Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza’s Extra Cutie

Courtney Mazza and her sweet daughter Gia, 10 months, visited papa Mario Lopez on the set of his TV show Extra at The Grove in Hollywood on Thursday (July 14).

Mario recently talked about his sweet girl: “She is sassy!” the 37-year-old father-of-one said. “She is getting a lot sassier and is getting a lot more vocal.”

The Saved by the Bell alum added that baby No. 2 might be coming along soon. “Yeah, we’re always thinking [about another baby],” he said. “We’re practicing, so we’ll see!”

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    • I can see why you would think that she looks like a Kardashian. After all, they are on reality shows and have no talent. So was Courtney! Other than the reality show, she is the gal that Mario knocked up and nothing more.
      This website must have something going with Mario, because they continually dedicate MANY pages to Mazza. She is not a star! How about showing actresses who actually have done something in Hollywood and are stars! You know, people we actually care about…..

  1. Gia is definitely a cutie. Well, it was a given since her parents are good looking people.
    May I ask?…Does Gia have Down Syndrome?

    • Usually, if you’re wondering whether it’s appropriate to ask something, err on the side of caution and keep your curiosity to yourself.

      • But SO many people have thought Gia has Downs since the day she was born. Maybe it was not Mario’s sperm, but Courtney which caused her to look like that..

        • Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. There is no way to tell why a child has Downs or from which parent the extra chromosome was inherited. Why does it matter?

          • Of course there is a way to tell why a child has Downs – it’s because it has an additional chromosome 21 (hence Trisomy 21). And usually it comes from the mother’s side because a sperm carrying an extra chromosome would be far heavier and thus slower than all others, i.e. eliminating it fairly early on. Besides, one can tell whether it’s a maternal or paternal chromosome 21. It doesn’t matter, but your post was just incorrect.

          • Actually you are incorrect. It’s not ‘Downs’ it’s Down syndrome, and it could just be a fluke. The chance that the egg had an extra chromosome is less than 1%. In 95% of cases, it happens after conception.

  2. I knew someone is going to ask if Gia has Down Syndrome. People always ask if she has Down Syndrome ever since Gia was a newborn.

  3. I think Gia looks like her Dad. I agree, she does like Tina Fey-ish and a little bit Kardashian, in these photos.

  4. E R, The topic of Downs comes up alot when pics are posted. But, if you see pics of Mario as a baby-there is quite a resemblence.

    • Thank You, Bink. I don’t post comments often, so I didn’t know some other people asked, too. It’s not a big deal, I was just wondering.

  5. Oh boy another baby!
    Another whole set of pics with Mario kissing her baby bump.
    Can we say low class?

    • What do you see that I don’t. No curved little finger, no eye fold, no flat short palms, ears proper height, head not smaller (although that usually is later), face doesn’t have a flat affect, lack or age appropriate interaction with people and many other signs.

      She is typical.

  6. If you don’t think Mazza is interested in her own career, think about this:
    She started dating Mario in the Fall of 08 and left New York and her Broadway career and moved in with him in Feb 09, and by December 09 she was pregnant. I think she thought-he has $$$ and he will marry me right away and I will be rich and live in a big house and I will be famous because I am with him. She was paid to promote Healthe Trim, but I noticed in the last few interviews she suddenly contributes her weight loss to eating recipes from Mario’s book and exercising. No mention of what she was paid to promote! and Mario is certainly not in a hurry to run down the aisle again. What upsets me is she will not correct anyone if the interviewer suggests she is Mrs. Mario Lopez. In my opinion, she is very self centered and always is thinking of a way to promote herself, as if she is a huge celebrity. I didn’t like her on their VH1 show, and I don’t like her now.

  7. Everything seems rushed in this relationship.
    Courtney started dating Mario in the Fall of 08 and left Broadway to move in with him in Ca in Feb 09. By December 09, she was already pregnant. Do you suppose she thought he would marry her right away and become Mrs. Mario Lopez? I think she figured she would live happily ever after, enjoy the fame and money and live a life like a princess. Mario is smart, he is not in a hurry to rush down the aisle and give half of everything he owns to her when this relationship does not work out.

  8. Was at the Grove one Thursday and saw Courtney. She is very unapproachable and comes off very conceited. I can tell you right now she thinks she is all that and better than anyone else! Good luck with this one Mario!

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