Kourtney Kardashian & Mason At DASH

Reality star mama Kourtney Kardashian had her 1-year-old son Mason in tow as she stopped by the family store DASH in Calabasas, California today (June 23). He is getting so big!

Kourtney’s very cute kid lent a hand around the shop, taking a duster to the floors and helping to sort some clothes as his mom chatted to some employees.

There was another famous face at DASH during Kourtney’s visit: Heather Locklear! The former Melrose Place star stopped by the boutique to do a bit of shopping.

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  1. don’t believe everything you see on tv. almost all of these reality tv shows are scripted. I don’t watch the show but I’ve see the commercials. I noticed that there was a story line about how the family hated Scott, which I found odd considering they promote Quick Trim which is run by Scott. If they hated him so much why would they heavily promote his company–unless the drama is scripted for ratings.

  2. People don’t have to know them personally to know they’re low lifes. All you need is common sense which you obviously don’t have.

    • how do you know if i have common sense? i made a perfectly logical statement and don’t appreciate your comment. you can respectfully disagree without insulting someone whose intellectual abilities you know nothing about. you and i don’t know the kardashians so all we can do is speculate. as such, your comment is no more valid than mine

      • So you can call people you don’t know of whom you only speculate “low lifes” but she can’t tell you you have no common sense? At least she made the comment to YOU and not on a message board bashing a little boy’s parents. Seems as if you are the one who is a “low life” and/or have no life, not sure which is worse.

  3. Poster above, don’t even try to seek reason with the first person- obviously their opinion is the most important and their life is so perfect that they can pick on anyone, even those they don’t know. I’m glad I don’t know you, you sound like such a spiteful person. How sad your life must be.

  4. They might not be losers considering they’re making $ from right and left, but they sure are the definition of a low class family.

    And Mason is too stinkin’ cute.

  5. who cares if we don’t know them personally. they are actually who they are by what they show us on tv. scripted or not, that’s how they present themselves. they’re on a reality tv show show, they are bound to get criticized.

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