Jennifer Garner & Seraphina’s Sweet Smiles

It doesn’t get much cuter!

Hands-on mama Jennifer Garner was spotted toting her adorable daughter Seraphina, 2, in Santa Monica on Wednesday (July 27). The gorgeous pair were all smiles as they ran some errands together.

The day before, we saw the Alias alum and her elder daughter Violet, 5, spending some one-on-one time in Brentwood.

The girls’ father is Jen’s hubby, hunky movie star Ben Affleck.


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  1. It just seems strange how this woman is always out and makes her kids available for a photo op. I get that she wants to keep things normal for them, but to be out ALL the time – constantly being photographed – I would just stay in my 20 million dollar home and shop online! Just makes me think that she must like the attention.

    • people are gonna respond to you with the same answer they always do………….she doesnt want her kids cooped up and wants to give them a “normal” life. yadda yadda yadda.

    • Is that why you post trollish comments like this, because you like the attention?

      Here’s an idea that’s going to shock you, but not everyone wants to live their lives the same way you do.

    • That would be HOME’S..and I totally agree. I personally am sick of seeing her! If she wanted a private life, she could have one. She can’t stand being out of the spotlight…and these days her only claim to fame is having Ben’s babies! Very sad! She has tanked in every movie she’s been in in the last 10 years. The only actress worse than Katie Holmes!

  2. Yeah we see the girls daily.And other celebrities children Kingston Zuma Suri Flynn Lola Sam Honor.What is the difference.

    • Right on, Carolyn. It’s just a picture. Amazing how a simple picture can provoke such a stream of hostility and vitriol from some people.

  3. How on earth does this kid keep getting cuter and cuter? I swear she’s as cute as any child can be, and then the next photo comes out and she’s even sweeter!

  4. Jennifer Gardner pays people to counter-post on any negative comments. Trolls are just doing their job. Meanwhile- If you don’t want your kid photographed everyday- somehow OTHER ACTUAL celebrities manage to figure that out. It’s the price you pay for making huge amounts of money for not doing much work. The people like Garner want the publicity because they don’t have a career.

    • So what is the world like on the planet you live on? It’s obviously not Earth, so I’m just curious. Is everyone there as delusional as you are?

      • You must live off the Garner payroll or have no life if you feel you must counter attack every person who has negative views of this no talent has-been!! She could be out of the Paps prying eye, but then how else would she remain relevant to people like you? 4,3,2,1, Save it-you are as uninteresting as she is!

        • I think you need to review the posts before you comment. It’s been said here and in the past on other posts, but I’ll say it again — the predator paps stake her out at her home and follow her wherever she goes, she doesn’t pick certain places to go in order to be more “visible” to them. If she went to a homeless shelter they’d go there too.
          BTW, you have deeper issues if this woman bothers you so much.

    • She may not be Oscar calibre, but she is a sought after and commercially successful actress, there is no denying that. I’m not a fan, so I can say that without bias. The pap/peds with cameras know where she lives, where her child goes to school and literally stalk and follow her at their leisure and unfortunately, with no legal consequences. Because there is obviously a market for these pictures, they have an incentive to do that. If they didn’t make $, there would be no pictures – She has enough money in the bank that she doesn’t need the aggravation.

      Again, I’m not a fan or a paid defender, just someone with a modicum of intelligence.

      • Keep in mind that she has several homes with her husband and some of those allow a private life. She has a choice and she chooses to be out in the thick of it. I do not feel one ounce of sympathy for her nor do I find any piece of work she has done “celebrity -worthy!” She ruined Juno with her anti-acting skills!

        • You might want to look up “celebrity” in the dictionary. It has nothing to do with talent. Whether or not you think she is talented has nothing to do with whether she is a celebrity. Which she is, and is therefore relevant to being featured on this site (and again, so is her husband – even if she were not a celeb in her own right, this site regularly features the spouses of celebs with their children even when the celeb spouse isn’t there). That is a fact, not a matter of opinion.

          And I don’t know where you get that she is seeking sympathy for being photographed. Pointing out that she does not seek the attention is not the same thing as saying she’s demanding sympathy. She’s just living her life as she wants to, and obviously just chooses not to let the presence of the paps control her life.

          • ce·leb·ri·ty
               [suh-leb-ri-tee] Show IPA

            noun, plural -ties for 1.
            a famous or well-known person.

            fame; renown.

            Why must you appoint yourself her spokesperson? Don’t you have a life?

          • Congratulations, you know how to read a dictionary. But I don’t know what your point is. Do you think you were contradicting me? You were confirming what I wrote – she is a famous and well-known person.

    • “Jennifer Garner pays people to counter-post on any negative comments. Trolls are just doing their job.”

      Absurd. She doesn’t even read your garbage. Why is it so hard for you to believe that fans and decent people would stick up for her? Ah, insanity. That’s right.

  5. Absurd. She doesn’t even read your garbage. Why is it so hard for you to believe that fans and decent people would stick up for her? Ah, insanity. That’s right….

    Someone who sticks up for a woman they don’t know…uh, I think you should check yourself! Don’t you have anything better to do than protect Junky Garner against WORDS on a trollsite? Seriously, get some help!

  6. Coming from someone that trolls a woman they don’t even know?
    Or, maybe you do know her? In that case I think you should take it up with her in person instead of bashing her here on a celebrity mommy site.

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