Pink & Carey Hart’s Beach Babe

New parents Pink and Carey Hart enjoyed a beach stroll with their 10-day-old daughter Willow Sage in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday (June 12). Four armed security guards escorted the family-of-three and Pink’s mother Judy Moore.

On Friday, we spotted doting daddy Carey wearing baby Willow while mama took a nap. The Harts were first seen on a beach stroll last week.

The Academy Award-winning singer announced Willow’s birth via Twitter, calling her daughter a “beautiful, healthy, happy baby girl” who is “gorgeous, just like her daddy.”

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    • To say the least!!! Even Brad & Angelina don’t go to such extremes. Wonder what the security threat is — didn’t know the paps were packing pistols.

  1. when is it ok to start commenting on the belly? because that’s not normal. ive had 2 c-sections and looked better than that hours after. maybe it was twins and they forgot one in there?

    • Actually it is normal for some women. It depends on genetics, weight gained during pregnancy, andy difficulties they are having with the incision. Not to mention most celebrities look “Fabulous” because they jumped into a lipo the next day. If you have ever read a pregnancy book, which I assume you did and weren’t a total blind pregnant mom and winging it, it says in there it is normal to leave the hospital looking 6 months pregnant and that it is normal to look like it several weeks after.

      They say do not judge your pregnancy on other pregnant women because they’re all different, well same goes for post-partum, **YOU** is not synonomous with **EVERY**.

      • that’s true. ive never see anyone look this big 10 days later though, not even a couple days later. i wonder if she had problems with her uterus contracting and going back to normal size? because you can tell she’s not fat, its just the belly still looks 9 months pregnant….

  2. Are you serious?? She just had a baby! Who cares about her tummy?
    Enjoy the photos of her and her family, all people do is judge and criticize. Leave her alone!
    Maybe shes just taking it easy and enjoying her family, she’s only human, she will come back with her hot body when she’s ready

    • just because we’re talking about something doesnt mean we’re judging and criticizing……we ARE allowed to discuss things on a blog!! you can choose to sugar-coat everything in your own head.
      anyway, she doesn’t look like she’s changed at all since she was pregnant, i wonder what’s wrong? she seemed like she was in pretty good shape before she got pregnant. i know people who were overweight and in horrible shape pre-pregnancy who looked better than this after.

  3. Does anyone else thinks it’s really weird to see that 9 out of 10 comments are made by “Anonymous”? It looks like one person arguing with themself through the whole thread!

  4. If you don’t type in a name it automatically uses ‘anonymous’, lol. I doubt it’s a person with multiple personalities…..that would be funny though.

  5. What I find funny is that you have to answer a simple math question before posting a comment. That being said, for someone to comment on someones stomach ten days after they have had a baby, I am shocked that you were smart enough to answer the math question because thats pretty stupid. And I mean that in the nicest way, but really she just had a baby. More important things to notice in this picture, like the fact that Pink is clearly more into her wonderful family then her waistline. Good for you Pink! You do have proud supporters!

  6. A newborn baby on a beach? I personally, think they could have waited a few months for this outing. These young mothers do strange things.

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