Alicia Silverstone On Set With Baby Bear

Just precious!

Proud mama Alicia Silverstone was all smiles as she cuddled her son Bear Blu on the set of her new comedy Gods Behaving Badly. Her husband Christopher Jarecki was also on hand, toting baby Bear, 2 1/2 months, in a sling while mom worked.

A vegan, Alicia recently revealed that she’ll be raising her son on a “kind diet” as well, saying:

Bear was grown on vegan food and we’ll continue nourishing him with a healthy diet…He’ll be eating an organic plant-based diet. I intend to take great care of his precious new baby body so I’m committed to giving him nothing but the purest and most healthy food possible. We want to keep his immune system strong so that he’ll be super healthy – which is just one of the many reasons he’ll eat vegan.”


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  1. I like her and I like that she is vegan and lives a eco-friendly lifestyle without being obnoxious about it but that baby doesn’t really look healthy! Maybe not at all babies are chubby and bouncy but something about him doesn’t seem 100% strong. I’m sure they’re loving and amazing parents and I love that Daddy is baby-wearing (nothing is cuter than a dad wearing his baby!). Having been vegan for about 4 years, I know it’s challenging to stay healthy and get enough protein on that diet. Kudos to her for staying vegan while pregnant. I’m 11 weeks along and COULD NOT imagine still being vegan, or even vegetarian. I do like her book The Kind Diet though!

    • It is a myth that humans need a lot of protein. Most people consume far too much. Human breast milk contains only about 5% protein, and infancy is the time when humans need the most protein.

  2. Bear is his daddy’s clone…..sweet 🙂 I too was vegetarian when falling pregnant with my first baby, and after some blood tests showing really low iron levels i gave in and turned into a carnivorous dinosaur….STEAK was what i craved lol and have not returned to complete vego since….i still eat vego alot but i also eat ALOT of meat

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  4. This child doesn’t look healthy at all. Well, considering what he eats it is pretty normal that he looks like this. The sixth photo looks a bit scary…

    • “Considering what he eats”? Do you mean breast milk? You do understand she was speaking about the future, right? She’s not actually feeding him vegan food yet.

  5. What is it about this baby that makes him not look healthy to some people?
    He’s 2 months old, looks perfectly sized and appears alert. Should he be 50 pounds and walking aready to prove he’s healthy?

    I’m no doctor, but he looks fine to me and once again, can’t imagine what inspires the Anonymous-ers on this site to say what they say.

  6. OMG!! How are any of you qualified to judge a baby’s health, by a photograph none the less? I had small birth weight babies and it took about 4 months before they “chubbed” out. This is VERY normal for breastfed babies. They do not bulk up fast because the are not fed CORN SUGARS from birth through formula. Give lil’ Bear a few months, just like most breastfed babies, he will see him bulk up and probably surpass his formula fed peers by year 1! Looks like a beautiful happy family with a wonderful new blessing that we have NO right to critique.

    • Amen. Anonymous, I have to laugh because a lot of these crazy misinformed comments often come from those who don’t even have children and in some cases, judging by the immature remarks that sometimes appear, they could be minors themselves!

    • just because a baby is fed formula does not mean that a baby will “chub up” I was unable to breast feed so i had no choice but to feed my baby formula, soy formula at that because on top of not being able to breast feed he was extremely lactose intolerant, and he never got chubby he was always in the 25th percentile and perfectly healthy. Just at 6 months did he start to get those leg dimples that babies get and he is still a slim baby. All babies are different regardless of what you feed them. breast feeding, soy formula or regular formula i mean look at miranda’s baby who was solely breastfed hes a big boy.

  7. I completely agree with th 10:40 a.m. comment. You cannot tell the health of anyone yet alone a baby from a photo. I am veggie and remained so thru my entire pregnancy. Gave birth to a healthy 7lb. 15 oz. baby in mid February and she is just now starting to get the baby chub, just shy of six months. We went to doc visits and lactation consultant appointments and she is completely healthy. Kudos to someone keeping the pure little ones pure and away from all the chemicals, hormones, etc. I think Bear Blu is ADORABLE.

  8. No one said that there is anything wrong with breastmilk and no one said he isn’t cute. It’s just comments that he doesn’t look 100% healthy (and who knows, he may not be or may be having some issues that are unrelated to his mom’s being vegan). Breast feeding is the way to go but the baby looks grey, his eyes look like they have dark circles… try not to jump down people’s throats, ladies. Everyone is entitled to their opionion, including the people who think he looks fine. If you can’t judge that he is unhealthy from a photograph, as some of you said, you also can’t judge that he is totally healthy. Being vegetarian is VASTLY different from being vegan, BTW. WORLDS APART.

  9. I am completely aware they are WORLDS APART- never said they were the same. Never said anything except what I was doing. What is the same though is that I’m not eating crap with hormones and antibiotics (and who knows what else) in it, and neither is my baby. It’s nice though that you can tell people to not jump down peoples throats, when you essentially just did that.

    • Wow, Stacy. Maybe you need more protein… LMAO. I was both vegan and vegetarian for many years. What I strongly disliked about the vegan/veg community was the self-righteous nonsense and defensiveness that is typically spewed out of people’s mouths. Organic dairy does not contain hormones and antibiotics and Canadian dairy also does not contain hormones (for those of you in Canada). Vegans and vegetarians are perfectly capable of eating like crap. And since you’re not vegan, who are you to even get up on a high horse? You eat animal products so doesn’t that make you… a hypocrite? It’s nice that you can act like a crazy person over internet comments though! LOL! Over it! Last post in this topic. I have better things to do than argue with some random woman sitting behind a computer screen. See ya!

  10. People are just looking for something because they know that Alicia is vegan, that is why they think Bear looks unhealthy. He looks fine.

  11. I think the baby looks healthy and typical. He is just not a chunky baby. My three were thinner compared to most and my mother always felt they just didn’t look healthy for that reason.

  12. I think the baby looks healthy and typical. He is just not a chunky baby. My three were thinner compared to most and my mother always felt they just didn’t look healthy for that reason.

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  14. Dirty hands? That is quite the assumption. You seem to be looking for a problem with this man for some reason (boredom?). And by the way, he has his finger in only one BABY’S mouth, not BABIES. When criticizing someone, it is better when you use both proper english and grammar.

  15. Well , you can tell if a baby /child or grow up is healthy or not by their appeareance, theses things are called sympthoms , ofc not many people are qualified to diagnose anything , which doesnt mean lack of proper nutrition is not noticeable, saying that is just ridiculous. Is just the same as saying u cannot tell if an animal emaciated. Hower I do not think Bear doesnt look healthy, just a hungry baby waitng to be fed.

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