Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell: “Carly Changed Me”

Teen Mom‘s Catelynn Lowell and her fiancé Tyler Baltierra open up to Life & Style about the painful decision to give their daughter up for adoption, their future plans to become parents and how the show has given them a second chance to realize their dreams.

I want to get my degree to teach preschool through eighth grade,” confides Catelynn. She also reveals her long term goal, “I want four children,” Catelynn says. “And when I have a girl, I want to name her Rain!”

The pair, both 19, publicly shared their struggle to give their daughter, Carly, up for adoption on the hit MTV series in 2009. Two years later, the couple is stronger than ever. “Before I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t have any plans or goals,” Catelynn says. “Carly just changed me.”

Tyler also plans to go to school and study human services with the hopes of counseling kids at juvenile detention centers, so they can give their children the kind of home they wished for Carly. “I honestly can’t wait to be a father one day,” Tyler says.


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  1. So proud of them! My husband and I (way before we were married) had a baby girl at a young age and chose a beautiful adoption plan for her. Through all of that, we became stronger and closer than ever. Some years later we married and now have a girl and a boy we get to raise. Having these two kids has brought me 100% peace with our choice, as I see now just how much of yourself you have to give to your kids. Tyler and Catelynn remind me of us in so many ways :o)

  2. I love Tyler and Caitlynn! They are such a wonderful couple and I wish them so much luck and happiness in the future. They are wise and selfless beyond their years, Carly is lucky to have them as her birth parents!

  3. i have so much respect for these two. choosing to do something so selfless when you are so young can be really hard. they seem to be really strong and amazing kids and did what was right for their daughter. they seem like such a lovely couple. maybe one day when they are older and ready they will have another kid and be able to completly care for him.her.
    much love

  4. A little over 22 years ago my husband and his girlfriend at the time choose to give up their son for adoption they were very young and in no way ready to be parents. My husband has always believed that he did the right thing for his son. Almost 3 years ago after 9 years of trying to have a baby we were blessed with the chance to adopt. As an adoptive mom I am in AWWWW of the strength and maturity of Catelynn and Tyler. When we brought our daughter into our home her birth mother gave us the most incredable gift anyone could have ever given. People often ask what we will tell our little angel about her birth parents and our answer is always that they are our HEROS! They allowed us the chance to realize a dream that without them we would never have been able to do. We are teaching our daughter to love and charish the choices her birth parents made for her. Catelynn and Tyler are great people who will one day make incredable parents and who knows maybe they will be fortunate enough adopt a child themselves one day.

  5. I am so happy that all the comments on here have been positive! I was slightly afraid to even read them because I thought they would be full of hate and disrespect. I have such respect for people that realize the best way for them to be the best parents they can for their child, is to let a family ready and able to care for them and raise them. What a love they have for that child?! It’s not any easy choice and it’s not always the choice they want to make, but it takes a really strong person to know that it is the right choice for their child. They have and continue to amaze me in their story and determination to show Carly they made the best decision they could with the resources they had.

  6. Such a moving story. Thanks for sharing as well, Jessy and Gisele – I am in awe of your strength and the sacrifices you made.

  7. I watched this show when it was on and it really bugged me that when they made the hand off to the adoptive parents of Carly they had to do it in the parking lot away from the hospital. It had something to do with the fact since they under age & Catelyn’s mom would not sign the papers in the hospital…it was the hospital’s rule or something. These two kids…were making an adult decision & giving the best gift of all for their little girl!! Catelyn & Tyler were not selfish in making this choice!

  8. They are a great couple and very mature, especially Tyler, which is a contrast to what you normally see on tv.
    I too wish them nothing but the best.

  9. Catelynn and Tyler are by far my favorite couple. I am always amazed at how strong they are and how well they stuck with their plan. And now they’re happy and engaged! Doing better then most of thoe other teen moms. I remember watching a few episodes this season of 16 & Pregnant where parents said they didn’t “believe in adoption!” I found it very rude. Sure adoption isn’t for everyone but it is a selfless act for some to choose their childs well being over their own. By saying you don’t believe in it your putting down many other mothers and fathers who made that hard life changing decision!
    Honestly I couldn’t imagine myself giving up a child. But whose to say if I was a teen I would of been able to handle this (most likely not). Carly is with a loving family and they get to see her and be kept to date on all her milestones! Catelynn and Tyler have the best of both worlds right now. They can be teens, do it the right way, and one day have a beautiful tale to tell Carly and their other children!

    I wish them nothing but a life full of happiness! And I wish that others would look at Cate and Ty’s story and see that adoption can be a beautiful thing and sometimes the right thing!!!

  10. When people think of the show they only see pregnant teenagers on t.v. getting their fifteen minutes of fame- not the struggles it shows and just the stories of teenagers who made a mistake and are trying to deal with it. Catelynn and Tyler are definitely a one of a kind couple and incredibly strong, I hope the best for them!

  11. The only way to prevent pregnancy 100% is abstinence. So, even while using protection a woman can become pregnant. It’s very sad that you feel “discarded”. No one should feel that way. However, as you said, not even biological parents can always meet a child’s needs. I can’t tell you how many children I have seen that have essentially “discarded” their own children. I don’t know your situation, but I feel mothers who feel they can’t be mothers are doing the most loving, and unselfish thing in the world by giving them up for adoption. I don’t know if you know the situation under which your mother gave you up for adoption, but I know it can’t have been easy for her. I am also sure there is not a day that goes by where she doesn’t think of you, and I am sure she has kept a memory in her heart of you. She didn’t “discard” you, she REGARDED your life as so very important that she didn’t abort you. She carried you for nine months, and then after all of that time bonding with you, knowing she wouldn’t be able to keep you, gave you up out of love.

  12. Anonymous 8:55 pm I meant to say “I can’t tell you how many parents I have seen that have essentially “discarded” their own children”. Meaning biological parents that could care less about their kids. Sorry for the error.

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