Nicole Eggert Celebrates Her Baby Shower!

Expectant mom Nicole Eggert hosted her own baby shower this weekend, inviting around 30 of her closest friends – including fellow former Baywatch star Gina Lee Nolin – to her Los Angeles, California home (June 25).

Showing off her bump in jean shorts and a summer top, the 39-year-old actress looked thrilled as she greeted her guests.

The baby on the way will be the second for Nicole – she also has 12-year-old daughter Dilyn with her ex-boyfriend Leor Diman.


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  1. Pregnancy notwithstanding, she looks a lot different from her Baywatch Days. Pam Anderson just looks older, but otherwise the same.

  2. I love it that she’s not covering up her pregnancy thighs and looks like a regular pregnant woman and not a Hollywood popsicle stick that swallowed a basketball. She looks so radiant and happy and beautiful!

    • Good for you Krissy. You won this round of pregnancy wars.

      Everybody’s body handles pregnancy differently. I happened to get bigger thighs and butt with both of mine. Am I less of a woman? I also exercised throughout my entire pregnancy (with workouts more intense than the average woman- I’m hardcore when not pregnant) and ate right.

      Seriously, comments like this drive me insane. What EXACTLY is your point? Are you better than her? You did pregnancy “BETTER” , sexier, what??? You’re more disciplined? Are you going to have a superior child? Hmmm??? Seriously. Stop worrying so much about your thighs and get a life. This competition is disgusting and unhealthy. Nicole looks great, she’s a beauty pregnant or not. Here she looks like a REAL pregnant woman. One concerned about the baby, not how hot she looks.

      • I agree with you that there’s to much competition between women over weight gained and lost during and after pregnancy, and an unhealthy obsession with how quickly celebrities return to their pre-baby shape etc.

        However, I have to disagree with the point that Nicole looks great and healthy in this photo. I think she has a beautiful face and looks happy, but carrying all that extra weight (whether she was overweight before she fell pregnant, or whether she’s gained a lot of extra weight during pregnancy) is not healthy for a mother or her baby. It puts you at an increased risk of serious complications, including gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, premature birth and stillbirth, and can put your baby at an increased risk of being born with congenital defects, and of being overweight in later life.

        To refer to Nicole as a ‘REAL pregnant woman’ is deeply offensive to those of us who are naturally slim and remain slim throughout our pregnancies (I weigh around 48kg when I’m not pregnant, didn’t put on any extra weight with my last pregnancy – meaning I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight immediately after giving birth – but managed to deliver a very healthy 8lb 5oz baby, and breastfeed for two years – I’m not bragging, but I did do my best to stay as healthy and fit as possible during my pregnancy). The term ‘real woman’ is laughable and dangerous, as it’s come to refer to women who are simply overweight, and how this makes a woman more ‘real’ is beyond me…

        FWIW, I think Rachel Zoe’s pregnancy and post pregnancy body is just as unhealthy and dangerous to both mother and child, but there’s a happy medium – it’s called eating well (and not using pregnancy as an excuse to pig out on junk), getting regular exercise and taking care of yourself.

        • It may not be intentional, but you come off a tad arrogant. You say you are not boasting but in all actuality your post reeks of condemnation. I do not think she meant that being “obese” or overweight is what a REAL woman was. She simply is stating that society expects mothers who do not have the resources or are naturally inclined to have a little extra weight- to be a size zero within weeks of giving birth. How do you know that a woman who is heavier, put the weight on due to pigging out on junk. Many women do not metabolize as quickly as others do during pregnancy. I am 5’9 and weigh 110 pounds. I gained 75 pounds with my pregnancy and returned to my pre pregnancy weight within 6 weeks. I am no better than those who have not shared my experience. Stop being judgmental.

  3. Loved Nicole Eggert on Charles in Charge and love her now. She’s refreshingly honest and has a great personality as well. Feel’s like I grew up with her since we’re about the same age. Society is just too hard on women in hollywood….men seem to get away with so much. Loads of double standards.

  4. She is personally responsible for 1000’s of releases in my teen years so I have nothing but good thoughts for her except for the fact that charles was in charge of her for awhile which is still icky.

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