Monroe Cannon’s Diva Debut — Sort Of

Like mother, like daughter! Monroe Cannon isn’t even 2 months old, but already she’s exhibiting some very diva-like behavior.

“This is baby Monroe saying ‘no pictures dahhhhling’ at 7 + 1/2 weeks. Oh dear,” mom Mariah Carey posted on Twitter yesterday (June 25).

This is our first glimpse of Carey and hubby Nick Cannon‘s twins — Moroccan and Monroe — who were born April 30th.

Since the birth of #dembabies, the couple has been adjusting well to the “eye-opening” experience of parenthood, but Nick admits that there’s still some room for improvement in at least one area — diaper duty.

Cannon also let fans know days ago that while Moroccan is more “laid back,” like his dad, Monroe is definitely “a diva liker her mom!” Now we have the proof!


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  1. @Nina I so agree with you Monroe looks like a cutie. and maybe she’s light sensative so putting her hand infront of her face to shield it from the camera flash is a natural reaction. I should know I do it all the time and always have because people who have lighter eyes to start with are more prone to light sensativity issues

  2. haha that’s actually really cute!! I am very surprised by the sudden secrecy of the babies pictures considering they shared us to DEATH over everything else! I guess in due time “dembabies” will be revealed! Looks like Monroe has a nice head of dark hair!

    • my thoughts exactly! After being in the press so much throughout the pregnancy and now nothing? I guess eventually they will release something. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they were considering bids for their story and of course, pictures!

  3. I guess we will have to wait to see Dem babies. when the magazine give Mariah a higher bid.According to “sources’.

    • Actually, Nick denied that on his radio show. They’re not going to sell the twins’ pictures to any magazine.

  4. wow , she looks pretty white , i thought maybe they’d be like their daddy …
    we’ll see
    anyway she looks cute , i know we cant see her , but come on! all babies are cute !

  5. They’re releasing the pics for free in due time because they couldn’t get decent money from the magazines due to Mariah’s age and Nick felt like that was pimping out his children. it’s not celebs have sold pics of their kids to magazines for 71 years it’s not about to change. after struggling like theyy did to have children it’s natural to want to keep them private and besides she’ll probably take them to Florida at the end of July when she’s on HSN again so we’ll get to see them then.

    • You don’t know what you are talking about! Her celebrity status makes her children’s photos a desirable cover/story over her age. If they get money for the photos fine if not they aren’t hurting for it but it is their call. They will share Roc & Roe’s photos when they want to and how they want. Also Mariah has dropped those baby lbs. and looks fab so do believe when you see dem babies you’ll be seeing two ridiculous bodies of Nick & Mariah.

  6. WHY? are they so set on calling this poor baby girl a diva??? She was just born and he was like- oh, she’s a diva like her mom! Umm, they’re making her a diva so I guess she will be.
    I find it very irritating to label their little girl already. Actually I’m sick of seeing it in the headlines as well. How about saying she’s WAVING hello and is a very smart little girl??

    • Thank you. My sentiments exactly. It’s annoying for Mariah and Nick to keep saying their daughter is a a diva. They are projecting their own desires.

      But who knows, maybe if they encourage diva type behavior that’s what they’ll get.

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