Kate Hudson & Matthew Bellamy: No Name Yet For Baby

Kate Hudson and fiancé Matthew Bellamy welcomed a baby boy on Saturday night, but are still deciding on what to name their son, a source tells People magazine.

The couple aren’t in any hurry – they’re hanging out in L.A. while Kate recovers. Plenty of time for grandma Goldie to get those baby blankets monogrammed before the new parents head to London, where they’ll stay while Matthew works on the next Muse album.

The Something Borrowed star’s 7 lb., 12 oz. son joins big brother Ryder Russell, 7½, at home. Kate is “doing great,” says the source, and says the couple is “beyond thrilled” with the new addition to their family.

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  1. I’m rooting for “Kurt”, after her dad. (Ryder’s middle name is for him, too, but still.) I think it’d be sweet.

    • My sister went 4 days without having a name when she was born. My parents had narrowed it down to a small list of names they loved but still just couldn’t decide what exactly she seemed like.

    • Lots of people wait until after the birth to pick a name. Sometimes you can’t be sure what you want to call it until you actually spend some time with it.

    • Sometimes you want to meet your baby first before naming it. I would say much of the world names their child AFTER it’s born, not before. So it isn’t that unusual.

  2. it’s not like she’s the first oscar nominated/winning actress to have that problem with one of her children. don’t jump on me for this Joanne Wooward had the same problem in 1965 with her youngest daughter her & Paul Newman had wanted a boy after two girls + his two daughters from his first marriage. they had only picked a boys name but when it turned out ot be a girl they scrambled for a girls name and agreed on Claire Olivia

  3. That’s ridiculous to ONLY pick out girls names if you DON’T know what you’re having. Common sense should tell you, gee – pick out BOTH.

  4. She thought she was going to have a girl so she only had girl name pick out not the smartest thing to do when you don’t know the sex of the baby.

  5. It really isn’t that big a deal to not have a name picked out before your child is born, guys, relax. Lots of people around the world do it this way- Lauryn Hill actually waited 7 months before naming her last one… not sure what they called her during that time, of course, but it’s not like the child ceases to exist because it doesn’t have a name as soon as it comes out, lol. It’s actually kind of weird to me to hear pregnant women referring to their baby by name before it’s born. Just my opinion.

  6. My nephew had a name up until his arrival. Then they looked at him and thought nope that name doesn’t fit him. So they debated for 2 days what to call him and kept going back and forth on names. Finally the day they were leaving they chose one. It’s funny though how a child grows into their name though. I couldn’t imagine my nephew as anything else and the name that they had chosen (EVAN) would totally not fit his personality!!
    I think it’s more common then people think. I don’t know how all states work but some require that you have a name before leaving the hospital which is what I think my brother and his ex had to do. Others give you a few weeks. I think it just depends on how long before they file the paperwork for birth certificate.

  7. I didn’t have a name for a week after being born, finally my grandmothers both came over and shut my parents in a room together saying they’d let them out once they’d settled on a name for me. I think you should definitely take plenty of time deciding on a baby’s name; it’s a huge decision and it’s going to impact them for the rest of their life.
    As for baby boy Bellamy, I’m thinking maybe another -er name like Walker or Harper, or something a bit cool and boy-ish like Axel or Jax.

  8. The hospital that I gave birth in required a name for the child before leaving. Even after an ultrasound showed that I was having a boy, I still had a girl’s name picked out ‘just in case’ lol I think I would feel more pressure if I didn’t have a name chosen before giving birth, but that’s just me.

  9. she was expecting a girl so she never picked any boy names kinda ironic that a boy came hahah ! 🙂 they should call it matt ! 🙂 little matt would be cool ! 😀

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