Katie Holmes & Suri Get Wet

What a cute pic!

Actress Katie Holmes and her beautiful daughter Suri, 5, hit the beach in Miami, Florida today, and from the looks of it they had a blast (June 18)! While the Mad Money star soaked up some sunshine in a pretty red bikini, Suri looked just adorable in her floral dress – which she was still wearing when she and her mom headed into the water.

After splashing around in the surf for a while Katie wrapped her cutie in a big beach towel before heading home. Looks like a great Mommy-daughter day!

Katie and Suri are in Florida while dad Tom Cruise films his latest movie Rock of Ages.


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    • Well i guess just in case someone will complain about her being in a bikini, omg so young and wearing a bikini!!! JK. But there’s always a complain about anything Suri is wearing no matter what that is.

    • I’m sure the intention wasn’t for Suri to go in the ocean and get all wet! She’s a kid & your only young once!

      These are really cute pics! I think Suri is having a good time with her mom! Paparazzi can be invasive and annoying but at times celebs must thank them for the beautiful photo albums they put together for their families 🙂

  1. I know the Cruise family obviously have a lot of staff – bodyguards, assistants, etc., but only on rare occasions have I seen Suri with a nanny. Katie is constantly with her and seems to take her with her everywhere she goes – playgrounds, the beach, shopping, coffee, etc. and doesn’t seem to need a lot of help with her. It’s apparent that she really dotes on that little girl and is a genuine hands on mother. Nice.

  2. This is so staged. Look at all the paparazzi in the background. This event was obviously planned to respond to the “heels on the beach” pictures. They have even coordinated their outfits.

    • Don’t think so. The paps have GPS on Katie & Tom and literally follow them everywhere sans invitation. Unlike a lot of the B,C, D listers featured on the site, this is one family that is not hurting for publicity and does not seek out this attention. So-called celebs who take to twitter to tell the world their every move, personal thoughts and bowel movements are the sort who crave this and “tip off” the paps. The paps would follow the Cruises into a burning building if the opportunity presented itself.

    • Anonymous, are you kidding me? Katie needs the paps like she needs a hole in the head. Staged my a$$. You are probably just used to certain celeb wannabes who call the paps to photograph them with their kids. I’m not a Katie fan, but it’s clear that she’s an A+ mom.

  3. I don’t get it… Katie is wearing a swimsuit at the beach, but Suri isn’t? Seems odd, but then again, they are an odd family. lol

    • She is a child, not an automation, what matters is that she is happy and seems to have a great mother daughter relationship. Why do people have to whine all the time?

  4. Staci @ X17 online has picture of some of the paps in the water right next to them.

    They also have picture of Suri dress falling off of her and that her dress is see though a swimsuit under the dress would have been a good idea.

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