Ricky Martin Wants “A Daddy’s Girl”

Fatherhood seems to have been a great fit for singer Ricky Martin, who welcomed sons Matteo and Valentino via a surrogate in 2008. Now the 39-year-old says he’s looking forward to adding another baby to his brood – a girl this time!

Telling UK newspaper The Guardian that he’d love to have “a daddy’s girl,” Ricky says he plans to go the surrogacy route again next year. “I’ll be steady in New York, and then, after I do the play [he’ll be starring in Evita], the baby [will be] born, and I’m going to be able to spend time with her.”

The ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ singer recalls his path to fatherhood, saying that he first felt the urge to start a family many years ago.

“OK, what are my options? Am I going to adopt? I just sat in front of the computer, doing research, until I found surrogacy, and I was like: ‘Woah! This looks really interesting,'” he reveals. “I interviewed so many people that were part of this beautiful world, and I decided this was going to be my way.”

After years of speculation and questions, Ricky finally opened up about his sexuality after his sons were born. He says now that it was the best decision he could’ve made.

“I feel protected. I don’t feel alone. Because sometimes when you’re quiet about yourself, you feel all alone. And all of a sudden you come out and you have this amazing community, the LGBT community, and LGBT-friendly people, who are giving you nothing but love.”

Now in a longterm relationship with a man named Carlos, who he describes as “an amazing human being,” Ricky says he hopes that marriage is in his future as well.

“Not yet. Whenever it’s time. I would love the option to marry in my land, my island [Puerto Rico], but unfortunately it’s not an option for us yet, which I think is ridiculous. But it’s part of a very beautiful process that’s happening around the world little by little. Hopefully I will see it, and my kids will see it.”


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    • Yeah…I was thinking the same thing! What if it’s another boy? Is he going to keep having babies by a surrogate until a girl is born?

  1. A baby girl ordered as if from a catalogue and doomed to life w/out a mother’s love. How sad for the daughter and how incredibly selfish for him.

  2. If I had read this article yesterday I would have thought Ricky Martin was being very selfish too – but tonight I accidentally came across an interview with him and Oprah Winfrey on You Tube about his coming out and his children. This man is a very special and beautiful human being and any child would be extremely lucky to have him as their father. You should all watch the interview – it is very touching.

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