Elton John & Neil Patrick Harris’ Family Vacation

Neil Patrick Harris recently revealed that his twins Gideon and Harper enjoyed a playdate with Elton John‘s 7-month-old son Zachary – it seems the babies all became fast friends!

The How I Met Your Mother star and his partner David Burtka and the kids joined Elton and his partner David Furnish and their son on a family holiday to idyllic St. Tropez this week! The entire crew was spotted arriving to the French Riviera vacation spot on a luxury yacht.

From the sounds of it their getaway has been a blast so far.

“The family and I are having one of the best weeks of our lives,” NPH wrote on Twitter yesterday, adding, “More details to come.”

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  1. Oh hai there Shirtless!NPH. Seems like they’re having fun, which is great.

    I had hoped the “exciting week of their lives” thing meant Neil and David had secretly gotten married in New York, though.

  2. > Oh hai there Shirtless!NPH

    LOL. ‘Hai there’ indeed…
    God, I wish NPH was straight. And single. Oh, and living in Europe – since I live there. And while we’re wishing, how ’bout… well, never mind..

    As for the marriage: maybe they’re waiting for the kids to be a little bigger, so they can be part of the wedding? Little Gideon and Harper being bride’s children (or, in this case: groom’s children) – should be awesome and wonderful!

  3. When I read last week that NPH and David were on their way to France I was thinking, too, that they were getting married in NY and then going on their honeymoon. I guess the wait continues. Looks like they are having a great time. it is funny to see Neil somewhere and he is not the main person the photographers are after. Elton and David are the winners this time. Last week’s Smurf promo was pretty grueling for Neil, he deserves this much needed rest, and loving family time.

  4. Great photos happiness and hope family and friends enjoying their lives. These three babies have parents who love them and will provide them with the best! I do hope that as the children grow that their lives will have wonderful women to also be apart of their life!

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