Nick Cannon Talks Gemstones, Milestones & More Of Dem Babies

The web was all abuzz when America’s Got Talent host and new dad Nick Cannon gave his wife a blinged out diamond necklace as a “push present” for his wife, Mariah Carey, after she gave birth to the couple’s twins. But as Cannon explained to Extra‘s Terry Seymour, when your wife is a multi-Grammy winning superstar, you’ve got to put a little more thought into gift giving.

“It says Moroccan and Monroe in pink and white diamonds,” Nick told Terry during a recent trip to The Grove. “My wife has so much jewelry, so I’ve got to be really creative when I give gifts.”

We have yet to see a photo of “Roc & Roe,” but according to Cannon, they’re already growing up fast!

“My son Roc lives up to his name. He’s a tough guy. He’s already crawling,” gushes Nick. “And then my daughter, she’s just a diva.”

As for adding more kids to their family, Cannon says that he’s all for it, there’s just one minor problem…

“I want some, but I think my wife’s done,” he shares. “I tried to say, ‘Yo, let’s go for another round!’ and she’s like, ‘I’ll kill you!'”

So, we’re thinking that’s a, “no” … for now.

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  1. its possible I was crawling at 2 or 3 months and the twins will be three months saturday July 30th. and when it come to them having more kids Mariah has said since before the twins were born this was her last go around with pregnancy because of how difficult it was and they could always adopt.

  2. ‘my wife has so much jewelry’…so how about giving a donation to charity for her ‘push present’? gag.

  3. “Me-Me” had a C-section with epiderals and a tummy tuck after-she didn’t push or even feel “dem babies” being surgically removed-push present-what an idiot-besides the science experiments were a month premmie and spent weeks in an incubator-they probably don’t even weigh 10 lbs yet and will be slower to catch up to normal babies under a year old-which is why no pictures-they would have looked like baby vultures for the first month anyway-and the fact Me-Me thinks she is getting millions and no one will offer more than $200,000 which doesn’t even pay for the necklace that she surely didn’t earn by pushing anything except maybe another fatburger in her face-Nick you married an old hag based on 20 year old photos and strip videos you jacked off too when you were 12-you really needed to marry a healthy girl your age if you wanted a real family and not just be the groveling but licker servant in one of Me-Me’s delusional fantasy worlds

    • Wow. That’s alot of hate there.

      Did these people steal your bicycle or something when you were a small child?!?!

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