Neil Patrick Harris’ Twins Have Smurf Names

Dad-of-two Neil Patrick Harris stars in the new comedy movie The Smurfs, and it looks like being around all those blue creatures has rubbed off on the actor.

Calling himself a “Smitten Smurf,” Neil says filming the family-friendly film inspired him to create some unusual nicknames for 9-month-old twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.

“I think Gideon would be Stout Smurf, because he’s all like ‘grrr’. He’s like the tank,” Neil told Us magazine. “And Harper’s just like Beautiful Smurf. She’s an eye-batter right now. She’s wanting to hug and smile and get a smile back, so she’s very good at it.”

The proud papa went on to say that he and partner David Burtka are currently “waiting for them to crawl” and added, “They’re pretty great, but no big announcements.”

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  1. Those are two beautiful babies! Oh my goodness the little boy is breaking my heart right now he’s so cute! LOVE NPH.

  2. They are not real “fraternal twins.” –Neil Patrick Harris let it be known on Jay Leno that they do not have the same father. Two fertilized eggs were implanted into the womb of the mother of the children, one fertilized by his sperm and the other by David Burtka’s sperm. So they are not true “fraternal twins.” They are half-siblings. And I truly hope that they both grow up and come to be saved, born again believers in Jesus Christ and denounce their fathers’ sexually sinful lifestyles.

    Debra J.M. Smith
    “Informing Christians” Journalist

    • The assumption that being gay/homosexual is wrong is controversial enough. There are countless people who are extremely religious who find sites, pictures or blogs that involve gays, then feel the need to stir things up. I’m not saying I resent people who are dedicated to their religion, but when you drag the idea of a family into it, that’s where I draw the line. I’m sure David and Neil are wonderful parents, regardless of there sexuality. Who are we to look at some one, strip them of their given title of parent, and instead stick a label on them that is defined solely on their sexuality? It’s dehumanizing, rude and arrogant. Gideon and Harper are blesses with a wonderful family. Debra, you can pray all you wants, but the truth is, Gideon and Harper don’t need to be saved. They’re happy and they have a wonderful family that loves them. And I’m sorry to inform you, but you’re never going to see the day where Harper or Gideon become “born again believers in Jesus Christ and denounce their fathers’ sexually sinful lifestyles.” Neil, David, Harper and Gideon are a wonderful, loving, happy family. Stop meddling with things that don’t need to be fixed.

  3. I totally agree with Debra…..Right is right and wrong is wrong…Let the children have an opportunity to be saved!

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