Victoria Prince & Kevin Federline’s Fun In The Sun

Federline baby No. 5 is almost here!

Mom-to-be Victoria Prince was all smiles with the Federline kids – Kori, 9 on Sunday, Kaleb, 7, Sean Preston, 5, and Jayden James, 4 – at a beach in Malibu, Calif. on Tuesday (July 26). The kids’ father, former rapper Kevin Federline, was on hand as the group enjoyed some fun in the sun.

The siblings were all smiles for the photographers – and the happy couple posed for pics – while playing in the sand and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine.

K-Fed, 33, and ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson are parents to Kori and Kaleb while he co-parents his younger children with ex-wife, pop star Britney Spears.

Kevin and Victoria are expecting their first child together next month.

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  1. So that’s disgusting I would have never gone out like that when I was having my kids..oh I know things are different now but really come on….so some respect for your self..

  2. i officially think Britneys kids are the cutest celeb kids after these pics there so cute and i love there hair way better than a mohawk

  3. only in America folks will there be pictures and posts about an unemployed overweight ex-husband and ex-background “dancer” of a has-been popstar and certified lunatic parading his $$$$ .. I mean 4! kids, soon to be 5! kids from 3 different mothers around like that’s his talent. making babies, go Fatterlein!

    • I agree wholeheartedly! Federline needs to put a lid on it or get snipped! Unemployed, unmarried guys (and gals) should not be procreating like rabbits (or is it cockroaches?)

  4. only in America folks is it news that the chronically unemployed but severely overweight exhusband and “ex-background dancer” of a has-been fallen cerifiably lunatic popstar is parading his $$$ .. I mean 4(!) soon to be (5!) children from 3 different mothers around the photographers like that is his talent. making babies. Go Fatterline!

  5. Why im not surprised he’s pimpin the kids again? lol
    Seriously, this guy should be in jail not making more kids

  6. From 3 baby mamas, no less….surely something to be proud of – not!
    Poor kids, who didn’t ask to be born.

  7. And that’s his favorite thing to do, take them out and invite GSI Media to make him look like mister great dad, gimme a break!

  8. Wow Kori looks just like Shar!

    Jayden and Sean Preston are so cute!! Getting so big. Great shots. I do hope the paps didn’t bother them the whole time although the kids don’t seem to phased by it.

    Yea having 5 kids w/ 3 different women isn’t really something to be proud of but he’s not the only one.

    • It’s a photo op. They aren’t exactly being bothered. They are being paid.

      5 kids with 3 different women and no job.

    • Rod Stewart is one lol. It’ll be Britney’s money that will be supporting ALL his kids he needs too stop breeding and concentrate on the kids he already has.

  9. Those kids earn more money than their father thanks to the photo op! he must be so proud!

    And i know love is blind but seriously, that girl she met kevin and what? Did she honestly thought “yeah he is unemployed, has 4 kids by 2 different women, take such good care of him that his size doubled in a couple of years….Bingo! I want to introduce him to my parents and friends and reproduce with him.”
    She’s either with him because she’s dumb or for britney bank account….CAN’T be love 😉

  10. The kids look great and happy as usual.. It doesnt matter how many kids kevin has or by how many women.. Most of these “celeb” mothers have MULTIPLE kids fathers and I never see any of them being critiqued! All of kevins kids came from LONG TERM relationships, including his soon-to-be-born. Yeah he cheated on shar but ish happens.. Congrats Kevin and Victoria.. you seem to be a great father keep it up!

    • @Trina – whether the kids came from one night stands, short or long term relationships people need to stop having kids with multiple partners how on earth can you expect to spend quality time with each one. Look at Kimberley and Sean Stewart their father Rod was too busying working, chasing and breeding women and they’ve both said he was never around and look how they turned out.

      • While I agree with most of what you said (and I never ever thought I’d be sticking up for him) Kevin Federline actually appears to spend a LOT of time with ALL of his kids.

        Is that easy because he gets a truckload of money every month? Probably, but lots of other people do too and you don’t see them with their kids all the time.

        • Ofcourse Fed has the luxury of spending time with his kids all he does is eat and breed which he can afford to so with Britney’s money. It’s quality time not quantity – you can spend all day with your kids and teach them nothing..

    • So it’s normal for ex-wives of celebrities to earn a ton of cash to take care of the kids, but for Kevin it means being a lazy slob? He may be fat and unemployed, but he took good care of those boys for years while Britney was mentally unstable.
      Please stop with the double-standards. He looks likes a good Dad and that’s what matters for the kids. If Britney can afford it, then good for them.

  11. “Maybe he is a great father”? looool let me tell you how i know: a great father would never sell his kids for money or publicity 🙂

  12. These photos are so disgusting, the kids posing for the papz! Britney try to give them a normal life but Kevin sell them for money! But anyway they look happy and heatly, they are all so beautiful! And Lol at Preston’s position! He sure will be a little star in the future!

  13. Lol at Preston’s position! Jayden is all Britney and Preston looks more and more like Kevin but in a good way! They are all so cute! But i agree that he shoudn’t expose his kids like that just for money

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