LeAnn Rimes Puts Family First

Work may have gotten in the way of their honeymoon, but newlyweds LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian found some time to escape to Laguna Beach last week for some rest and relaxation — and they brought the entire family along with them!

“It was a very special week for us all,” the country singer writes in her blog of her vacation with her new hubby, his sons — Mason, 7, and Jake, 4 — their parents, and their best friends’ crew.

It takes a lot for us all to relax and shut off because we all have so many responsibilities,” LeAnn writes, “but for this one week, life was easy and perfect.”

The notion of a family vacation is new to the 28-year-old “bonus mom,” who explains that when she was younger, money was too tight to travel because of the financial strain her parents’ divorce caused.

Now, with money being the least of their worries, the gang got together to celebrate Eddie’s birthday and Father’s Day, and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

“This past week taught us all in our family to make enjoying more time with each other the first priority in our lives,” explains Rimes. “You never know what tomorrow may bring.”

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  1. Oh lord, get out the popcorn for this one. Wonder how many angry, self-righteous comments this post will generate. 20? 30? Can we get to 40??

    • I was thinking the same thing. What’s done is done. There’s no point belaboring the point. It seems the internet cares more about these things than the actual people affected sometimes.

      • It wasn’t the internet who posted this photo of EC kids AFTER EC tried to sue his ex-wife if his kids make an appearance on BG show. You do see the problem, don’t you? Why are EC and LR exposing these kids names and faces to the public and media after EC made such a fuss over how he didn’t want his kids to be on BG show. People care about BG and her kids because what EC and LR are doing is WRONG. Seriously, why didn’t the media call EC out on this?

    • I also was thinking the same thing… JEEZs Leeann Rimes in definitely not the only celebrity to have affair outside marriage and ultimately marry that person. She is also much younger than alot of other people doing same thing…. (i.e. Tori and Dean – Angelina and Brad etc…) Sh*t happens. It is odd how people on these blogs comments villianize some people constantly and never mention same behavior of others…. Point is they are together and Leeann is trying to be a good step mom and wife. Kudos to her.

      • It appears that Leann and her people are posting in this blog because once again here we have someone trying to deflect from LR bad behavior by dragging in other cheaters.

        If Leann wasn’t trying to be a good stepmother, she wouldn’t have even bothered to post this on her blog because EC threatened to sue his ex-wife if she allowed her kids to be on her show.

        So what we have is EC threatening to sue BG if the kids make an appearance on her show.

        We then have EC turning around and doing the complete opposite.

        Now what other celebs are doing this.

        EC and LR are the victims. They bring this on themselves when they exploit those kids like this and media outlets like this praise them for it.

        • Leannisnotthevictim- FYI- I have no relationship with Leeann or her “people” I just happened to notice that people on this blog MOSTLY anonymous (present company excluded) bash the heck out of her and not others.
          It is my personal opinion based on what I have seen on this blog NO MORE NO LESS.
          I will not waste any sleep over her life or life of any celeb. On the other hand you seem so obsessed with the whole situation with your multiple long rambling posts.

          • Which Leann rightly deserves.

            Did you know that Eddie Cibrian threatened to sue his ex-wife for allowing the kids to be on her reality show? So what then does this say about Leann when she turns around and does the very thing that EC is suing his ex-wife for doing?

            How obsessed were you to make a post depicting LR as the victim?

            Long rambling posts? So basicially you are upset because someone pointed out the obvious? That LR is not the victim and that she brings this upon herself. Case in point, she posts this on her blog and in People mag AFTER her hubby made a big fuss over millions of people seeing his kids.

            Sounds like you are upset because someone dared to contradict what LR was trying to sell.

          • Leannisnotthevictim – obviously I dont have the extensive Leeann background you do and again my only post was very general basically i am wondering why this woman (Leeann) gets so bashed when others dont.

            In no way was I trying to portray anyone as a victim.

            One more generic point on my part – having kids in a REALITY SHOW and mentioning them in your blog and having their pictures on blog are quite different both may be wrong but they are both very different.

            Reality show is taping kids (their words, their actions in their home will be filmed for all the world to see.) On the other hand a blog is adults words not the kids words with some pictures of the kids (which are already online due to Paparazzi)

            Happy 4th of July to all….

          • That is where you are wrong. Posting those kids photos on blogs is no different than having them on TV; afterall, EC main point for his kids not being on TV was that millions of people would be seeing his kids faces and names. So are not millions of people seeing his kids faces when they are being posted on these blogs, in tabloids, and on LR blog?

            Actually you are wrong. This photo was not taking by the paps, it was taken by Leann and posted on her blog. Which she did on purpose because she knows by now that the media is going to pick up whatever she posts on her twitter page and her blog, seeing as how they picked up the photos of her in Cabo in that bikini and her arguments with her fans.

            So once again you just proved my point. This photo of the kids is “taping” their actions in whatever place they were staying at during the vacation and since it was posted on this blog, on LR blog, People mag, and LR provided the link on her twitter feed so that people could see what she wrote on her blog, these kids were photographed for all to see.

            Leann gets bashed because she is wrong. She is very inappropriate, crossing boundaries, and has some weird obsession with trying to single white female EC ex-wife. She gives interview after interview to try to justify her actions. She stages photo-op after photo-op and then whines when she doens’t get her way.

            Besides, this is the LR thread, so why would we be trashing other cheaters?

    • Leann didn’t want the negative feedback, then perhaps she shouldn’t have posted this on her blog and then used the services of People mag to get it out to the public. This makes Eddie Cibrian look like a major jerk, since he was trying to sue his ex-wife for allowing his kids to be on her show. People are not being self-rigthgeous just because they call LR and EC out on how they exploit those kids for their careers. Everyone is wondering why EC threw such a fit about his kids being on BG show since as we can see his kids faces and names are being plastered all over the place.

  2. That little Jake is a cutie!!! It’s funny, but I have always thought LeAnn & Eddie look similiar…just an observation!

  3. How would you feel if your ex had cheated on you, and the woman was stalking you and your family, following your children to school and moving into your neighborhood? How would you feel if she then started changing her appearance so she could look like you, and took photos of herself that looked just like the photos of you? How would you feel if she then proceeded to share every moment of spending time with your children on Twitter with photos and saying how perfect her new family is?

    • ITA. She needs to stop acting like those kids are going to somehow be her’s if she acts like it enough. Leann, you are a trainwreck.

  4. Wasn’t she tweeting the entire time she was on vacation? So when exactly did she find the time to enjoy “her family” because based on her own tweets, she was more focused on haters. It’s things like this that show just how the media covers things up. You have Leann tweeting the entire time on that vacation and yet the media will sit here and tell us that Leann is an expert on family time just because she wrote a blog about it? I can also see the media covering up EC affairs because if they could so careless write this tory leaving out the fact that EC tried to sue his ex-wife and that LR tweeted the entire time she was on vacation, then we know that the media will do anything for the right price.

  5. I think Leann blogs because she feels insecure in her relationship she knows his ex wife will look at the pics and she wants to throw it in her face. I don’t agree with most of the time how she has handled situations, its very in an immature manner however I do think the boys are happy with her as a stepmother even Brandi has admitted this. But you cannot change the past ladies move forward and if a guy cheats on you once leave that time don’t wait till it happens so many times then he leaves for real and he goes off and marries someone. All women have to also hold themselves accountable for not leaving a jerk and the poor choices they make in their own lives. We always have a choice to leave a bad situation we are not the victim and Brandi needs to let it go or she will be alone for the rest of her life if she holds onto the past. That is a fact

    • anon 5:06

      This isn’t about Brandi. This is about Eddie Cibrian telling BG that she can’t have those kids on her show and then turning around and doing the the very same thing that he threatened to sue her for. Just because the public calls EC out on this, it doesn’t mean that BG hasn’t moved on.

      BG has moved on, the only one who hasn’t is LR and EC. Why would these two continue to show so much disregard towards those kids? If LR loved those boys, then she would not continue to expose them to the media, tabloids, and paps.

      The fact is that you can’t keep blaming BG when EC and LR continue to do stupid things.

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