Selma Blair: Pretty In Purple

How does she do it? Selma Blair is about to give birth any moment now, and she still looks amazing.

The stylish mom-to-be was spotted with boyfriend Jason Bleick as they lunched and ran errands in West Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (July 17).

Selma recently talked about her pregnancy cravings, and said that she has loved being able to eat whatever she wants. “I have a lot of pancake cravings, a lot of grapefruit [cravings],” she said. “I eat pancakes all day long. I don’t eat gluten, so I eat gluten-free pancakes. It’s a little better, but not much!”

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  1. I literally just said “Oh my God” out loud because she is still pregnant! I thought for sure she was going to have the baby after the last set of pictures, where it looked like she was having a contraction.

    Unlike Kate and Victoria, whose pregnancies went by extremely fast, Selma’s in the feels like she’s been “pregnant forever” category with Mariah Carey, Tiffani Thiessen, and Christina Applegate.

    • I had the exact same reaction, for the same reason.
      Poor Selma…Hang in there! It can’t be comfortable toting that huge belly around. I wish her a happy healthy baby, that’s under 10 pounds. 🙂

  2. Wow! After the last set of pics I was so sure she would have had the baby by now. She does still look amazing, though!

  3. i still think this may be a fake pregnancy…obviously the surogate hasnt popped yet lol…….her tummy has been that big for months……and she has ankles:P……i never have ankles

  4. It does seem as though she’s been pregnant forever! I’m assuming that is because she announced it rather early, unlike many other celebs who don’t announce their pregnancies until they are well into their second trimester.

    • She announced it in January – the same week as her friend VBeckham. It seems like she’s been pregnant forever because she’s been heavily photographed by the paps. We’ve seen photos of her almost every day for the past six months. Other celebrities like Jen Connelly and Marion Cotillard were lucky enough to avoid the paparazzo. Their pregnancies seemed to fly by because we never saw them. I saw only one photo of Marion during her entire pregnancy!

  5. For a fact, she announced it well into second trimester. Baby is just taking longer, and unlike some other mommies, she hasn’t induced.

  6. Very true, she announced it in her 2nd trimester. I remember she said something like she kept it a secret from everyone for a few months and that they were in Europe vacationing in her 1st trimester…

  7. I think she should get her waters broken. Its not worth the risk. I was just like Selma with bub#2 was way over until I begged my doc to do something. Thank god I did for the umbilical cord was wrapped around my sons neck like 3 times. I was in labour for more than a week… i just could not go over 4cm.
    I think Selma is having a baby boy. Boys always are late.
    Also @popsykl lols I know what you mean she looks smashing and has ankles but some people are really like this they dont swell. I did not swell up at all, its all due to what you eat.

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