Did Jessica Alba’s Daughter Spill The Beans About The Name Of Baby No. 2?

It sounds like Honor Marie can’t wait to be a big sister! In fact, she’s so excited to meet the little one growing in mom Jessica Alba‘s tummy, she just can’t stop talking about it; even to the paparazzi.

Hollywood Life reports that the 3-year-old let the photographers snapping her picture in on a pretty big secret — the name of her little sister! What did Honor tell the paps Alba and hubby Cash Warren are planning on naming baby number 2?

Though Alba has yet to confirm that she’s expecting a girl, her daughter says that not only is she having a sister, but the family’s already picked out a name for the baby — Eva!

No word yet on whether or not it’s true, but what do you think of the name Eva Warren?


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  1. Ooh, I like Eva! But to go from Honor to Eva is a little weird. Honor and Eva Warren. Actually, that seems to fit.

  2. I think it is a shame that the paparazzi (allegedly) took this info from a sweet little girl and will now try to make money from it. I wish they would show some respect to the families for once.

    • that is one of the stupidest things ive ever heard…worrying about whether the kids names “go together well”?! really?

      • of course it matters! i know someone who named her boys derek and eric. you have to think of these things. too many people like you just open a baby book and pick the first name they see, without giving it any thought. this is an important decision, think a little!!!!

  3. I don’t know.. lots of kids name their unborn sibling (even if its a different gender then the name) until it actually is born.

    My son named our twin boy and girl when they were in my womb, though those are not the names we chose.

  4. My daughter was convinced we were naming her baby brother “Christmas Tree” up until the time he was born. Needless to say…we decided to go another route name-wise. 🙂 She was about the same age Honor is now.

  5. I love the name Eva 🙂 Hopefully Honor knows what she’s talking about, because Honor and Eva are very sweet together, they go well without being too “matchy”.

  6. Cute story, cute baby name but no one knows if it’s true or not but then again why would 3 year old Honor come up with a potentially pretend name such as Eva? That doesn’t sound like the kind of name a child her age would just make up so she must have heard it somewhere. We will all know soon if this is true.

  7. If everyone remembers correctly..no one could believe that they were going to name their daughter HONOR. Everyone thought it was awful and now everyone loves it!

  8. Seems odd that they would choose Honor for one girl and Eva for another, they are nothing alike. Honor is preppy, unisex and unique and Eva is feminine and pretty common. But you never know, maybe their taste has changed.

  9. I think it’s a very pretty name and that it compliments Honor. As to CS’s question, and if it is something Honor made up, she could really like the movie WALL E. The girl robot’s name is Eva!

  10. EW – literally will be Eva Warren’s initials IF that is what they name her–IF it is a her! When “Honor” was leaked as the name during Alba’s first pregnancy, she stuck with it..so maybe Eva will stick too..EW!

  11. Eva is a classic Name particularly in hollywood does academy award winning actress Eva Marie Saint ring any bells. names don’t always have to match Ms Saint’s Children’s for example don’t Darrell & Laurette. let’s wait and see before we jump to conclusions

  12. I find Eva to be often mispronounced when referring to a latina. It most often is meant to be pronounced as eh-vuh rather than Eve-vah

  13. Classic and classy name ~ I like it. ‘Eve-ah’ is lovely.
    Children of today will have enough to be concerned
    with, so, I think giving them a beautiful, simple name
    is a gift.

  14. can’t stand the name and can’t stand the ugly monkey that blabbed the name, honor needs her butt spanked good, she is nothing but a sneaky brat.

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