Alicia Silverstone Is Raising Bear As A Vegan

Actress-turned-author and animal rights activist Alicia Silverstone plans on raising her son Bear Blu as a vegan.

The new mom, who penned a vegan lifestyle book titled The Kind Diet, reveals, “Bear was grown on vegan food and we’ll continue nourishing him with a healthy diet…He’ll be eating an organic plant-based diet. I intend to take great care of his precious new baby body so I’m committed to giving him nothing but the purest and most healthy food possible. We want to keep his immune system strong so that he’ll be super healthy – which is just one of the many reasons he’ll eat vegan.”

Alicia also runs a vegan Web site, The Kind Life, where she shares everything from recipes to animal-friendly fashion finds. She and her husband Christopher Jarecki welcomed baby Bear in May.


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  1. Whatever floats her boat. I don’t agree with it but she’s clearly doing what she thinks is best for him and nobody loves that little guy more than his parents.

    • If that were true then the majority of children brought up on fast food and in general plain unhealthy diets would turn into health freaks.

    • As someone raising my child vegetarian, I fully intend to let my daughter make her own choice when she is of the age to decide for herself. I won’t force her to stay vegetarian if she does research on the issue and decides she wants to eat meat.

  2. Good luck when he starts school… and start spending the day at friends’ house, and birthday parties…
    It’s very hard to keep a kid in such a restrict diet.

    • Actually, that’s not always true. My daughter is vegetarian like myself, and her private school insists on healthy lunchboxes. They have strict guidelines about what should and cannot be included in a lunchbox. Most of her friends go to her school, and therefore birthday parties and days at friends’ houses are vegetarian/vegan as well.

    • Presumably right now all Bear is taking in is breast milk, but I think Alicia is saying that she followed a vegan diet during her pregnancy, so that’s what nourished him in utero, and that she plans for him to have a vegan diet when he starts eating solids.

  3. As a vegan mom she might want to breastfeed him as long as possible before starting solid food and diversification.

    • Because if you are a “true” vegan (knowing your body’s needs and exactly where to find the essential nutriments in order to avoid the deficiencies or worst) you know your baby (at least until 1 yrs old) needs fat (good one of course) and is not ready yet to digest properly foods like Edamame (plus might have concerns about giving to much soy at a young age). So breastfeeding is the best way (should I add NATURAL) to give your baby the right nutriments until 6mth old, then vegetables puree (carrots, Kale…) plus breastfeeding ’til as long as the mom can is a win. Of course vegans have to take b9 and D supplements….

  4. I thought vegans didn’t partake in any animal product including the milk of animals, wouldn’t breast milk fall into that category? Or is it ok to eat people in veganism?

    • nothing wrong with breastfeeding…. because that the way it is meant to be. We have milk to feed or human babies. the cow has milk to feed her calves…. What bother vegans is the fact Humans feel free to use (take advantage) of animals without having their consent (it’s like stealing from them), so a lack of respect for the living in a way.

  5. I think if you can be a vegan, raise your kids a vegan, great!! It’s better for your body and it’s well not killing an animal! I am not vegan but really wish I had the discipline to be one. I like way too much dairy and chicken 🙂

    It is true though some kids will rebel against it but then again if you don’t let your kids have friends, watch tv, listen to music they’ll find a way to eventually. I think however it can be done.

  6. there was a baby, 12 months old, in france, that died because her mother breastfed her for a year..the little girl passed away from vitamin deficiency. the parents are being investigated…

    i TOTALLY believe in healthy eating and I do organic foods, etc…for my twins, but at the same time, I personally think that people and especially growing children, need a variety of foods, including meat–just hormone-free meat!

    then again, i am not this child’s mother so…

    • My son breastfed when and as often as he wanted and didn’t really embrace food until after he was a year. I offered him food but didn’t shove purees in his mouth. I mainly did baby-led weaning. He always gained and never lost weight… during a time when he pretty much was having 95+ % breastmilk.

      He is 18 month old now and the start of his food adventure really kicked off once he hit a year. Now he eats a variety of foods and enjoys solids immensely.

      Might I add–while I am not vegan and both my husband and I are vegetarian, he is eating a vegetarian diet mainly due to eating with us as a family. We’ve always said that if he wanted a burger or specifically asked for something with meat that we wouldn’t eat ourselves, we will not deny him his right to his individual discoveries/opinions/tastes/diet style. We will not be dictating his diet to him as he gets older. He has a voice. Right now he simply eats what we do. And we are all quite healthy and not lacking in vitamins/minerals/nutrients as we understand what we need to get these things. Throughout my pregnancy with my son, I had perfect iron levels and reserves. Just because you do not eat meat, does not mean you are not taking in what you need. Understanding what you need and how to obtain it is easily done on a vegetarian and vegan eating lifestyle. My good friend’s entire family (her, her husband, and her two children) are all vegan and have always been vegan and are healthy. And you can be vegetarian/vegan and eat a diet that is not overloaded with soy, also.

      I think that story you reference has a lot more to it than just the mother breastfeeding the child for 12 months. If that were the case, a lot more babies would be dead.

    • This story is highly suspect. Millions of children around the world survive their first year on breastmilk alone. It’s been that way since the dawn of humankind. There must be more to the story than that.

  7. We all need protein; no matter what. What’s wrong with giving him fish? And why on earth did she name her baby boy Bear? That is sick! Society won’t be able to tell if that baby is either a boy or a girl!

    Lord have mercy on us!

    • “That is sick! Society won’t be able to tell if that baby is either a boy or a girl!”

      I can’t really decide if it’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages or the saddest. Probably both, actually

    • Yes, we all need protein. But meat and fish are not the only sources of protein – protein can also be found in beans, nuts, and soy.

  8. If she really cared about his immune system she’d move away from Los Angeles which has the worst air quality in the country. His vegan diet won’t do him much good if he can’t breath, and don’t think that the pollution isn’t affecting his health because it is.

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  10. Breast milk was designed for human babies. If you feed your child often enaugh and neither of you have some kind of decease it’s completely efficient to satisfy your childs every need. WHO actually recomends breastfeeding till 24 months.

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