Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split: Twins Are With Mom

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their shocking split a few days ago, and since then thoughts have turned to their twins, Max and Emme, 3, and who they are with during this difficult time.

“The nannies and her mom will stay with Jennifer and the children in the hotel while she films,” a source tells Life & Style magazine. The American Idol host is in Atlanta filming What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Meanwhile, Marc will be busy working as well – he’s set to reprise his role on the TNT series Hawthorne.

Marc is apparently opening up about the end of his seven-year marriage – at least to his audiences. “Rumor has it I’m single now,” Marc said during a concert in Bogota, Colombia, on July 16. “That’s why I want to dedicate the next song to you fans.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer was seen leaving a six-hour photo shoot on Sunday, just two days after the couple announced their split. “She’s burying herself in work,” another source said. “It’s the one thing that’s helping to keep her mind off the current situation.”


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  1. “”The nannies and her mom will…”
    assuming nannies means she has two nannies, plus her mom, plus her, 4 adults for 2 kids.
    oh to be rich and not actually have to care for your children. normal people have to care for their own children regardless of what crappy things are going on in their lives.

  2. Normal people usually have assistance with their children as well…i.e. daycare, schools, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Making sure that there are loving people around to assist with her children while she is working, to me, shows the greatest deal of care.

  3. The twins each have their own nanny? Why wouldn’t one nanny be enough for twins? Oh it would be for normal people…well, normal people that can afford a full time nanny anyway. Such is the extravagent life of the rich and famous.

  4. He must be doing something wrong, this is the second wife who’s taken the children and left him. Either that or the women are just using him as a workhorse and check book daddy.

    • Didn’t he leave his then-pregnant wife, Dayanara, for Jennifer? It seems ilke they were cheating. Jennifer also hooked up with him soon after ending her relationship with her fiance, Ben. She’s the kind of woman who HAS to be in a relationship and can’t be alone for extended periods of time. She hops from guy to guy.

  5. I happen to love Jennifer. And I have a friend who has a nanny for her twins so (aside from the fact that almost every celebrity has at least 1 nanny) I don’t really see a problem with it. I nannied for a family for about a yr and loved it. I also don’t see anything wrong with a movie for What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I loved that book and sometimes moms need some extra advice/opinions to bounce their own ideas off of.

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