Jennifer Garner & Violet: Blissful In Brentwood

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet looked like they were in a great mood as they left a friend’s house in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday (July 26).

The Valentine’s Day actress has been busy fighting off persistent rumors that she is pregnant with her third child. “The speculation is false, she is not pregnant,” Jennifer’s rep said recently.

One thing is certain – the mom-of-two has been busy working. She recently wrapped both The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Butter, and is set to soon begin filming on Better Living Through Chemistry.

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    • For some bizarre reason there are a horde of people who are desperate to believe she has been pregnant for like, the last 2 years. Apparently no one who makes these comments understands anything about human biology or pregnancy (you know, the part where if you’re pregnant, you get bigger over time), or has ever noticed the fact that Jennifer Garner always has a little bit of a belly even when she’s in fantastic shape. Somehow with every new picture, they decide that this is the time it means she is pregnant, even though nothing ever changes. And of course they never admit that they were wrong the last hundred times they made the same “I know it this time she is pregnant!!!!” comments.

  1. I do not understand anyone’s interest in this woman! What has she done but prove she is a has-been who can pop out kids and parade them around year after year? Violet looks like a flash back from the 60’s with those ugly frames.

    • I do not understand anyone’s hatred for this woman! What has she done to you but go out and live her life like a normal person year after year?

      Seriously, did she kill your dog or something? She’s an actress who regularly makes high-profile movies. You might not like her, but she is a celeb whether you like it or not and is relevant to this website. (Never mind that her husband is also a celeb. This site regularly features pictures of the spouses of celebs with their children, even when the famous half of the couple isn’t present.)

  2. I am sick of looking at her AND her kids everyday! I am just treying to live MY life which includes my computer and I keep being bombarded with her and her her brooding husband AND her not so cute kids! SO what has she done LATELY that makes her any sort of “movie star”? Tell me, please!

    • No one is forcing you to read this website or to click on this post in order to comment on it. There are very simple solutions to your problems – stop reading this website altogether, or scroll past the posts you’re not interested in.

      And you are the only one who called her a movie star. She is an actress and therefore a celebrity. That is a fact whether you like it or not. (And if you want to know what she’s done lately, it’s very easy information to find – let me introduce you to a site called IMDB.) This site is devoted to celebrities, not just “movie stars.” Celebrities come in all forms – movie and TV actors, reality TV stars, athletes, models, musicians, etc., and there’s no requirement that they be the biggest stars in their respective fields in order to be featured here. Those are facts. If you don’t like it you probably shouldn’t be reading this site at all because you’re going to have a nervous breakdown.

      • Stop commenting on other peoples comments if YOU don’t like them. What are you a website stalker? Got nothing better to do today? I am AS entitled to my opinion as you are to yours! Get a life you @#$*&!

    • BeingaDivaisnotCute needs to take a lesson from her own username and, you know, stop being such a diva.

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