Heidi Klum’s Big Apple Brood

What a gorgeous group!

Model mom Heidi Klum was photographed with all four of her children – daughters Leni, 7, and Lou, 1, and sons Henry, 5, and Johan, 4 – in New York City on Monday (June 20). The Project Runway host and her brood were joined by the bodyguard, the nannies and some family members as they walked through trendy SoHo.

The kids’ father is Heidi’s hubby Seal. The musician made our list of top 10 favorite celebrity dads. We hope he had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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  1. Cute kids! But…WOW…what an entourage! I remember when the whole Klum family + nannies + bodyguards entered my friends tiny shoe store a while ago…the store was completely crowded 🙂 Does anybody know where I can find Leni’s dress?

  2. Beutiful family 🙂
    Leni is obviously a petite little girl with both her younger brothers taller than her, cute!

  3. Actually Leni is quite tall for her age but her brothers are even taller then her, which makes her look petite in comparison. 😉

  4. johan is such a beautiful child–he has such a gorgeous skin. henri is adorable when he’s not making those faces. Leni is cute with her blond pony. Lou is gorgeous with her beautiful curls and soulful eyes. Heidi is effortlessly beutiful.

  5. Well Heidi is 5’9 and Seal is about 6’2 or 6’3 so of course all the children are going to be on the tall side.

  6. I do also have to say that is quite an entourage of folks. It’s like 1 kid per adult + Heidi!!! I mean granted she could just be out enjoying a day with friends (and her mom which I believe is the one women photographed) but I really never see her without a large amount of people. If Brangelina can do it I believe they could too!

  7. SMH, Brangelina never take their kids out all it once alone! What planet are you living on? lol Klum-Samuel kiddos are gorgeous!

  8. Anonymous 3:17@ When Brad and angelina do take their kids out most of the time it’s the 4 older ones same amount of kids as Heidi.

    Even though Heidi has a lot of help with her, she is very hands on with her kids when their out.

  9. Heidi gets all the attention in this relationship! IT would be nice to hear more about Seal and see his role as daddy! The perfect way for Heidi and her kids to show their appreciation for their daddy would be to go to daddyscrubs.com and get him a present that allows him to flaunt his role as daddy all the while being comfy and trendy! Dont forget the dad!

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