Katie Holmes & Suri’s Sunday Stroll

Dawson’s Creek alum Katie Holmes and her sweet 5-year-old daughter Suri were spotted in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (July 24). While shopping at the Brentwood Country Mart, Suri took on the role of doting mommy and pushed her doll in a pink stroller. Adorable!

Katie recently opened up about talking “everything through” with Suri so she’s “not missing anything.”

As parents you try every day, but it’s still all a mystery,” Katie added. “You’re learning on the job. If your child is waking up from a nightmare, you just have to calm them down and figure out why. What if it is something really silly, like a light in the corner that you left on and it is making these images. Or it could be a little more complicated than that. You love that person so much that you don’t want to screw it up.”

The Holmes-Cruises have recently been spotted in Miami, Florida while papa Tom Cruise works on his latest flick, Rock of Ages.

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  1. I know there were just pictures of her looking completely anorexic, but she looks like she has a little belly here.

    • Thanks for the being the voice of reason, Janna – sometimes I scratch my head wondering where these comments are coming from — highschool students perhaps. In any case, I guess they all have the measurements of a supermodel in order to poke fun at Katie and speculate about (imaginary) weight gain. Presumably they missed the recent bikini shots of Katie also.

      • Here we go and attack everyone who doesn’t share our opinions by calling them high school students and rolling our eyes. Thanks for your attempts to suppress someone’s voice with your “reason”.

        • You don’t get called high school students because you have a different opinion. You get called that because your comments are immature, ignorant, and obnoxious.

          • Exactly!! I think this is the part when she comes back and says she is not in fact a highschool student but a phD candidate in nuclear physics.

          • Comments where people call other people names for posting an observation are immature, ignorant, and obnoxious. There is nothing disrespectful or obnoxious about saying it looks like she’s got a little bump in the posted pictures.

            Obnoxious would be asking who knocked her up this time because it sure as hell wasn’t Tom.

            Obnoxious would be saying maybe it’s not a bump and maybe she’s eating away her sorrows.

            Obnoxious would be saying “You don’t get called high school students because you have a different opinion. You get called that because your comments are immature, ignorant, and obnoxious” or “Exactly!! I think this is the part when she comes back and says she is not in fact a high school student but a phD candidate in nuclear physics.”

            So no I’m not a high school student nor am I a PHD. I was being sarcastic with the name I choose in case you missed it. I’m just an average girl who is tired of the gang mentality of some people here get off on insulting others.

  2. Gee I wish the paparazzi would stop taking pictures of Cruise and his wife. The only reason they come out at all is for the PR. They can lead a non public life and also give their little girl a normal life. Show pictures of someone else for a change, all the pictures every other day of cruise’s family is becoming ridiculous. As for Holmes being pregnant, what a mistake that would be. Cruise and Holmes need to grow-up before these two give little Suri a sibling. They don’t even have the intelligence to raise her. Maybe they should follow Jolie and Pitt’s example . They keep their lives private and take care of their children.

    • Wow because when they go to the mall, to the beach, and the airport, living their lives, they’re just over the moon for the paparazzi to snap their pics. Not, really Tom and Katie don’t need extra PR majority of people already know who they are, and because of their celebrity people are going to take pics of them wherever they go. These people still have to live their lives.

      • Exactly Victoria! They don’t ask for it, don’t need it and unlike some celebs, they don’t do anything to get people’s attention — Katie is often make up free and in casual clothes, Suri is dressed in normal little girl outfits and doesn’t wear make up or have her hair bleached …. you get the picture.

        You are also right about them needing to live their lives DESPITE the intrusion of these stalker photographers.

        • As someone who lives in LA let me tell you there are plenty of places for a celebrity to go and live their lives without being stalked by the photog’s. Plenty of celeb’s do it. If TomKat really wanted to stay out of the public eye they could. They choose to for the publicity.

          • I always think it’s hypocritical when people come to a celeb baby site and then complain that the parents aren’t keeping their kids away from the paps. I mean we’re the ones who are creating a demand for photos of celeb children and thus making it harder for them to avoid the paps. Anyway, we don’t see this family in L.A. that much. Once in while, sure, but most of the photos of them are taken when they are traveling.

          • I don’t have a problem with the pictures or that people are looking at them. I DO have a problem with children being chased & stalked outside their homes and schools by strange men. There is such a thing as a long lens or simply taking a shot and moving on. These men are like predators and if they were found hanging out at a playground with non-celeb kids…there’s a word for that kind of behaviour that starts with P.

          • And why should they have to alter their lives just to stay away from the photographers? They have the right to go where they want and do what they want, and just because they choose those things doesn’t mean they want to be photographed.

          • Many Celeb’s do not alter their lives and still manage to avoid the pap’s. The simple fact is this. Like any business a celebrity has to market their product. The difference is a with a celebrity the product is themselves. So a photog is just another way for them to market themselves to the public. “Here is me living my everyday life. I’m just like you.” I don’t see anything wrong with a celebrity doing this as long as we recognize it for what it is.

          • There’s noting to recongize. They’re just living their lives, no one is checking for these celebs having lives like ours.

  3. It’s cute to see Suri acting like the little girl that she is with her baby doll rather than high heels and make up.

    • Obviously you’ve never had a daughter – – playing “dress up” is normal for kids that age.

  4. She looked pregnant in those bikini photo’s also. Not far along but the start of a bump. No way Tom would let her put on weight so my guess is Suri will have a little brother or sister in the near future.

  5. She probably has a small bump from one (or two) of the following things: a.) she’s got gas, b.) just ate a meal, c.) water retention, d.) she forgot to wear her spanx. I dislike the way everyone assumes it is a ‘baby bump’! Too funny….

  6. Inigo@ what photos were you looking at, popsugar photos of katie last week in a low rise bikini and she look almost anorexic no bump but I guess people see what they what to see.

    • I didn’t see the photo’s on Pop Sugar. I don’t search out Katie Holmes photo’s on the net. It was just everyone was talking about how anorexic she looked in the bikini photo’s so I went back on this site looking for a bikini photo where you could see her stomach clearly. I agree she looks skinny in them but there is still a slight bulge in her belly area. I’m not seeing what I want to see. I have no deep seeded desire for Katie Holmes to be pregnant again. I’m just saying it looks like there could be a baby bump.

  7. In pics 1 & 2 Suri has ballet flats on & in pics 3 & 4 she has flip flops on?that’s kind of odd,how long were they out there waiting to get their pictures taken by the paparazzi?where they walking around that parking lot for a couple of hours,LOL!!!

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