ‘removing an organ’. you guys should have to take a test before you’re allowed to post…..

        • Well technically the foreskin is an organ. Your skin is considered an organ. As for circumcision, it is a choice, that’s true. I used to be for it (for hygienic reasons) until I saw a video of a live circumcision. It was so awful – poor baby. No anesthetic, no nothing. What grown man would ever go into a hospital and subject himself to that? And then it got me thinking – most people are horrified by female circumcision. If it’s so wrong to do it to a girl, why do we so quickly do it to our boys. It’s worth questioning and thinking about at least. I definitely changed my mind after doing some research.

        • Well technically, the foreskin is an organ. All of your skin is considered an organ. As for circumcision, it is a choice, that’s true. I used to be for it (for hygienic reasons) until I saw a video of a live procedure. The poor baby was hysterical. Typically no anesthetic is used. What grown man would walk into a hospital and subject himself to that? And then it got me thinking. Most people are horrified about female circumcision, but why are we so quick to do the same to our boys. Just something worth questioning and thinking, especially since it is a choice you are making for another person and that is permanent.

        • Well technically, the foreskin is an organ. All of your skin is considered an organ. As for circumcision, it is a choice, that’s true. I used to be for it (for hygienic reasons) until I saw a video of a live procedure. The poor baby was hysterical. Typically no anesthetic is used. What grown man would walk into a hospital and subject himself to that? And then it got me thinking. Most people are horrified about female circumcision, but why are we so quick to do the same to our boys. Just something worth questioning and thinking about, especially since it is a choice you are making for another person and it’s permanent.

        • Well technically, the foreskin is an organ. All of your skin is considered an organ. As for circumcision, it is a choice, that’s true. I used to be for it (for hygienic reasons) until I saw a video of a live procedure. The poor baby was hysterical. Typically no anesthetic is used. What grown man would walk into a hospital and subject himself to that? And then it got me thinking. Most people are horrified about female circumcision, but why are we so quick to do the same to our boys? Just something worth questioning and thinking about, especially since it is a choice you are making for another person and it’s permanent.

        • i laugh when people think it’s just a flap of skin
          it’s a highly sensitive piece of skin with around 20,000 extremely sensitive nerve endings in it.
          It hurts more than cutting the skin off your fingers

    • earrings can be removed, they heal…
      a foreskin does not grow back, a restored foreskin is not the same sensitive, nerve ending skin that is chopped off.

    • earrings can be removed, they heal…
      a foreskin does not grow back, a restored foreskin is not the same sensitive, nerve ending skin that is chopped off.

  10. Woo Russell! THANK YOU for speaking out about genital cutting of children! I 100% agree with what you said, it is NOT ok to cut parts off of children’s genitals. Please keep it going and don’t for one second feel you have to apologize. It’s the baby cutters who need to apologize!

    • If you have female children do you let them pierce their ears? Do you believe that it’s ok to halt a women’s right to do what she sees is fit for her child? Are you pro choice. If you answer yes to any of these, you are a hypocrite.

      • 1. It would be more like CUTTING OFF THEIR EARLOBE and I would never allow that (nor do I like ear-piercing without the cild’s consent but that’s another story).
        2. I don’t believe any adult should have the right to permanently scar a child before he is old enough to choose for himself. Be it the mother or whoever else.
        3. I’m pro-choice. Because safe abortion is very sad but necessary. It doesn’t make unnecessary mutilation OK.
        I’m not a hypocrit but a realist.

  11. “Circumcision is done on advice of a doctor…”

    This is completely untrue – there is no medical organization that recommends circumcision. Any doctor that recommends it is going against the American/Canadiam Pediatric Associations guidlelines

  12. I LOVE Russell Crowe!!! This just makes me love him more! We need people who are public figures speaking up and out about the disgusting barbaric practice that is circumcision!

  13. This one is purely parents choice. I agree with those that say there is no good reason for circumcision. Being laughed at in the locker room certainly isn’t a good enough reason, but I also disagree with those calling the proceedure barbaric and that’s based on the two circumcisions I witnessed where the babies didn’t even cry.

  14. Not certain where you get your information it is incredibly flawed. Let me preface this by saying I speak from a medical perspective, I have been a labor and delivery nurse for the past 25 years. The assertion that one can compare the physiological changes in a female circumcision to a male is ludicrous. First of all the labia involves cutting into and altering the FUNCTIONING genitalia, it served no hygeniec purposes. However removal of the foreskin has no bearing
    on the physiological aspect AT ALL and 85% of males who have the procedure have little to no history of infections and as @Tara stated dramatically decreased the chances of male hormone related cancers.

    Also need clarity on your claim of 32%, please advise where this assertion came from. As of January 2011 it was still nationwide below 10%.

    • Actually Anna you are wrong. As of February 2011 the exact numbers were 9.768%. Please go to AMA website and enter in circumcision.

      And furthermore the following information from the British Journal of Medicine website (may 2011)
      ” penile cancer rates in Scotland, 2010 increased by 15%, England 22%, Wales

      Being a medical transcribed is not exactly in the medical profession dear.

      • So what of this, then?

        The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
        (CDC) released new statistics at the International AIDS 2010
        conference in Vienna, Austria, that were obtained from SDI Health,
        a commercial source of medical statistics. The new statistics
        showed a steep drop in the number of circumcisions performed in
        the United States. The new data were presented by Charbel E. El
        Becheraoui, a CDC researcher.
        The CDC data, reported by the New York Times, showed that
        the incidence of circumcision declined from 56 percent in 2006 to
        32.5 percent in 2009. According to these statistics, non-
        circumcision or genital integrity has become the normal condition
        among newborn boys in the United States.

        And I’m not a medical transcribed [sic]. But thanks for playing.

  15. When I found out I was expecting a boy….my husband and I both were torn on whether to have our son circumcised or not. We did not like the idea of doing that to our boy, but after researching it carefully and talking to the doctor we chose as our baby’s pediatrician, we decided to go ahead and get it done for hygenic reasons. My husband’s brother and his wife decided against having their son circumcised and even though they were very careful about pulling back the foreskin and keeping everything clean….their son still had issues and had to be circumsized at the age of 4 years old. While Mr. Crowe is entitled to his decision, I am NOT stupid and I do not regret choosing to have my son circumcised.

    • There was one woman who survived a skydiving fall without a parachute. It doesn’t mean we should all be jumping out of planes without them.

      And of course you don’t regret having him circumcised. It wasn’t your body that was unncessarily mutilated.

  16. I’m rather disgusted by all the ignorant, uniformed and defensive responses here. I understand that some people are offended by the vehemence with which he stated his opinion, especially those who have had their sons circumcised, but the excuses I’m reading here are just NOT valid.

  17. Is cutting of the umbilical cord barbaric and stupid as well? What about dropping saline in the newborn’s eyes? This guy is weird.

    • Clamping & cutting the umbilical cord is what helps a newborn’s body know that it has to start breathing on its own. And they don’t put saline in the eyes, it’s antibiotics to prevent blindness. Circumcision doesn’t belong in the same discussion.

    • Seriously, I DID just write that. It’s clear that he’s saying circumcision is wrong b/c it’s painful to the baby so I’m questioning as well. Get a life, thanks.

  18. a friend of mine (from europe) had to undergo a surgery to remove his foreskin due to repeated infections when he was 20+. Turns out it’s a lot less complicated to have it done as an infant. as long as the kid’s not butchered by an amateur it’s really not that bad.

  19. Have any of you ever actually witnessed a circumcision? The baby is stripped naked below the waist & strapped to a hard circ board; the doctor takes a long blunt needle to break the natural adhesions between the glans & the foreskin. That’s when the screaming begins. Then they put metal in that space that’s shaped like a tiny bell over the glans to protect it when they cut off the skin. They take a clamp and screw it onto the foreskin, pressing it between the clamp & the bell. Then they cut off the foreskin. The baby screams the ENTIRE TIME. Even if they’ve had “sweetease” (sugary syrup), or topical lidocaine, or even injected lidocaine–they scream & cry. Afterward, you tell the mom that the baby will be a “poor feeder” for the next day or so, and will cry every time you need to go near his diaper to change it. I hate circumcisions, and always try to get out of assisting them as much as possible. I wish they were illegal.

  20. I feel sorry for young mothers today if every decision they make might have them called names,, be rediculed or offended when trying to do what is the best for their family. My son circumcision was decided on using the best information we had 35 years ago. My daughter had her 6 yr old son circumcised using his Down S. and health issues to make what they called a difficult decision.

    I worked in a male prison health department until retirement and was amazed out how many men we had to send for circumcisions.

    If I had it to do over with my son I don’t know what our decision would be, but to lamblast mothers who do seems unnecessary and cruel.

  21. L&D nurses don’t even deal with circumcision, postpartum nurses do, since that’s where the circumcisions happen. But when you have doctors going around saying that circ’s prevent AIDS, what is a nervous uninformed parent going to choose? Funny, they don’t seem to mention that tidy $500-$600 they get per foreskin that insurance doesn’t always cover…

    • I have no idea what hospital you work in, but certainly as a labor and delivery nurse for 25 years I have assisted in over 2000 so called barbaric acts. Most hospitals have nurses be involved in all aspects of the post natal process. Seriously where do you live? Also have you researched the cancer causing agents that get trapped under the foreskin. You CANNOT rely on a child or an adolescent boy to cleanse himself properly. What are you going to do stand there and watch your 13-15 year old son shower? You would be arrested. Yes children cry during the procedure but they cry from the SALINE, yes saline, injections. They cry from the apgar exam. They cry from the shock of their new environment. Medically speaking it is the most reliable way to prevent infection.
      As far as the insurance claim, most companies do not cover many “elective procedures” for instance if you have a cesearean you must pay for the anasthetic and the antibiotics. It is dependent upon each individual case.

      PLEASE provide your vast medical background to counter my points.

      • Just a question but doesn’t elective mean un-necessary? Saying that you’re preventing cancer because you can’t “trust” a young boy to clean it himself is a cop out. Every child should be taught to care for themselves and it would take 5 extra seconds to say “hey if you don’t clean it stuff can get caught under there and could cause cancer.” You can say the same thing to a young adult or child about smoking, doesn’t mean you can make them not smoke, their health is up to them and if you teach them when they are young most of the time they follow through into adulthood!

        • Elective in the medical field refers to non life threatening. Not unnecessary. Your logic of smoking makes absolutely no sense at all.

          In fact I plan on “mutilating” my son who is due next month. Please keep your sanctimonious opinion to yourself.

          • My logic is about talking to your children and teaching them. I do not have a son and if I had, I would have made the choice NOT to do it. It’s HIS body, he decides what to put in and on it and have taken off it. My opinion is only sanctimonious in your eyes. In all other peoples eyes it’s just an opinion. But promise not to have an opinion on the birth of your child as I don’t know you there for cannot judge you. Me stating my opions and fact had absolutely nothing to do with you or your choice to as you so delicately put it “mutilate your child”

        • “You can say the same thing to a young adult or child about smoking, doesn’t mean you can make them not smoke, their health is up to them and if you teach them when they are young most of the time they follow through into adulthood!”

          This makes no sense at all. I am the labor nurse from above. You cannot control if a child smokes BUT you certainly can prevent possible cancers early on at birth by circumcision. I think if a mother is told that by HAVING the procedure done that has been medically proven by the FDA, the AMA, the AAOGM, the NE journal of medicine, the AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN RED CROSS, the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, to decrease the chances of certain types of male related cancers by 71%, ( US department of Health Journal February 27, 2011) they would take the risk of their son having a few moments of discomfort over a lifetime risk. Please be more educated.

          • Please provide links for all of the above organizations with documentation of their recommendation of routine circumcision. As a nurse, you do remember having to provide proof of evidenced-based practices for the countless care plans and papers you had to write, don’t you?

          • I would think if you were a nurse you would know where to look them up. But then again I doubt your credentials. Because everything you posted was cut and pasted off the website- mothers against circumcision

            Please do not misrepresent yourself.

          • Sorry, I didn’t cut and paste anything off of a website (Again—can you provide a website? No? Then you are just talking out of your behind, yet again.) You lied about all of those organizations recommending routine circumcision. Caught by your lies, your only defense is to engage in ad hominem attacks. My description of a circumcision is sadly from witnessing hundreds of them, not from a website. Maybe you are the one posing as a nurse, I have no idea. As for If you think I’m going to write the name of the hospital I work at, or provide my nursing license number on a public forum for YOUR satisfaction—you first. Why should anyone believe that YOU’RE a nurse? Care to provide your license number for whatever state you live in, and the name of your hospital?

            Elective circumcision is painful and unnecessary. Period. Most men in the 80’s in the US were circumcised, yet there was still an AIDS epidemic. So how does circumcision help prevent AIDS? Isn’t a condom easier? Don’t be led astray by faulty logic and personal attacks, folks—do the research yourself and make your own conclusions.

      • Saline is salt, of course they cry. I don’t have to watch my son shower, he’s managing to clean himself like countless other men over countless generations. Penile cancer is very rare. We don’t give all newborns appendectomies just in case their appendix ruptures. We don’t give all young girls mastectomies just in case they get breast cancer. Why on earth would I remove a body part from my son just in case he gets a rare cancer.

        “In weighing the risks and benefits of circumcision, doctors consider the fact that penile cancer is very uncommon in the United States, even among uncircumcised men. Neither the American Academy of Pediatrics nor the Canadian Academy of Pediatrics recommends routine circumcision of newborns.”

          • Only an ignorant female would utter such bull. It’s not just a piece of skin. Educate yourself on the functions of the foreskin before you spout of your stupidity.

      • 1) I never stated any opinions about anyone for electing to have their son circumcised. I have to take care of people who elect to do them every time I go to work, and they receive excellent, non-judgmental care from me.
        2) In our hospital, where we have over 12,000+ deliveries per year, patients spend 2-4 hrs in LDR/PACU, and then go to Postpartum for the duration of their stay in the hospital. They don’t have time in L&D to do circs, so they get done in PP or NICU. Excuse me for extrapolating my experience across the nursing spectrum–I concede that L&D deals with circs too, probably in less busy hospitals. Regarding my credentials, I pre-administer topical analgesia, assist with the circs (without comment), perform the 5 min & 30 min post-surgical assessment, & teach the parents how to take care of the circ until the first newborn outpatient visit. If you can’t figure out my “vast medical background” from all that I have written above, then you need to review the nursing scope of practice wherever you are licensed.
        3) Why on earth are babies being injected with saline at your hospital? Seriously, that’s a new one for me. We routinely do a Vit K injection, and erythromycin in the eyes. Hep B comes a day later, and if the circumcising doctor requests it, lidocaine injected for penile nerve block. What is saline used for, besides up a baby’s nose?
        4) I’ve seen over 200+, they’ve ALL cried. And it was a different cry from being born, or taken from mommy to be weighed. Some get over it better than others, but it’s painful as hell for all of them. Sorry. If you choose to do it, please let your boy have some baby Tylenol post-procedure.

  22. I think the name calling is unnecessary as well, but I do understand why some people get riled up about this. You just don’t get to make permanent, potentially harmful modifications to someone else’s body just because you want to. You just don’t.

    • @Janna nothing you say here ever holds water because you are not a mom. So shut the h*ll up…IDIOT.

      • I’m a Mom and I happen to agree with her. Are you saying that people can have no opinions about children at all until they have a child? Are they totally ignorant until the baby passes between their (or their spouses) legs?

        I feel very sad for you. It must be hard to lead a life where you can get that angry and rude to a total stranger.

        • To be fair @ Janna is hardly a stranger on this site. She pulls things from nowhere, and JUDGES everyone here on their parenting style. I do not think you are in a position to condemn someone for their choices if you do not personally deal with the overwhelming responsibility of being a parent. I have noticed her to be utterly arrogant and ignorant.

          Of course you believe circumcision is barbaric, you live under a system of socialized medicine, choice is not exactly apparent. I know I am originally from Vancouver.

          • I judge where I need to. Everyone does, honey, including you… right now… judging me.

            Even though I *am* a parent, that has no bearing on my absolute right to believe AND express that circumcision is barbaric, cruel, inhuman, unnecessary, self-centered, and ignorant. There’s no medically necessary reason for anyone to slice off a piece of their baby’s body. You think that’s judgmental? You’re damned right it is. Too bad. You don’t agree? Too bad.

            And sweeties, if your son’s foreskin in any way bears on the “overwhelming responsibility of being a parent”, I suggest that YOU do not have children.

            Now have a nice day, and try not to maim any babies today, okay?

          • JAnna- I am actually against circumcision but you come off as a raving lunatic. You are boorish, offensive and downright rude. I really wish posters like you would calm down because you do nothing to advance our views. Take a Xanax before you write next time.

      • I have posted on these boards many many times about my experience with *my* children. I have no idea what would make you think I’m not a mother myself.

        I have no idea what I ever said here to inspire such anger in you, but you might want to try meditation (or medication).

      • OMG am so glad I am not alone in my utter dislike for Janna and her self righteous opinions. She comes off like an idiot with no factual basis to support her arguments…EVER. She uses pure conjecture in everything. She is so far left it makes me, a liberal, ashamed. Please shut your condescending mouth for once. It’s annoying and as you can see many feel the same about you.

  23. Wow. Cannot believe all the back-and-forth going on on this page! I think it’s great that you all are debating it… but in the end, it all comes down to choice. The bottom line is that both boys who are circumcised and uncircumcised turn out JUST FINE. In every aspect; sexually, socially… I have guy friend who are and who aren’t, and we’ve had several conversations about it. Everyone seems to agree that either way is fine. I can’t understand why it’s so easy for 19-year-olds to come to this consensus and not the 30+ moms who are on this page…
    I say, fight for your right to choose.

    • I think because 19 year old boys aren’t making a choice. All they’re doing is dealing with a choice that’s been made for them. However, adults are making a choice for their brand new baby boys. Of course it means more to them… this is something they are directly dealing with.

      • Seriously how many young men are traumatized because their parents chose to have them circumcised. I think if they say they are there are more far reaching emotional issues than the fact that a 1″ piece of skin was removed.

        • It’s not just a piece of skin. Educate yourself before you spout of your ignorance. You are not a man so how dare you belittle the feelings of those men who do feel violated and angry that they were mutilated when they were babies. You obviously don’t understand so please shut up or have some compassion.

  24. Scary! For every person on here talking sense there are just as many insular misinformed people as well who, quite frankly, scare me. Circumcision is totally unnecessary. I hope we’ll get to a point where we look back on this period of unnecessary circumcision in America and realize it was a bad choice, in the same way we look back on other archaic medical practices around, say, mental health.

  25. I’m also pleased that a celebrity actually expressed an opinion! Every celeb in working in america is too afraid to say what they think for fear of offending any contingent and if they do they then have to do a ‘big apology’. Makes for some pretty bland people.

  26. “many jewish friends, I love my Jewish friends, I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies @eliroth” he wrote.

    Is anyone else offended by this ignorant statement?!

    • Yes, Carla and I’m not Jewish.

      Talk about a boorish, patronizing statement “many jewish friends….”. This guy is a total neanderthal as evidenced by his many, many previous outrageous statements and behaviour (didn’t he throw a phone or somehow assault someone once for looking at him the wrong way?)!

  27. My husband is not and he’s as clean as can be. This is just a barbaric ritual made up by man. Many men are angry and resentful as adults because this was done to them when they had no voice. Let them choose for themselves if they want this procedure for their religion or whatever.

  28. @ Seen One – My son didn’t scream at all. All he cared about was the sugar water on the pacifier. And it was healed within a week and never seemed to bother him during diaper changes at all. So don’t sit there and pretend like it’s this horrible procedure that ALL babies go through MISERABLY because it’s just not always the case. And by the way there are more than one type of circumsision. I suggest you Google it and get your facts straight. And I really don’t care what any of your opinions are on me mutilating my kid so don’t bother.

    • That was a reference to reasons I’ve heard in the past, not just on this blog. The world exists outside of CBS. For goodness sakes…

    • most of the rest of the world doesnt have the money or insurance to pay for any extra medical procedures. they give birth to their babies and go back to work the next day, or go back to their hut and sit.

      • Uh, and I thought that is exactly what US Americans do? Well, I have 5 weeks of holiday per year and I don’t pay a cent for any treatment at a hospital. Any prescribed drug costs me 5,10 Euro, no matter what drug. And if I had a baby I could have (payed!) maternity leave for up to 3 years. So what was your point again???

        And I would NEVER EVER consider circumcision for my son!

  29. One L&D nurse’s opinion doesn’t speak for the whole profession. Generalizations like this weaken your argument.

  30. i made the decision very simply- when my son was born i asked my husband what he wanted to do, he’s circumcised and he wanted his son to be too. it was over in 2 minutes and im sure my son will never think twice about it. all you people need to get off your high horses and go spend some time with your kids instead of starting trouble on here.

      • For someone who claims to be openminded many of your posts here have been quite antagonistic. I usually agree with you, NOT your views because we are polar opposites most of the time, but the mature way in which you handle yourself.

        Why should it matter to you why she had her child circumcised. Since her husband is a man and he comes from a place that neither you or I could imagine, I would assume she trusts his opinion. Leave it at that. She is entitled to her choice. People here make it sound like the little boys are being hacked away at with a machete. It’s a legal medical procedure, one which I opted for my son. It is done safely in a hospital or by a professional in religious ceremonies. Let it go at that. It’s getting ridiculous.

        • I never *claim* to be anything on these boards. When it’s a subject I’m passionate about, I post passionate responses.

          You’re right that it’s legal. You’re right that you and everyone else are entitled to your choices. However, I’m entitled to my opinion of those choices when people CHOOSE to post them on a public forum.

          I disagree that it should be YOUR choice to slice off a portion of another human being’s anatomy for no reason.

          • there are plenty of reasons….see above. just because these reasons aren’t good enough to convince you doesn’t make them any less valid.
            state your opinion and move on, you don’t need to reply to everyone with insults and immature comments.
            you have the right to your opinion and so does everyone else, so let them voice it.

          • Janna just like to hear herself. She obviously has no life. She is always on this board..pathetic.

          • I hate to point this out, but how would you know that unless you were always on this board, too? Are you pathetic too?

        • Totally agree Tara,

          Janna is so self righteous and many times her views are so liberal. You are being kind calling her mature because she is a petulant child. Your views are opposite mine but I prefer your non condescending manner always. What is ironic here about janna is that she is coming across too defensive thus one has to question if she is in attack mode out of pure conviction or just motivated by vitriol.

          Also for one so concerned about harming her children, many times she endorses letting little boys wear makeup and bleaching their hair, she says she works and had her kids in daycare, she thinks it’s ok to have a Childs gender questioned, the list goes on. So in my eyes she is a walking contradiction.

          • LOL LOL LOL.. That is hysterical. Where did I endorse little boys wearing makeup?!? Or bleaching their hair?!? I have never put my kids in day care, and I don’t even know what “thinks its ok to have a childs gender questioned” means.

            Nor do I understand what ANY of that has to do with body mutilation?

  31. I often wonder what these people look like in real life. The arrogant know it alls that post here. One in particular. Wonder if she’s fat and ugly in real life and isn’t taken seriously, so she comes on here to feel better about herself. Never really adding comments about the actual topic, only here to argue with peoples’ responses to the topics. Hmmm. I wonder?

    • I think we think the same thing about the same person. Starts with J and ends with A. And has made about 25 posts on this section callingeople barbaric. If not that is my vote for the most arrogant individual here. At least others say it’s a choice and no one should tell them otherwise.

      • It’s a shame because she’s obviously intelligent, but has horrible jaded people skills. Makes me wonder if she was picked on her whole life and now has a need to validate herself in the cyber world.

        • I agree in part. She is articulate but I would not necessarily say intelligent. There were a couple people on this site who I found to be sound debaters without sounding arrogant (Anna, Tara, Musiclover and jacqui109). They had differing views but never once insulted anyone here. I find it sad that Janna felt the need to go to that level. Having perhaps been picked on at some point in life is no excuse to act so belligerently. Particularly when she says she is a mother.
          I am for the choice to have it done and have daughters, I am currently pregnant and will not know the sex until delivery. If it’s a boy I most likely will have him circumcised. It’s my decision and I really could not care what anyone else thinks about it.

    • So ironic you just posted this because I was just coming on to write that he is a hypocrite because the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD came out saying Charlie was circumcised in 2004, according to hospital records!

      • What gives you the right to call him a hypocrite? A lot of parents circumcise their children out of ignorance and go on to regret it late and speak against it. This is far from being a hypocrite……just more educated. Perhaps at the time he was led to believe it was better but now realizes his mistake. Don’t judge until you know the whole story.

  32. He is 100% right it is barbaric and stupid! I’m glad I live in Australia and it’s rare to have it done here doctors refuse to do it! As a mother of a son I would never cause my son pain and i think it’s selfish and sick to do that to a newborn, if you do that to your sons then are you going to cut off your little girls clitoris too??? Its genital mutilation and it should be illegal I am disgusted that it is 2011 and this medieval torture is still happening

  33. Circumcision should be banned in the u.s. It has no value except for doctor’s to increase their income and selling the foreskins they cut off to the Hospital who in turn make money by selling them to the cosmetic companys. People should educate them selfs by investigating the truth abount circumcision and not listen to the money hungery doctors.

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